Daniel Matache

24 janvier 196830 janvier 2021

Daniel Matache est né(e) le 24 janvier 1968 et est décédé(e) le 30 janvier 2021 à Phoenix, Arizona et il (elle) est confié(e) aux soins de Chapel Lawn Funeral Home and Memorial Gardens.

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Daniel Matache


Andy Kim

13 février , 2021

To Sven's family, I would like to offer my deepest and most heartfelt condolences on your loss.

My brother Sven had enormous hands. I know that's a weird way to start a tribute, but that's just the first thing that comes to mind. I can remember the feeling of pain when we'd go for a handshake and he'd crush my chubby little hands, which usually was followed by a bear hug.

The bass often looked small in his hands.... but he could play the crap out of it. We'd be hanging out in a cramped office space on top of Michelle's ballroom and the busy corner of Belmont and California rehearsing some church music. Sven would be closing his eyes, bobbing his head to the beat, his hair swaying back and forth.

I can't say we were the closest of friends and we did not keep in touch since I moved form Chicago, but for the bulk of my twenties, Sven was a presence in my life, my community, my music... many Thursday nights for worship rehearsal, most Sunday mornings at church to setup and play... doing worship gigs at churches and conferences... and a decent amount of time spent at bars and coffee shops around logan square.

Sven was always there... a warm, kind Romanian big brother who didn't mind hanging out with a dorky young Korean kid who was figuring out adulthood.

I think I had always assumed that the next time I was in Logan Square or connecting with some of our mutual friends at bar, Sven would just show up and he'd give me a painful handshake and a bearhug and we'd hang out, just like old times.

That won't happen now. He's somewhere playing bass and/or drinking a beer with Jesus. And until I see him again I will mourn his loss, but I will also celebrate his beautiful soul, the wonderful memories we had, the lives he impacted. Love you brother.

Lavinia Coryell

9 février , 2021

Dan was a dear friend from the Romanian Pentecostal church community ( 10 plus years ago ) and truly one of a kind individual. To me, he was special in that he carried himself in a happy go lucky manner and also he was constant in what everyone else here is saying: selfless, kind... heart of gold. My heart is sad smashed knowing he is not of this world anymore-that we could never have any communication with him again. But, I know he is walking on streets of gold with the Lord now. Rip sweet soul- you left a loved impression on this world.

Sorin Bucur

9 février , 2021

Dan, was one of my dearest and closest friends. He would always make time for a Starbucks or to come lend a hand. He made everyone feel welcomed and special. In the past year or so I’ve loved answering his questions regarding upgrading and customizing his Harley Road King. We never got to go to the Smokey Mountains my friend but the next time I’m there I’ll be thinking of you and looking up at heaven for you. I’ll see you again in Paradise.
This pic was from the last time I saw him, he was at O’Hare on Dec 7th returning from Phoenix.

Steve Ginensky

9 février , 2021

There are no words I can find to describe Dan’s impact on my life (or on my co-workers or my family) other than the words he used to end every conversation we had over the years:

“Thank you, Sir”.

You may have moved on, but you’ll always live in our hearts. Rest in Peace, brother.

Andrea MacLennan

8 février , 2021

Danny was a selfless soul. He put everyone before himself and would drop everything when you were in need. Danny was more then a friend , he was “Uncle” Danny. Danny was an extremely special person and has a very special place in my children’s lives. My ex-husband and I met Dan before both our kids, Jack and Lorelei , were born. He was the first visitor to meet them both and since then has never missed a birthday in 18 years. Danny spent many Thanksgivings, Christmas’, and birthdays as part of our family. Danny was more then a friend. He will always be a special part of our family.

Jamie Johnson

8 février , 2021

Oh my heart. Dan (Sven to many of us) was such a special friend. He was the definition of loyal and generous. I can't picture his face without smiling. I miss his giant hugs so much. Our little guy Eli adored him. I will cherish this picture of Eli trying to fill Sven's boots. Our hearts are broken. We will try our best to honor his memory by treating friends like family the way he did.

James Robinson

7 février , 2021

Dan was an amazing person. Very giving and selfless. He meant a lot as a great friend to the Robinson/Edwards/Cannone/Morris families. The world is a lesser place without him.