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Jimmie Lou Easling

July 17, 1931May 10, 2020

Jimmie Lou Easling was born on July 17, 1931 in Harrah, OK and passed away on May 10, 2020 in Camp Verde, Arizona and is under the care of Hillcrest Memorial Park and Mortuary.

Graveside Service will be held on May 26, 2020 at 10:00 am at Hillcrest Memorial Park and Mortuary, 9101 Kern Canyon Road, Bakersfield, CA.

They were preceded in death by James Easling (Husband), James Mauldin (Father), Venda Mauldin (Mother), Venda Meadows (Daughter). They are survived by Todd Mauldin (Brother), Gay Martin (Daughter), Lynn Guerra (Daughter), Sylvia Hendrickson (Daughter), Cheryl Misener (Step Daughter), Karen Easling (Step Daughter), Kevin Fowler (Grandchild), Elizabeth Guerra (Grandchild), Krystal Martin (Grandchild), Jamie Whiteman (Great Grandchild).

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  • James Easling, Husband (deceased)
  • James Mauldin, Father (deceased)
  • Venda Mauldin, Mother (deceased)
  • Todd Mauldin, Brother
  • Gay Martin, Daughter
  • Lynn Guerra, Daughter
  • Venda Meadows, Daughter (deceased)
  • Sylvia Hendrickson, Daughter
  • Cheryl Misener, Step Daughter
  • Karen Easling, Step Daughter
  • Kevin Fowler, Grandchild
  • Elizabeth Guerra, Grandchild
  • Krystal Martin, Grandchild
  • Jamie Whiteman, Great Grandchild

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26 May

Graveside Service

10:00 am - 11:00 am

Hillcrest Memorial Park and Mortuary

9101 Kern Canyon Road
Bakersfield, CA 93306


Jimmie Lou Easling

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Karen Bice

May 25, 2020

Ron and Sylvia Hendrickson have been our closest friends for so many years but due to locations of different family's been spread out I did not get the plessure of meeting Jimmy until Thanksgiving 2018. Paul and I went to Arizon. The entire family made us feel welcomed as if we were family. Jimmy had a funny wit about her although she was pretty quiet that day.
I formed a great bond with Vinda that day also. Getting to know your BFF's family has been very rewarding and a memory I will cherish forever. RIP Jimmy and give Vinda a a big hug for me. You were a strong woman and raised remarkable women. Wish I could have got to know you better but Sylvia talks about her family so much that I feel like I have known you for years

Rendi Abel

May 21, 2020

Aunt Jimmie, We love you and we will never forget you! Your smile and laughter have always been In our hearts and thoughts. I will never forget the story of your experience when the Angels visited you on your sickbed that you shared with me. Though you felt at the time that you would leave this world from sickness, Alas, You were to stay a little bit longer. Indeed, we had the joy of sharing many more years of good times and laughter with you, sharing good cups of coffee and discussions about our favorite movies or books, but especially your memories of days gone by. I‘ve missed you these past couple of years, Aunt Jimmie, And I miss you now, but I know you have gone Home to That lovely land of unclouded skies, to that home far away. I know you are with Him and are at Peace, and I know I will see you again someday. Until then, We love you and we will always cherish our memories with you and Uncle Jim.

Lynn Guerra

May 20, 2020

During her stay here in Arizona with our sister Venda mom decided that she wanted to do something nice for all her neighbors. She thought about it for awhile and came up with a plan to paint rocks. Since Arizona is chock full of rocks of all sizes, from pebbles to large stones, Venda and I were taxed with the choice of finding rocks for mom to paint. We started with an armful each of rocks for mom who spread them out on the table with about 20 paint bottles. Each rock was painted only one color. Whatever was in the color spectrum we had rocks of that color. Blues, oranges, reds, yellows, greens, browns, aquas, fluorescent colors, glittery colors, high gloss colors...you name it mom had it. Soon it took on a life of its own!
We couldn't keep mom supplied with enough rocks. 10 rocks became 20 rocks became 50 rocks became hundreds of rocks.
There were colored rock piles in the house, in the yard, on the porch, in the flower beds, lining the porch rails...everywhere. Mom was finally ready to give away her rocks.
Her daughters took some, her neighbors took some, her hospice caregivers took some and even random people she didn't know took some. Her painted rocks were for everybody!
So I asked her , "Mom, what made you paint rocks for people?" And she replied, "It makes them happy".
I'll always remember mom's simple answer. It makes them happy. That was my mom.

Gay Martin

May 20, 2020

"The Day our Mother Caught a Tarantula"
Picture a windy day in 1969 downtown Bakersfield. I had gone to meet my mother for lunch where she worked as an accountant for Brocks Department store. Rounding the corner of the building, heading for her car a brisk wind snatched the hairpiece she always wore at the time, right off her head! As it scurried down the sidewalk she was hot on it's trail. Her dress flapping in the wind, she finally stopped it's flight with her foot, she bent down picked it up and plopped it back on top of her head. Turning to me( at this point I am laughing hysterically) she asks "Are you ready to eat?"
While waiting for our order at the restaurant I noticed her hairpiece was lopsided, sending me into another fit of laughter. " What's so funny?" she asks as she straightens it out.
I described her "retrieval" of the hairpiece. "Mom, you looked like you were chasing a giant tarantula down the street!"
I can only imagine what the other patrons were thinking as they listened to a mother and daughter laughing hysterically over a plate of salad.
She always had the ability to laugh at herself.

Sylvia Hendrickson

May 19, 2020

"The Love of my Mom"
I didn't always know it, the wisdom that you's shown
It was hidden in life"s textures, but through the years had grown.
I wouldn't always learn it, the teachings that you shared.
Of the worlds test and trials, but I always knew you cared.
I couldn't always see it, the way you helped guide me through the years.
With any troubles I encountered you wiped away my tears.
I didn't always feel it, your arms embracing me and as you leave my world I know your love will always be.

Love and miss you Mom,


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