William Richey Webb Jr.

1 septembre 194922 septembre 2021

Bill was born in Houston Texas September 1, 1949 to Bill and Letha Webb. The family moved to Austin to have more time together. The family built a home and Webwood. Bill and his brothers, Winston and Gary helped run Webwood. Winston died too soon and the responsibility fell on Bill and Gary. Bill loved being around the horses and parties. Living out on City Park road brought out his love for nature and animals. Bill graduated from McCallum high school in 1969 and soon after ventured to The University of Arizona. After several years Bill decided to move back to Austin to open up Wild Bill’s bbq off west 35th street. Bill’s dad helped create original recipes and techniques for the menu. Bill loved meeting and befriending his customers. Notable names and regular Joe’s walked through the doors and were welcomed equally. Bill figured out how to send his food to Europe and throughout the US. Wild Bill’s had a very special feel….Bill loved his coworkers and together they created a unique experience…. He did not charge extra for leaving the restaurant smelling like bbq or his time for unsolicited conversation. Bill reinvented himself in the 90’s and was focused on community by giving himself as a advocate for sobriety. Bill never pushed his beliefs on anyone he just wanted to share his experiences and how life was better for him being sober and how hard consequences can be. Bill never had children but thought of his sister and nephew, Lane as his own.

I am his sister, Kimi Webb Kanetzky writing this and wanted to share my experience with him for others who may not know. Bill was 16 years older than me and was always in my life. As a small child Bill taught me how to draw a bee and airplanes via mail while he was in college. Once he moved back to Austin I saw him everyday unless he was fishing without me. During high school and college Bill was my sounding board for male advice because we lost our father in 1977.

Bill would not judge just discuss. Words I remember during the bbq days were, ‘Do as I say not as I do’ and gave examples of why for me to decide for myself. Mike and I have 3 girls that Bill was very involved with. Making sure they could fish, hunt and love nature. Bill supported their softball by going to games and cheering them on.

Bill was good about staying in touch with people he loved and loved to entertain.

Bill never lost the young boy inside.

Bill was a kidney recipient 7 years ago and was dedicated to keep on living and grateful for the kindness of the donor. There were struggles with his health and he would just push thru. Bill thought he could push thru this last time but his heart and kidney could not. Bill went peacefully and was ready to go and be with our brothers, sister and parents.

Please join us for a celebration of life on March 5th from 4:30 to 8:30 pm at the Oasis. Watch the sunset, sit down eating and celebrate Bill. Cash bar available


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William Richey Webb Jr.


James Alexander

28 octobre , 2021

We knew the Webb family in the early 1960s when it only consisted of Bill Sr, Letha and the 3 boys. I recall visiting Webb Wood once. Bill and I were about the same age. I recall the visit for 2 reasons: Bill introduced me to the submersible pump - evidently they’d just had one replaced and the old one was in the barn. I’d never seen one before. The other reason was that while in the pool, I felt an intense pain on my upper back. A horse fly had ‘bitten’ me. Years later when taking entomology, I learned why it hurt so badly. The fly has little scissors for its mouth parts and slices instead of actually biting. My memories of Bill are not many but they’re forever associated with a horse fly. I recall him to have been a happy kid who loved the life they lived at Webb Wood. I just recently moved back to Austin and in the past month I began wondering what happened to Billy, as we knew him. Sadly, I discovered the situation, just too late to rekindle our friendship.

Rev. Jerry Lyle

25 octobre , 2021

Billy was wild and fun loving, and a good friend in high school. I lost touch with him after high school, but thought of him often. This year has been tough on our classmates. I didn't know he was sick, but then that was Billy. His name alone conjures up many fun times and I will miss him. May he rest in peace. God's peace to you Kimi. You are in my prayers.

Yvonne Hanover Boatner

25 octobre , 2021

I went to McCallum with Billy and have fond memories of him keeping everyone laughing~ His family is in my thoughts and prayers!

David Keithley

25 octobre , 2021

I'm so sorry for your loss of Billy, he was a very close friend of mine growing up. We had just reconnected a few months ago after many years and spent a couple of hours talking over the phone, it was like old times. It was so good to hear his voice again and to catch up for lost time, and even though we were on the phone, I could visualize that great smile of his. It had been too many years since we last visited and we spoke of getting together, but time ran out. My heart felt prayers to you and to your family, may the grace of God give you strength and comfort during this sad time. Those of us who had the privilege of calling Billy our friend, can be thankful he was part of our lives.

Jeannine Miller

25 octobre , 2021

Kimi – I was saddened yesterday to see the obituary of Billy. I will always remember him as the friendly, fun, sweet, and kind boy I knew in high school. My deepest sympathy and prayers are with you and your family during this difficult time. May you be comforted by the love of God, family and friends, and your memories of your brother through the years. Jeannine Hoppe Miller

Kimi Kanetzky

24 octobre , 2021

Join us March 5th at the Oasis from 4:30-8:30.
Sunset, laughter, and food.