Nick Santos Cepeda

July 15, 1962July 4, 2018
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Nick Santos Cepeda was born on July 15, 1962 and passed away on July 4, 2018.


  • Visitation Thursday, July 19, 2018
  • Funeral Service Thursday, July 19, 2018
  • Graveside Service Thursday, July 19, 2018

Nick Santos Cepeda

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Beatrice Hocking i

July 28, 2018

My Son , I had you when i was very young , you made me grow up fast . The day I had you at the hospital and i saw you for the first time i fell in love with you , you were so cute ,with that curly hair . You were so active as a little boy, you were never afraid to try anything the first time ,"and that !was scary for me ". And that was why you were so good at surfing , fishing , baseball , knowledgeable about Mopar cars , politics , music, you loved music.
We went fishing ," we had so much fun " , shopping, watching TV , listening to music , we had our favorite shows . He loved grilling out in the patio and listing to music . "I miss you SON so much!" ! I will always remember all the love you showed me ,you were so kind caring .
Until we meet again ,
Love you with all my heart , Mom

Virginia Hocking

July 19, 2018

Nick, I will cherish the memories of living in the Hawthorne townhouse with you and your brother Bobby who is now my husband. I was 6 months pregnant when I moved in. Bobby said "my brother Nick will protect you while I'm at work during my graveyard shifts". Sure enough I felt protection with you there brother Nick. I never felt alone while Bobby was working. I knew my brother Nick was right downstairs if I need him or if I needed a ride to the hospital if my water broke!! Life changed as we grew up and we all went our separate ways.
You introduced me to my new favorite show "Chicago Fire". We'd watch it together. Since then I've added all the Chicago shows. Everytime we'd visit you'd always said "check this out" and showed me a new gadget or showed us more incredible patches. This last "check this out" was a kids fishing pole you got for my girls to take them fishing. In which Priscilla caught her first fish ever with you! I know that was the best moment for her. It brought tears to my eyes when I saw the video. I was so happy that she shared that moment with you, the best fisherman I know! Thank you brother for the great memories! We love you Nick!
Till we meet again!
Virginia Hocking

Robert Borroto

July 19, 2018

Dear Beatrice, Bob,Kelly,Bobby and Nicole. My Sincerest Condolences at such a difficult time. I will Always remember Nick as being A Good guy.
He was Funny and Easy going with a unique laugh and a Big Smile! I Too had great times fishing with Nick he taught me several tricks on catching trout at Alondra park and Lake Isabella back in the day as well as the times we went camping. His presence will be missed but his memories will live on with those who were fortunate enough to have met him. May you Rest in Peace my Brother in-law and watch over your loved ones from Above. Amen

Fabian Cepeda

July 18, 2018

We had that special fishing trip we were supposed to go on and just maybe I would have started liking the taste of seafood. I wanted to hang with coolest dude on earth. We are going to have to rain check and I am looking forward to that.

Nick you were always there for us and I love you. Save a spot for me up there!
Bro Fabian Cepeda

Roxana (Petunia) Vaughn

July 18, 2018

To my Auntie, Uncle, Bobby, Nicole and Kelly. My sincerest condolences. My heart goes out to you all. I'm so sorry for your great loss.
Nick, I spent the last couple of weeks with you before you left us. We had some good laughs and shared family memories. I have great memories of staying at your house and you taking us to the beach when you surfed. I felt very cool sitting in your El Camino. I can remember your record collection. I went back home and started my own collection. You had that great surfer hair! I can remember those curls when we were kids.
I enjoyed sitting and watching
you work those couple of weeks. It was my birthday and you hugged me and kissed me on my cheek. I regret not going with you on those visits we talked about. We listened to our favorite eighties music while you layed tile. I get to look at my beautiful tile work you finished the afternoon before you passed. I got to hear your laugh one last time when you called me before you left on your bike ride. You wanted to know I was happy with my floor. You wished me a happy Fourth of July!
Nick, I see you every where at my house, I can still hear your laugh and your political rants lol. I wish we had spent more time together. I miss you already and love you forever. Until I see you again. Your cousin Petunia

Ramon Alvarez

July 17, 2018

I formally met Nick in 1982 but I knew of Nick about 3 years earlier when I started high school. I was a freshman and Nick was a Senior. I remember seeing the kid with the wild curly hair. He was one of the cool kids, very popular, a great athlete and all the girls liked him. I didn’t have much interaction with him until I started dating his sister 1982. He was always very friendly and was constantly joking around with me, he always made me laugh. I was there first hand for some of his early shenanigans and at times I was in awe of him. Some of the stories he’d tell me seemed pretty wild and farfetched but I knew them to be true and in some ways I idolized him. I thought it was so cool that he was a surfer, something I had always wished I could do. I reconnected with Nick about 5 years ago when his sister and I started dating again, he was still the same cool guy. Always joking around and making me laugh but the topics had changed and so had he. My boys got to meet Nick and he was really great with them. I remember coming home one day and my son Nick telling me “hey dad check out the patches Uncle Nick gave me." Big Nick was always good with kids.

