Schuyler Donta Bradley

6 juillet 200117 octobre 2020

To have known him is to have loved him… “Amazing human. Amazing son. Amazing brother.” That was how 19-year-old Schuyler D. Bradley was accurately described in a recent memorial at Indiana University where he was a sophomore studying informatics and business. Schuyler was born to Daphne Marie Groff on July 6, 2001, where he joined his older brother Ghiche, in their hometown of Kankakee, IL. Schuyler’s mother went on to welcome his little sister, Jersey, and little brother, Dana, after the family started a new life in Indianapolis. Schuyler attended Pike Township Schools, along with Ghiche, before their mother decided that the only place for her babies was Cathedral High School. However, before his arrival, he had already begun to make a name for himself as an athlete. He played sports at all points in life. He was the MVP for 8thgrade basketball. He was also a tournament champion wrestler. He played both offense and defense in football and took pride in always playing a starting position. After two years of success with Cathedral football, #82 ended his athletic career with the Greyhounds before graduating from Carmel High School in 2019. After being accepted to numerous colleges, he chose to be a Groups Scholar at Indiana University. He pledged Acacia Fraternity and it was there he found a sense of comfort and belonging amongst his brothers. Schuyler’s beautiful green eyes lit up any room he entered - and that was even before he smiled and those famous dimples popped. He was genuine, hardworking, and sincere. Schuyler wore his heart on his sleeve, loved hard, and loved loud. His solid conscience proved him quick to defend injustice and protect those whom he held dearest. The bonds he shared with his close-knit family were unmatched. His mother’s “Ride or Die” baby, he gave her a run for her money while still truly being a good boy growing into a stellar young man. Schuyler, along with his mother and siblings, had a family group text that left you clutching your pearls as your stomach cramped with laughter. If you were not accustomed to their style of love, it could be seen as intense. Schuyler, cut from the same cloth as his mother, could hold his own with a quick wit, this being a necessary skill with this band of five when they got together. Sometimes, when his Nana was a part of their group text, it was often too much for her, and she would eventually leave the chat. Schuyler’s sweet soul was tragically stolen from this world at 2:15a.m. on Saturday, October 17, 2020 in Tuscaloosa, Alabama, leaving so many behind who are now no longer complete. He is survived by his mother, Daphne Groff; brothers, Ghiche Bradley Jr. and Dana Hyde; sister, Jersey Rodgers; grandmother(Nana), Gloria Belletete; grandfather (Papa), Derek Love; uncle, Ryan Kilbride; aunt, Jessica Dierckman; the Groff and Montoya family; cousins Jordann and Jaxson Kilbride; father, Ghiche Bradley Sr.. Schuyler was preceded in death by his great-grandparents, Rose and Roger Harrington. He was also fortunate to have family defined by love, and not blood, such as: Maurice Tucker, Richard and Janet Carroll, the Gallant family, Tearrah Terry, Nicole Townsend, Sabrina Bippus, the Rogers family, the Quigley family and many more. Schuyler’s family would like to give special thanks to both the Carmel High School and Cathedral families, Eye Surgeons of Indiana doctors and staff, Acacia Fraternity, Groups Class G 19, Indiana University, and his special boys - Phil Garcia, Gabe Quigley, Alex Fox, Camryn Mazur, Donnovan Johnson, Connor Jones, Evan Dawn, Sam Rogers, Alec Najem, and Brandon (Bino)Sandy. “I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.” -Maya Angelou

Visitation will be held on Saturday, October 24th from noon to 3:00 p.m. with a celebration of life service at 3:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. with balloon release immediately following in the Cathedral High School Welch Activity Center, 5225 E. 56th Street, Indianapolis, IN 46226. Reception to follow at George's Neighborhood Grill 6935 Lake Plaza Drive, Indianapolis, IN 46220.


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Schuyler Donta Bradley


Madalyn Sailors

8 novembre , 2020

I did not know Schuyler, but he and I both walked the halls of Carmel High School. I know several friends and acquaintances who are devastated by this loss. It broke my heart to hear about this tragedy, and I know he is still in the hearts of so many. My deepest condolences to your family.

