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James Jordan Armentor

4 octobre , 197029 novembre , 2019
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James Jordan Armentor, 49, passed away Friday, November 29, 2019. He was born October 4, 1970 in Orange, CA to parents, Patricia & James Armentor. James lived in the Heights area of Houston for more than 20 years and volunteered often with The First Saturday in the Heights Arts Market. For the past two years, James and his wife have split their time between the Heights and Galveston Island, where James set up and ran the new Galveston office of the company he worked for, Kauffman Fire & Life Safety. James was very active in the Galveston community, especially with the art community. He was an artist himself: his specialty was automotive paint on sheetmetal. His artwork can be seen at Affaire d’Art on Post Office Street, Galveston. In addition, James had a fondness for classic cars and was a Mopar enthusiast. James is survived by his wife, Diana Lynn Armentor; son, Michael Armentor; parents; Jim & Pat Armentor; sister, Elizabeth Armentor Butts & husband Bill; brother in-law, Kent Janik & wife Lisa Stewart; nephew, Liam Butts; mother in-law, Gertrude Janik; close friend, Edward Wiseman. A celebration of life will be held for James Saturday, December 7, 2019 at Heights Funeral Home at 10:30 AM, with a reception following. In lieu of flowers, the family asks that donations be sent to The Artist Boat, 1021 61st Street, Suite 200A, Galveston, TX, 77551; please write James Armentor in the memo line. Or you can call 409-770-0722 to donate. The Artist Boat teaches children about coastal conservation and art.


  • Diana Lynn Armentor, Wife
  • Michael Armentor, Son
  • Jim Armentor, Father
  • Pat Armentor, Mother
  • Elizabeth Armentor Butts (Bill Butts), Sister
  • Liam Butts, Nephew
  • Gertrude Janik, Mother-in-law
  • Kent Janik (Lisa Stewart), Brother-in-law
  • Edward Wiseman, Close Friend


  • Memorial Service samedi, 7 décembre , 2019
  • Reception samedi, 7 décembre , 2019


James Jordan Armentor


Carlos Patrick Gonzales

6 décembre , 2019

My heart sinks learning of this.  My sincere and heartfelt condolences to all those James holds in his heart.  Brother, I can only smile large in memory.  The time and distance between us fills my heart with complete sadness and regret, but the memories hold happy and strong.   James and I had an idea to air brush shirts for a living, post high school. We instantly landed a gig doing work for Patrick Swayze's mom, Patsy Swayze's Star Steps.  We pack my 1bdrm apt with the process of knocking out 500 shirts. (@#$%& - crazy!).  But we did it.  And just as immediately as we started, we collected, then shut it right back down. That order drove us nuts lol. But the method he suggested was genius.   He was also the only to ever get me on a stage to do karaoke with him - whaaat, James and karaoke? yeah.   And you bet, we foolishly pulled off Jim Morrison - The Doors - People are Strange. and I'm sure we nailed that too.  And among countless of others,  I easily recall the night he sank his jeep out at the Brazos river.  My goodness man, it was looking bleak.  I've never seen such a cool collective James express such panic.  Mr and Mrs. Armentor, he was sure you were gonna take his jeep away. I was glad to offer a sense of calm,  though I myself wasn't sure either. But in the middle of the woods, deep in a mud pool, in the middle of the night - arrives about 9 other brothers. And it took each and every one us to free it up.  All full of mud and grins we headed back to camp celebratory.
Tears of smiles, laughter and sadness in memory of a fellow brother, friend, artist and libran - yep, we actually that that was cool too.    Words can never express enough.

Diana and Family,
Love, Respect and Condolences.

Kim Gowen

6 décembre , 2019

Diana and family,

My sincerest condolences on your profound loss. You are in our prayers.

Elena Hollingshead

4 décembre , 2019

I am utterly saddened by the loss of you, James. I am glad to have had the opportunity to reconnect with you again this year and to learn how happy you were and how in love you were with your wife.
I am glad you introduced me to your YouTube videos at art freewill.
It was cool to see you teach what you loved and you were funny, too.
I was hoping my husband and I could have met with you and Diana.
I was looking forward to meeting the woman who made you smile so much. You said to me "She has been great over 20 yrs and treats me like a king. She is loyal to me and I am totally loyal to her." That is true love....

Diana, may God be with you and give you the strength and peace you need during this difficult time.

Walter Hallows

4 décembre , 2019

I first met James when he was in high school and became friends with one of our sons, Carlos, soon after we had bought our house near Springwoods High School in December of 1987. You could not help but like James as soon as you got to know him. James had a passion and love of art that he shared with my sons Carlos and Arthur, as well as muscle cars (Mopar Rules). James had a heart of gold and would help you in any way he could. I have always had a love of basketball and I had put together a 3-on-3 team to compete in the “Couch Potato” division of the blacktop battles about 20+ years ago. Now James was not a basketball player, but when I needed a 4th player for the team, he offered his services and started training. He was anxious to learn enough basketball where he could at least be a substitute and play some defense for us. I don’t think we won any games in that tournament, but we still had a lot of fun. I have had season tickets to the Houston Rockets for many years and even though James was not that big of a fan, he would meet me to have dinner, go to the game and spend time with me. That was the kind of guy that James was. He would sacrifice his own time, effort and energy to help others around him enjoy their life. I saw James and Diana at a local bar a few years ago. They had just stopped by for a drink while in the area before going home and by pure chance I had stopped by there on my way home as well. We ended up talking for a couple of hours, trying to catch up with how life was going and what we had been up to. You have many acquaintances as you go through life, but only a hand full of friends. I am glad I was able to count James amongst my friends. You were called home way too early and will be greatly missed by all that have known and loved you. Rest in peace my brother, until we meet again. My deepest condolences to Diana and all of James’ family during this most difficult time.

Brigitte Chabal

4 décembre , 2019

All my best thoughts and support to James's family and love to Diana.

Edward Wiseman

4 décembre , 2019

I met James in high school, we quickly became good friends. Over the years we worked together and shared a love for the fire protection industry. We will miss you my friend. I love you my brother.

Dan Armstrong

3 décembre , 2019

I met James 4 years ago when I moved here from Alabama. Most calm down to earth person I think I have ever met. Love u brother n will miss you. I hope all your and our questions can be answerd when I get there and get to see you. You can explain ot all to me. Love u my brother.

Ty Huynh

3 décembre , 2019

I met James when I was pursuing automotive custom painting many years ago. We discussed airbrushing on the Internet and later became long-distance friends. I remember his great attitude and curiosity, especially later on when we discussed spiritual things. He never had a bad thing to say, despite disagreements. I'm glad to say, though, that I'm certain he is at peace with the Lord now, and we will meet again in the next life.

Great joy be on you, James, and keep making great art!

James "Bud" Tudyk

1 décembre , 2019

James "Jay" was the first friend I knew in Houston. I was 4 and Jay was 3. We has many childhood adventures on Quincannon Lane and our neighborhood. The Armentor's were my second family growing up and I will sadly miss James. He was the brother I never had while growing up.