I have a lot of good memories of you my friend. I am happy to be a part of your family once again.
I love you like a brother and will miss you greatly.
Bob Bea Kelly Littte Bobby I am so truly sorry
Hang loose Nick

Cindy Borroto

July 16, 2018

Uncle Nick
All My life I knew “Uncle Nick and Uncle Bobby” as a “set” As a little girl going to Grandmas house it meant getting to spend time with my “fun Uncles”. I remember coming over and sometimes and you were in the garage working on that Lime Green car. I was too young to understand anything you were actually explaining to me but I’d still ask questions and nod my head and wondered “yea but does it work.” For me it was more about getting to spend time with you. One day my mom dropped me off at Grandmas house which was now the “Uncles Place” It was just you that day and you asked me If I wanted to run some errands with you. Our first stop was the 99cent store. I was shocked to discover with just a few bucks I could buy so much. More importantly how much candy you could get. After that we walked the strand and you told me about when you were younger all the surfing and biking to the beach you used to do. I remember thinking when I grow up I could live at Grandmas house too and make all these memories like you. I’ll never forget that day.
A few years back still recovering from my car accident I got to spend, the best quality time we ever had together. We would go to 24hr fitness together and you showed me how to lift weights and work out (the right way) and we would bond over music, you showed me your patch collection.
Thank you for giving me a few
I looked at you so much more than just my Uncle.
The morning after your passing, when I had to I pull myself back together I got ready and went to work. I took my usual route I always take, while driving I saw something that caught my eye, a lime green classic car passed by me, just like yours. I never saw that car before, while it went by me simultaneously that song “See you Again” came on the radio from that Fast and Furious 7 movie. I know that was you and It couldn’t have been a more perfect goodbye.
I love Uncle Nick and I miss you.
“The Cubanita”
“The Crash Kd”

Kelly Borroto

July 15, 2018

I am so grateful for being able to get to know you as the Brother you came to be so different than the brother you used to be. It was funny when I told you stories about some of your “meanie” ways when we were little, you laughed and couldn’t believe it “I didn’t do that! Did I?” It’s strange that moving back to Bakersfield, the thing we said we would never do, became the basis for bringing us close together. I got to know a man my girls looked up to. A man that everyone loved. I came to a harsh realization the other day, after something our little brother said. I realized how easy it is to take the “I love you’s” and hugs for granted as Daughters, Mothers or Sisters. We say it all the time and hugs and kisses are the way we say hello or good bye. I catch myself saying it differently now as If Im trying to make sure whomever is at the receiving end knows how much I mean it. It pains me beyond belief that it took losing you to make me understand that. I want to thank you for being my friend and big brother. Thank you for being the uncle you were to my girls, they are heartbroken. I never told you how cool I thought I was to enter High School after you and saying Im Nick Cepeda’s sister. I never told you I snuck into your room playing your records and looking through your pictures and yearbooks, maybe you knew. I never told you I scratched one of your records and broke one of your model airplanes. Mom took the blame on the airplane. But I guess the things I did get to tell you in the last couple of years was much more important than all the rest. So many stories I would love to share but that’s for another time. I promise you I will tell Natalia all that I can about their Grandpa. exactly what I can't say sure but one thing for sure is I will start out by saying this, your Grandpa was one cool dude.
I love you I miss you
Your sister Kel

Robert "Bobby" Hocking

July 14, 2018

You were my Gold Standard

You were my Measuring Stick

You showed me many things to do and also not to do. I thank you for that.

I tried to be a better hitter than you. You got me there.

I tried to be a better b baller than you. You got me there also.

I tried to lift heavier weights than you. You got me there too.

I even tried to party harder than you. Well you got me there as well.

In January of this year I flat lined twice on the Doctors table but survived. Now I see I can't win at anything with you my sweet brother haha. You got me here as well unfortunately.

During my visit about 8 weeks ago we went to the gym and worked out together. You told me "damn Bob, after alllllll these years you are FINALLY stronger than me!" (Little did you know I was giving it all I had and often used bad form just to get up the weight while you were probably working out at about 75%) Needless to say, those words meant a lot to me.

I thank you for teaching my girls how to fish and taking them out for their very first time. They were taught by the very best and they will miss you dearly. They loved playing with all your gadgets and toys in your room. You let them play with your collectors Hot Wheels which shocked me as you never let me get near them haha. Seeing you let them play with your valuables like that really meant a lot to me. You loved my babies dearly which breaks my heart into pieces.

When we left I gave you a huge hug, I kissed you on your cheek and I told you " I love you" Three things I have never done with you. Our departure was perfect. I will always cherish that moment at the front door.

We will hug, kiss and tell each other we love one another at a later date. Save some seats next to you for Priscilla and Penelope at all your favorite fishing spots in Heaven my sweet brother. They will both fish with you again eventually.

Denise Dominguez-Hawley

July 12, 2018

Cousin Nick,
We didn't just share genes and DNA. As cousins, we made memories just having fun. Easter, Mother's Day and summer brought all the cousins together on Louella Street. You with your curly hair and a baseball mitt in your hand. Grandpa's mean nasty rooster chasing us around the backyard - that ugly bird. At my wedding, you were the guy in the super-fly satin/silk blue suit, and it was Madonna's "Into the Groove" that we danced to. I will always remember that you were there. I hope you will be happy doing all the things you liked to do, up there in heaven.
With sadness and love - your cousin Denise.