Diane White

25 octobre , 2020

I have to say I don’t know your son. I live in Tuscaloosa and it broke my heart. Your son looks like a nice young man, probably trying to help. I’m so sorry for your loss. As a mom myself I can’t imagine your pain. God bless and I apologize that this happened in my hometown.
God bless your family,
Diane White

Uncle Ryan Kilbride

24 octobre , 2020

WE Got to see LeBron win another championship nephew!! We both knew it from the beginning though didn't we😊....I remember our last time together...we were both surely out of shape....Nonetheless we still took it to each other like we always have. Remember, I told u I'd have to be 50 years old with an arm that doesn't work before u could take me on that court 😉lol!! 2 games to one...I went out on top some would say, but really I didn't come out on top. I lost. I lost u. I've always been in and out of your life because of my addiction...and for that I'm truly sorry. I remember playing catch with u and trying to throw it as hard as u could handle, so u could develop into a great football player. And u did!! I remember your wrestling championship...the championship u weren't supposed to win. You were honestly outmatched, but u took your will and went for it. I walked out of that gym that day and cried a bit because u had the heart of a warrior. I also remember our last conversation. U texted me saying that u had this great idea to leave school and get rich lol. I began telling u all the mistakes I had made when I was your age and I talked to u about God's will for your life. Shortly after in the upcoming days...u posted things about Jesus. That really touched my heart. U touched my heart again when u thanked me for giving u fatherly advice and I knew that u were always looking up to me despite my mistakes. That made me proud. It also made me sad because I wasn't there for u late in your high school years. Sky, u know the good news is that u are now back home, where God wants us all to reside. I hope you're smiling down on all the friends, loved ones, and people u touched throughout your life. There happens to be quite a few of them to say the least. 😊. U know nephew, I still am struggling with accepting that you're gone. It may be quite a while before I do, but that's ok because I don't ever wanna forget you. I love you Sky! U truly are my Hero!!

Erin Brown

24 octobre , 2020

Quite a sad day, indeed. Sending all my condolences to you and the family.

Steve Dawson

24 octobre , 2020

May God welcome him home.

Prayers from our family to yours,


The Dawson Family

Darius Mosley

24 octobre , 2020

I have known Daphne and her mom for years, and I was fortunate enough to visit Indy 3 yrs ago and meet all the kids then. It's heart breaking but I love the fact that my last memory of Schuyler, was an awesome one!

He challenged me to some one on one(basketball), and I probably would have beat him but I twisted my ankle. Then I got called an old man ect lol. But I honestly enjoyed every minute I shared with him and his siblings. Daphne has raised some AWESOME kids, and she should be proud of that.

There's nothing normal about losing someone like this. The ripple effect of that cowards senseless act will last for the rest of Schuylers loved ones lives. I pray that with time, that Daphne and her entire family as well as Ghiche Sr's family will find peace and comfort somehow to make it through this tragedy.

May God bless you guys.....Darius

Taray Delemore

22 octobre , 2020

This is a tragic loss. A loss for all of us . I am so sorry and saddened and praying for this young man's family, close friends and especially his Mom and younger siblings.

Thomas Adams

22 octobre , 2020

You are my brother for life man, We Started a friendship over the summer while coming to IU and was one of the main ones to influence me to join Acacia with him. Even though he left me he left me a brotherhood for a lifetime. Thank you Schuyler.

Lisa Hinton

22 octobre , 2020

It’s an absolute heartache to sit here and have to write our memories we were blessed to have with Schuyler. This shouldn’t be the way. He should still be here to talk and laugh about these memories with us. Sadly, this has to be the way. I was blessed to have all of Daphnes’ kiddos in my class (at some point) at the daycare. I remember the day Daphne toured the center. Later I found out I was going to have Schuyler in my class room. I along with many other teachers fell in love with those dimples. He was some what shy at first, but once he warmed up to you he was your shadow! He would hold my hand as I walked around the playground watching the children play. At nap time he LOVED his back tickled! It didn’t take long and he was asleep. Schuyler was always so helpful after nap time. He would go around and hand me each child’s blanket and sheet to fold and put away in their cubby. I can see him now singing our clean up song and he always had a little pep in his step while singing it. He was one of the very few that helped (lol)! He was so patient and kind to the other children even when they weren’t so nice to him. If a child took his toy he would just come and tell me. He never yelled or hit the child, like so many others do. He would be the first to help a friend up if they fell. He even asked if they were ok. He even looked at their boo boo. Schuyler would either sit in my lap or right next to me for storytelling. He was an absolute cuddle bug. He was one of the best huggers ever. Teachers from other classrooms would rush over to get Schuyler from me to either let me leave or to keep us in ratio. All because of how great he was. They knew they had it “easy” with him. I would catch Schuyler and my youngest son Dylan always playing together when they were in the same room. I would go there to get my son so we could leave and Schuyler would come over to and give me a good bye hug. It was an absolute GREAT KIDDO!!!

Anne Nixon-Hammoudeh

22 octobre , 2020

Daphne, we have not seen each other since high school, but I wanted to leave a note for you and your family. I cannot imagine the heartache and pain you must be feeling. As a mom, this is an unimaginable pain, something so unfair. I have always admired your spunk and your quick wit, Daphne. I am keeping you and your family in my prayers, and I am sending you love and healing thoughts.