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Mark Edward Barringham

2 juillet , 19561 novembre , 2019

July 2, 1956- November 1, 2019

It is with great heartfelt sadness that the family of Mark Barringham announces his sudden passing on Friday November 1, 2019 at the young age of 63. Loving father, brother, son, uncle and friend will be greatly missed and remembered forever by Wanda, his daughters Rebecca and Emilie and stepdaughter Samantha (Tyson). He will also be missed and remembered by his sister Cheryl (Wayne), Nephew Bradley, Father Edward (Edith) and dear family and friends. We will be celebrating Mark's life at Cheryl's home on Saturday, November 16th, 2019. Starting at 1 pm with no end time. 5643 Smith Blvd, Baldwin, On, L0E-1A0. In Lieu of flowers, donations made in Mark's name to the Heart and Stroke Foundation would be much appreciated. Forever Loved, Forever Missed.

Fond memories and expressions of sympathy may be shared at www.giffenmackscarborough.com for the Barringham family.


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Mark Edward Barringham


Carlo Konemann

20 novembre , 2019

The elevator stops on 10th floor and 3 what looked like supper models got on, hard to tell my eye where watering so much but just as the doors closed Mark jumped out the same time the girls where starting to realize what they just stepped into and all l heard was Mark's distant laughter as the door closed and moved on
The girls got off on 7 leaving with some choice words
Ya my best pal left me behind, but l road it out and won that round.
To cap it off 2 minutes later as l sat in the lobby the elevator opened up with the 3 girls and Mark chatting it up they walked by with some unforgettable stink eyes and Mark with that cured up grin .
Meeting at the car we laughed so hard it hurt,
thinking back not sure I won that one.
Mark never went out to beat someone at sports or games he just tried to beat his last game it was always his inner strength or struggle that gave him the drive to do better back then .
Thinking he and I lost something along the path
Was so great to see the pictures of his family and the happiness that brought him
though I missed the over the past 30 years of our life's
he was still a big part of my life and I miss him more today then yesterday
l never had a friend like the one l found when l was 7

Carlo Konemann

17 novembre , 2019

I can't talk as to who Mark was a month ago or even 20 years ago,. time life and happenstance got in the way and we drifted apart
last l saw him was his 50th birthday.
I had the privilege of knowing him when the only thing that mattered was weather or not are bike tires had air in them and witch hockey card to put in the spokes

We moved in next door, Mark and I grew up side by side and it was a rare day that we didn't hang out together'
He was a great athlete always faster on his bike, could throw a football with a perfect spiral, toss a baseball harder than any l knew but it was golf where he really excelled, always practicing in the back yard chipping from coffee can to buckets or anything he could find
He would tape his driver to his bike and we would ride to the driving range on Markham Rd
He being a lefty and me righty so we would face each other but l was just company when he got in the grove l would give him my bucket of balls and take a seat just watching his swing and the sound of hitting the sweat spots time and time again, l kid you not people would just stop and watch, even the owner of the range would come out and watch and was shocked to hear he practiced in his backyard never having a lesson.
That was life for us not a care in the world between us.

He left for a year or so to stay with his dad and Edith in Winnipeg, Cheryl and l missed him, but more so me
I can still remember the day he came home like it was yesterday
We didn't miss a beat it was like turning a page
We got our driver's licenses then cars but never stopped playing games, always trying to out do the other. and with Cheryl, Mark and l where living together so our time just increased

we started a game we later called the elevator oven , a spin off of Dutch oven so leaving a friends penthouse apartment we got on the elevator and Mark let out a paint pealing noise hair melting fart go, it was beyond stink the kind that makes your eyes water and we where only on th

Cheryl Barringham

9 novembre , 2019

You were a spectacular golfer, loved kids, animals and most of all your daughters. You lived your life as you chose, even though some of us could not understand, it was your life to live. I miss you now and will forever be thinking of you.