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Wei Ni

April 3, 1972January 10, 2020

Wei Ni, a professional dancer, a great teacher, a community contributor, and a lovely person to be around, passed away on January 10, 2020. He was born April 3, 1972 in China to Zuoyu Ni and Bao Lan Chen. He leaves behind his wife, Vivian Wen, his brother Da Ni, and his parents in China.

Wei Ni began studying ballet in 1984 at the Shenyang Ballet Academy of China. Upon graduating in 1990, he joined the Liaoning Ballet where he was promoted to a principal dancer. From 1996 to 1999, he danced as a principal dancer in the Guangzhou Ballet.

Wei moved to the U.S. in 1999, whereupon he joined the Tulsa Ballet in Oklahoma as a soloist. He later transferred to the Cincinnati Ballet in Ohio in 2001. From 2002 to 2003, he performed as a soloist in the Pittsburgh Ballet in Pennsylvania. Wei settled down in North Carolina as a principal dancer with the Carolina Ballet in Raleigh from 2003 to 2009, but then retired from the Carolina Ballet due to knee injury. After retiring from the Carolina Ballet, Wei began his teaching career. During 2009 to 2016, Wei was the Master Teacher and Assistant Director of the North Carolina State Ballet.

He started Wei’s Ballet school in 2015. Most recently, he partnered with Miguel Campaneria to become the co-owner of the Campaneria Ballet School.

Wei was an accomplished professional dancer. In the early years of his career, Wei participated in many international ballet competitions and won the Gold Award for the youth group in the Lyon France Ballet Competition. He also won 2nd place honors in the actor’s group of 1993’s China National Wide Ballet Competition. He always was the principle dancer. While with the Carolina Ballet, he danced as the principle in Carolina Ballet’s masterpiece “Nutcracker” for 7 years. From 2012 through 2015, Wei was the acting Artistic Director and Choreographer in the Charlotte Blume School of Dance located in Fayetteville.

He was a gifted teacher of both children and adults in RTP. Wei had an excellent reputation and earned the respect among his students and their parents alike through his endless effort and whole-hearted love towards teaching ballet. To kids, he was a role model. A few of his students even joined ballet companies to begin their professional career in ballet dancing. To adults, he energized the love for ballet in the community. Women of all ages and levels of experience joined his class. He was encouraging, patient, comforting, and approachable. Most importantly, he never gave less than 100% of his time and energy to help guide his students towards becoming the best they could be. He felt very proud of his students each and every day as they improved and achieved their goals in ballet dance.

Wei participated in community activities frequently by contributing his professionalism in ballet dancing and as choreographer. At the annual CAFA spring festival, he was one of the judges for years. He as always generous with his personal time to any local dance group or dancer asking for his assistance, advice, or comments without expecting anything in return.

He was a lovely person to be around – humorous and of kind heart. All of the conversations and messages were so happy moments, which have now turned into sad memories…. His passing brings all those who knew him to tears.

Wei Ni will be remembered forever.

The Memorial Service: Sunday, January 19, 2020, 2:00PM-4:30PM 550 W. Williams St., Apex, NC 27502


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    Sunday, January 19, 2020

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    Sunday, January 19, 2020


Wei Ni

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Madison Rower

January 19, 2020

Wei, I will miss you very much. I thank you for all your kind words as my teacher at IBA. I remember first meeting you at Carolina Ballet Nutcracker and how full of energy you had. I wish your family my condolences and how many lives you touched and how thankful I am that you choose to share your gift. Love, Madison.

Elke Cerny

January 19, 2020

Love and Kindness is all that really matters. Wei showed us both of these.

Erica and Shawn Dolan

January 18, 2020

Wei....So very thankful for the gifts you have given to this world and your students. Gone too soon and you will be missed by so many. Your legacy and memory will live on in all our hearts. 💙

Carolina Carrasco

January 17, 2020

Wei made such an impact in my daughter’s life, he was a teacher and a friend, you will be missed, however, your legacy will live among us.
You had such a beautiful soul and you will leave in our hearts for ever.

Mary Kelly Teague

January 17, 2020

Wei was a type of soul that you rarely meet in this world. I had the pleasure of meeting Wei at Lantern Square when he resided there along with other Carolina Ballet dancers and where I worked in the office. He invited me to his birthday party after he moved in, and I asked him what he wanted as a gift. He told me he really wanted the Usher, Confessions CD , so I gave it to him and after that, we always would dance to ' yeah ' when we heard it at CB parties or while out and laugh away as we would attempt break dancing and ridiculous moves only he could really pull off! He gave me the best relationship advice and when he found out I had a fear of flying right before a trip I had planned, he told me to "not be afraid because the pilots want to live too" . It was a very comforting statement from a friend . My love to his wife, family and ballet family during this sad time. Rest well, Wei. You made this world a better , kinder place just by being you.

Kristin Lloyd

January 16, 2020

Life is short. For Wei Ni , much too short! I had the privilege of dancing along side Wei in 2008 and 2009 in a few programs with Carolina Ballet. I was awe struck and intimidated by the professional dancers with whom I shared the stage... except for Wei. He was welcoming, warm, kind, humble. He and I shared a birthday, though 7 years apart, it gave us a commonality (in addition to our love of ballet) to chat about!

Wei was a positive addition to anyone’s friend circle and I am proud to have been able to add him to mine. You will be missed, Wei Ni! My condolences go out to all those you love you!

Bonnie Zhao

January 15, 2020


风停了 鸟儿静了
浩瀚的天际 有一颗流星划过

时光倒流 有音乐在流淌

还有 刚刚迎娶的新娘


但您高贵的品德 美丽的心灵

红尘三千 过眼云烟
您的善良与爱 早己广为流传

天鹅湖畔 泪已成殇
您的音容笑貌 已成过往

木鱼钟声 草木皆悲
雾丝萦绕 悠扬经文
袅袅梵音 您可安魂


Deprecia Simpson

January 15, 2020

Wei Ni,
I thank you so much for what and all you taught me. You are and will be missed. "You dance with me and you will be perfect". I remembered.
Deprecia Simpson

Margaret Severin-Hansen

January 14, 2020

I have so many memories dancing with Wei in carolina Ballet. I remember when he joined and he was always a gentle soul! Many years ago he was my Paris when I was Juliet, my toreador when I was Carmen and many other repertoire ballet. Wei you will be missed!

Jeanne Severin-Hansen

January 14, 2020

I will always remember Wei dancing in Serenade when Carolina Ballet was new on the scene. He was captivating and his ability to reach the audience was a natural extension of who he was as a person. He added humanity to each role and a great love of all living things. His extensions were simply jaw dropping and this ballet watcher kept wondering if he'd jete right into orbit. I will certainly miss his warmth and true kindness, respect and love.