Tony Ivan Sumpter

14 juin 19336 février 2021

Tony Ivan Sumpter, 87, of Floresville, Texas, passed away unexpectedly Saturday morning, Feb. 6, 2021, in SAMMC in San Antonio. Tony was born June 14, 1933, in Russell, Kan., to Jack Allen and Marie K. Dowdy Sumpter. He was one of seven children.

Tony married the love of his life, Wilma Jean Marlow, from Lake City, Tenn., on Jan. 18, 1958. They had four daughters that know he hung the moon, and they gave him five wonderful grandsons, one precious granddaughter, and two great-grandchildren, who know he hung the moon and then some!

Tony served in the U.S. Army and the U.S. Air Force for 22 years. Throughout those years, he traveled overseas and was stationed various places in the States until he settled in San Antonio. While in the Army, he served in the Korean War in the Tank Division. In the Air Force, he served in radar communications. He enjoyed sharing some of his military experiences with his daughters and grandchildren. He shared some hilarious stories of his time, and some stories he never wanted to share. After retiring from the military, Tony worked for the Northside Independent School District for 19 years, where he worked with the mentally and physically challenged, teaching them many trades, from woodworking skills to silk screening.

Tony and Wilma’s final retirement location was Floresville, where he resided for more than 28 years. They worked very hard on their few acres, alongside their children and grandchildren. They cleared every square inch of it and finished out the house, making it the beauty that it is today. He loved having barbecues at their home, inviting everyone he could.

Tony was like a kid when it came to his birthday. His daughters would see some-one he knew and say, “Hey, Dad’s birthday is coming up and we are having a party!” The response would be, “Didn’t he just have one?” That didn’t matter, it could be his birthday, Easter, Fourth of July, or Mom’s birthday, and it was time to have a party. The family all worked hard, getting the yard to look nice, saying each time, “We aren’t doing this again ... until next time!” It was always so fun, even when he wasn’t able to participate in the party preparations physically. The family all knew what he liked and did it for him and Mom.

Tony enjoyed fishing and took his girls out from an early age. He would always tell them, “Be quiet or the fish won’t bite!” They have wonderful memories of all their camping and fishing trips with their parents. He always had a love of different animals, having “pet” chickens, ducks, rabbits, and parakeets while living in the city limits of San Antonio. When he moved to the rural area of Floresville, he became involved in helping out in his community. Tony and Wilma loved decorating their house every year for Christmas to the max! It brought them great joy when they saw cars driving slowly by their home each night, enjoying his and his family’s labor of love.

Tony was always a hard-working man, joining the military at the age of 17, and working at least two jobs while his girls were young so his wife could stay home with them. He loved his wood-working crafts and making anything possible. As his “sons” would say, he never did anything easy! He would work on something until he found a way to do it. Even after he lost his vision physically, he never lost it in his heart. He got to where his “sons” became the repairmen and craftsmen he could no longer be, but they consider it a great honor to be able to use some of the skills he had shared with them.

Tony collected coins when he was younger but had to pause his collection so he could buy necessities for his girls. He restarted his coin collection again a few years ago. He would use this huge magnifying monitor in order to see the dates on the coins. It was the thrill of the hunt looking for that one coin he was lacking. He would share with his daughters and grandchildren his collection or recent find. His gifts for various occasions would be a roll of pennies, quarters, or dimes for him to look through. The banks were always so kind when he would bring the “change” back in. The local tellers would save coins they found to ask him if it was worth anything or just to give to him. He was always so pleasant to be around. He was an ornery one, joking, harassing, or prodding at you. He always got it in return, though, and enjoyed every single minute of it!

Those who knew him loved him and immediately became family. He was Dad to his “adopted children,” Uncle to others, and Papa to many. Through all his many health issues, he always found a positive side and used his humor to get through it all. He was a great provider, full with love, honor, and value of family. Although he was 87 years young, he left us all way too soon.

His family cannot say enough thank-you’s to the “family” of doctors, nurses, technicians, and all at Wil-ford Hall Medical Center and SAMMC for all of the loving care they gave their father all these many years! We are so blessed to have you in our lives.

Tony was preceded in death by his parents; and siblings Jack A. Sumpter, Louie Sumpter, Jerry Sumpter, Sally Simpson, and Rex Sumpter.

He leaves behind his loving wife of 63 years, Wilma J. Marlow Sumpter; his daughters, Kathryn M. (Mark) Woodall of Clifton, Tina L. (Robert) Smith of Floresville, Theresa A. (Brian) Morehous of Floresville, and Toni L. (Patrick) Spengler of San Antonio; his grandsons, Tony Smith of Floresville, Matthew (Monica) Woodall of Princeton, Michael (Kelly) Smith of Schertz, Jacob Woodall of Clifton, and Andrew Morehous of Floresville; his grand-daughter, Emily Morehous of Floresville; his great-grandchildren, Chase and Keelie Smith and their mother, April of Floresville; his only surviving brother, Max Sumpter of Oswego, Kan.; sister-in-law Helen Sumpter (widow of Jerry) of Montour, Iowa; and many nieces and nephews.


