The family shares in our love of Tony and our deep feeling of great loss. We welcome you to leave comments or memories of Anthony that we will treasure.

Anthony Colby van Westrum

10 avril 194420 janvier 2019

Anthony Colby van Westrum, age 74, of Golden, Colorado passed away on Sunday, January 20, 2019. He was born April 10, 1944 in Indianapolis, Indiana.

Tony was a loving father and grandfather. He was an accomplished attorney for 50 years, held in high esteem by his colleagues. He was also much admired and respected by his friends.

As an avid photographer and lover of the outdoors, Tony spent countless hours in nature. He was a voracious reader of all genres, always looking for new ways to learn and to challenge his mind.

Anthony is survived by his wife Jenny, son Derek (Jen), daughter Heather (Mike) and granddaughter Ruby. He will be deeply missed, and his impact on the those who knew him will be lasting.

A Celebration of Life will be held on May 17th, 2019 at 1:00 p.m. at Mount Vernon Country Club with refreshments to follow. Please contact Derek van Westrum at derekvw@gmail.com for further details.

In lieu of flowers, the family would be grateful for donations in Tony's honor to the following organizations:


  • Celebrating the Life of Anthony van Westrum

    vendredi, 17 mai , 2019


Anthony Colby van Westrum


Marlys Hanson

30 avril , 2021

To Tony's family:

I just learned (via a Google search for his contact info) of Tony's tragic, untimely death. He had prepared a contract for me in the 90's that recently held up in a US Bankruptcy Court hearing. Tony was very instrumental in retrieving notes/info that helped us to end up in the right place. He was also a great guy to work with ...always took my calls and went out of his way to be helpful. I can only imagine how his family must miss him. May he rest in peace. Marlys Hanson, Copperopolis, CA
April 30, 2021 mhanson539@aol.com

Bob KeTinge

16 mai , 2019

We met this evening to celebrate Tony. Having lost both Tony and Allen in such a short time has left a void that we can fill by loving each other. Bob and Theresa Keatinge, Vanessa Becker, Keith Whitelaw, Sarah Steinbeck Adelson, Bill Callison, Cathy Krendl

Annita Menogan

16 mai , 2019

I just learned of Tony’s passing (had our own set of challenges in January) and I’m heartbroken at his loss and not to have known. So many have so eloquently described him and what he meant to us. This is yet another huge hole in our legal and greater community. Tony was a wonderful mentor, a gentleman, an amazing scrivener for a court improvement committee we served on together that I co-chaired at his urging (he always gently demanded that we push ourselves to excellence), fun to have lunch with and someone I respected deeply regarding his support of diversity of me and others in the legal profession. Tony, Godspeed on your next adventure! My deepest condolences to and prayers for your family.

Mike Shea

6 mars , 2019

Tony and I and a number of other members of the Business Law Section of the Bar spent many hours crafting esoteric provisions of the Colorado Corporation Code. I was always amazed at Tony’s brilliance and humbled by the way he could include everyone in the discussion and absorb and respect their opinions. We had many wonderful lunches together and discussed a myriad of topics. I will miss him.

Jennifer and family- Gail and I extend our deepest sympathies.

Jerry Pratt

3 février , 2019

Tony taught us so much: to never stop learning, challenge assumptions, think critically, see things from a different perspective, and be open to others. And he did this not by preaching, but just by the way he lived his life and by sharing thoughts, ideas, and lunches with his colleagues. I always looked forward to seeing Tony at the Ethics Committee, working together on a legal issue, debating a proposed piece of legislation pending before the legislature, meeting for lunch, or just running into each other. It always resulted in us discussing not just the topic at hand but also books we were reading, current events, mutual friends, or whatever diverse things our minds took us to. I’ll miss those times with Tony, but I learned enough from him that I know now to carry it forward, until we meet again. Thanks Tony. You truly have enriched my life.

Ann Ellis-Harrison

2 février , 2019

Peacemaker – philosopher – wise – loving – openhearted – wonderful man,
Bless you for the difference you have made to everyone’s world.
What amazing memories you gave us on the family expeditions across the Continent
from Vancouver to Cape Cod, Durango and Taos to Montreal.
So I wish you ‘God speed’ on your new exciting journey into the unknown.
Send us a Postcard!”

Belgin Yucelen

30 janvier , 2019

I am deeply sad that I will not be able to learn anymore from Tony’s wisdom, positivity, humbleness and curiosity. At the same time, I feel so privileged and so proud to have known him, someone so rare and valuable.

I am grateful to Jenny who came into my life 6 years ago through art and introduced this most wonderful person to our lives. The few opportunities we got to know Tony were enough to create the deepest influence on me and my family. During our last dinner together on December 1st with Jenny, Tony, my husband and my 13 year old daughter as we talked about many things, books, memories, politics, and kings and fools, I felt that the evening was becoming a memory even as we lived through it, a memory which you would want to remember to warm your heart.

With a brilliant independent mind, Tony inspired us all with his endless curiosity, vast knowledge and his desire to teach through words that he never wasted, and books he read and encouraged us to read or gave us as gifts. Talking about books – as we always did with him - if ever the doors between worlds held open (illegally, just a crack), so that the souls of the present and the departed could mingle, like guests at the same party, Tony will be one of the people I would always seek. (from the book The Ministry of Utmost Happiness by Arundhati Roy)

Don Phillipson

30 janvier , 2019

Tony and I were in the same era as lawyers and partners in Davis Graham & Stubbs for more than two decades before he left the firm to establish his independent niche in the Denver legal community. Others have properly noted Tony’s exceptional intelligence, legal acumen, and generosity to other lawyers and the legal profession generally. My fondest memory of Tony will remain quite simple—he was a kind, gentle, and humble person. Barb’s and my thoughts are with Jenny, Derek (Jen), and Heather (Mike) at this difficult time.

Dan Taubman

29 janvier , 2019

A few years ago, I received an anonymous package containing copies of the books 1491 and 1493. A short while later, during a lunch with Tony, I realized that he had sent me the books because he thought that I would enjoy those books that had transformed his understanding of world history, science, and archaeology. I very much appreciated Tony's gesture, and I agreed with his take on the books. Subsequently, we discussed books, read and unread, including Tony's stack of books in the latter category.
Tony and I lunched together on a regular basis. He always had interesting thoughts to share about a wide variety of topics. At a dinner last year with Jenny and my wife Lissa, Tony reminded me of all the photos he had taken of our then-new Ralph Carr Courthouse when I gave him a tour.
Tony and I served together on the CBA's Ethics Committee for many years. During much of that time, Tony served as amanuensis, or scribe, modifying proposed formal opinions in real time on his computer so that all the committee members could see the effect of proposed changes. Of course, Tony often shared insightful comments.
As others have noted, Tony made special efforts to increase interracial understanding and to promote diversity in the bench and the bar. Last year, Tony invited me (and others) to attend monthly meetings established to realize that goal.
Tony and I were scheduled to have lunch last Thursday, but, sadly, that did not come to pass. My condolences to Jenny and the rest of Tony's family.

Julie Warren

29 janvier , 2019

Tony was a wonderful man and will be missed by many, including his colleagues at the Bar. I met Tony as a young lawyer, when I first started practicing law. I was in awe of his insight, intelligence, wisdom, kindness- overall wonderful character and skill as a lawyer. You have my sympathy and deepest regards for Tony and his countless contributions to our profession. Julie Warren