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Tony Ivan Sumpter


Stephanie Hanzel

30 mars , 2021

To Wilma, Kathy, Tina, Terry, and Toni Lynne, their spouses, grandchildren, and great grandchildren: I have such fond memories of spending time with the Sumpter family over my growing up years and then into adulthood with my own family: I remember Tony as the witty, smart, kind, loving husband and father he was. Our time as families and my time at their home will be treasured forever! I’ll never forget the great armadillo chase at Weid that my dad and he had! I’ve always respected and so admired love of Tony & Wilma and their love of family! Their example of love was so fierce and true that it touched everyone they met. Our prayers and deepest condolences are with you. Love you all!
Stephanie Mikes Hanzel

Maria Rose

22 février , 2021

I remember when I meet you at Bealls you were in the mens department. Started talking to you and told me you where with your wife Wilma. Met mom and we hit it off . Not long after meet the family and you all where so welcoming Then you adopted me as one of your daughters see you had 4 already. But it didn't matter you had love for all of us . You have a special place in my heart Pops I'm really going to miss you. Til we meet again. Say hi to Peanut love you Your daughter Maria Rose

Ernie and Becky Garza

17 février , 2021

When we moved to Eagle Creek in 1999 the first people neighbor's we met were Tony and Wilma right away we felt like family they adopted me as daughter #7(6) we were always invited to there party's and I mean party those Sumpter girls knew how to give a party, Tony would tell me I was fat and I'd get home to excersise an extra 30 minutes ,little did I know he couldn't see, that's how well he would hide what he was going through, when Ernie was in the hospital with Covid in December he made sure Wilma called me everyday because he would say call Becky she's alone,did I mention they would finish each other's sentences , and the two became one, We will miss him so much and Wilma be strong remember you are loved.

Ed Bruce

17 février , 2021

Wilma, Kathy, Tina, Terry and Lynn:
I have never been so honored the day you asked me to say a few words at Tony's funeral. I have never been so saddned the day I had to call and tell you I had tested positive to Covid 19 and would not be able to be there at all.
Never before have I seen such a fairy-tale marriage of 63 years. I shared that with everyone I knew....and many times with those I did not know...it was just so hard not to share what you two had and the love, joy and fun shared with family, friends and anyone who decided to show up to your many, many "bar-b-ques".
I promise to stay close and will see you soon. Our prayers will be with you every day....remembering Tony's promise to you when he went overseas,,,,"I will never leave you alone",,,he kept that promise and is still with you very day.....that's Tony..
God promised to walk with you every day and God has never broken a promise.
See you soon
Love you like my Mom
Ed & Sandy

Sandra Vejara(Wood)

17 février , 2021

Mr. Sumpter was a wonderful man. My memories were from the old neighborhood. We were next door neighbors. I remember the pond he had in the backyard. We had a blast on Westlake. May he Rest in Peace.

Renee' Tegeler

16 février , 2021

Aunt Wilma, Kathy , Lynne, Tina ,Theresa. And other family members I'm so sorry about Uncle Tony ,I have alot of great memories of when ever we all got together .when I lossed my dad you guys was there for my family.I love the story of two best friends married two brothers. That's awesome. I always enjoyed when mom and I would come to visit.I will never forget the surprise mom and I did with the help from Pat and Lynne. For you and Uncle Tony.that was so priceless, the look on your faces.I love you all so much. Wish mom and I could have made it one more time to see Uncle Tony but it wasn't meant to be because of the covid. My heart goes out to you all.I love you all and you are in my thoughts and prayers....💖💖

Mark Woodall

16 février , 2021

It was my pleasure and privilege to know Tony for over 50 years. I am also his son-in-law having married his eldest daughter Kathryn some 42 years ago. I think of him as a friend and a father and am proud to have spent much time with him over the years.

For several years him and I have had an ongoing debate. I contend that he never provided a dowry from my marrying his daughter. He of course does not agree. We have had tremendous fun trying to “one up” each other about this. The last time we discussed it he said, “Well gee, she has lived with you longer than she ever did with me.......”. I am still working on a rebuttal to this. TONY, we will discuss this later............

I will miss Tony’s wit, humor and humanity. Rest in Peace Papa

Marybeth Tomka

16 février , 2021

I am so sorry to hear of his passing . My thoughts are with the family at this time.

Yohannah Klingensmith

14 février , 2021

Hi Mark and Kathy and family,

We are sorry for your loss! Just wanted to let you all know you are in our thoughts and prayers.

Our love to all of you!
Yohannah and Elizabeth Klingensmith

Rose Gooch

13 février , 2021

Tony was a beloved friend to Paul and me. Wilma is one of my favorite friends and we will always be thinking of her. Our thoughts and prayers are with the family. I remember when we were neighbors across the street and our dog 'Buster' always stealing stuff from the front yard, and Tony pretending to get after him. 🙏🏻🐾❤️🇺🇸