Sally Frances Moore

October 28, 1943March 26, 2020
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On March 26, 2020 Sally Frances Moore (nee Fangmeyer) passed away at home surrounded by her family. She was the beloved wife of William “Bill” M. Moore; devoted mother of Kim Cramer, Michelle Smith, and Darryl Oliver; dear sister of Sue Sullens; loving grandmother of Bethany and Ashley Cramer, Michael and Matthew Smith, and Jacob, Benjamin, Sarah, and Elizabeth Oliver.

Family and friends may gather at the Schimunek Funeral Home of Bel Air, Inc. (610 W. MacPhail Road Bel Air, MD 21014) on Saturday, October 24, 2020 from 11:00 a.m.-1:30 p.m. where a catholic prayer service will begin at 11:30 a.m. In lieu of flowers, please click the following link to donate to Dr. Sardi at Mercy Medical Center in Sally’s honor. Online tributes may be left at


  • Celebration Gathering

    Saturday, October 24, 2020

  • Catholic Prayer Service

    Saturday, October 24, 2020



Sally Frances Moore

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Heather Phillips

October 24, 2020

Sally was always so sweet. She loved kids and I could tell because she adored mine. She was positive and happy! She lived life and that’s what I loved about her. She always treated me like part of the family and I am really going to miss her! Rest easy Sally! Xoxoxo

Jacob Oliver

October 24, 2020

I have so many wonderful memories with my grandmother that it’s hard to pick a favorite memory. She was such a kind and caring person who would make every effort to make the time you spent with her special.

One of my favorite memories was when Mammom and Poppy took me to “the end of the world”. When I was younger, Mammom and Poppy took me to Blackwater National Wildlife Refuge on the eastern shore of Maryland to see the bald eagles there. On the car ride down, Mammom told me stories of trips she had taken around the world and all the beautiful things she had seen. She had a way of making you feel like you were there with her when she talked about her adventures. When we got to Blackwater, we drove around the refuge and she would tell me where to look to see the bald eagles. It always amazed me how she seemed to know everything and did it so easily.

After driving around and seeing so many different birds, Mammom and Poppy took me a little bit farther away to what they described as the “end of the world”. As we drove along this desolate road that seemed to go on for eternity, the sun began to set with beautiful colors, and we all sat together in happiness.

Mammom had a special way of taking a simple day and turning it into a memory you could cherish forever. She managed to do it every time I was with her. I’ll always remember the great times we had together.

I miss you Mammom and I will always love you.

Your (Not so) Little Angel Man

Ben Oliver

October 24, 2020

Words will never be able to capture fully the love that Mammom exuded. A woman wholly guided by compassion and love, she never failed to put the success and wellbeing of loved ones above her own. Time and time again, she made the effort to care. Mammom listened, and she loved doing so. Even as a young child, I remember complaining to her about all the homework I had between mouthfuls of her world famous French toast. I would complain that my brother wouldn’t let me play PlayStation very much, or that the fireworks on the Fourth of July were too loud. It didn’t matter what was wrong, Mammom was there, listening, caring, and trying to help. That’s just who she was; it seemed effortless.

I could go on forever, but I won’t. Knowing her, she would not want anyone to lament or long for what was, or even for what could have been. Instead, she would call us all to cherish a happy past while striving for a loving future. Nothing more and nothing less.

To you, Mammom, I promise to do just that, and to live by your example. You have my word that I’ll never cry because it’s over, rather I will forever smile because it happened. I love you. Thank you.

Donna Earling

October 24, 2020

Sally was a dear neighbor. We shared a love for gardening and birds. I could always count on her hummingbird feeder to be full when mine was empty. She had a gift for listening and easy conversation - backyard conversations that will be missed. She was sweet, caring, and strong. We are so blessed to have known her. Our deepest sympathy goes out to Bill and all her family. Donna & Ron

Katie Oliver

October 23, 2020

Sally was my mother-in-law. I first met Sally in 1995 as a 22 year old girl who started dating her son.
In the early years of my marriage to Darryl and our first two children , I sometimes didn’t know where I fit in and what I was to her. My defenses were always up as she seemed to me to “question” how I mothered. “Why are you breastfeeding? “How can you tell if they got enough”? After time, I realized that some things were just different than when she had babies.
In time, I also realized Sally’s reason for living was to be a mother and a grandmother. It was her true calling and all she ever really wanted. I was the one who needed to learn from her.
It took me longer than I want to admit to understand just how special Sally was. The turning point was when I realized that I too was special to her.
Through her, I have learned to give more freely and more often with ease.
I have held my husband, her son, in his grief in the middle of the night. I have hugged my four children, her four grandchildren, and promised them they’d be okay. But all the while, my heart is broken, because I don’t want my husband to lose his mom or my children to lose their grandmother. But also, I don’t want to lose her or all the love she had for everyone, including me!
I miss Sally like crazy. I am so thankful that she gave birth to Darryl and that I got to marry him, have a family and be her daughter-in-law. I’m forever thankful for the joy, the memories and the love and support she gave to us. Thank you, Sally, for everything. I love you.

Sue Stufft

October 23, 2020

Sally and I worked together at "The River" in Special Education for 30 years. We shared a tight "sisters" group of friends in Special Ed; Bev, Michele, Connie, Anne and of course our dearest friend LeeAnn , who sang her way into our lives , as well as into the lives of our "special kids", as she taught them. Sally truly loved science and before long , Joan, the science department chair, joined our group. Sally had a way of making you feel as if each of us were important and made time for all of her friends. We knew a lot about each other's "Home" families. If something happened to one of us, it happened to all.
Together, we counted the days until school ended in June, only to talk about school the minute we got together a couple of weeks later. Being with Sally was so much fun. I'm fortunate to have the best memories of her; such a strong woman. When she found out she was sick, she toughed it out and kept that unending Faith in God and desire to Fight. She surely did that. She was amazing . When my husband got cancer many years ago, it was Sally and Bill who called us in Norfolk, at his hospital room on New Years Eve. We were alone but that phone call really cheered us. It was Sally and Bill, who 3 months later, came to our house with crabs when we got back home. Sally was so sweet, caring, and kind. Don and I were so happy when Bill and Sally got married. She and I would laugh "how misery loves company." But we never meant it. Lol
She kept us grounded with her undying love to "teach" and that zest for life, infectious laughter and relentless desire for every student to get a decent education and succeed. Not many people have that "stick to it attitude" for the sake of children. Sally did!
The video is truly a tribute of how much she loved her family and how much she meant to each of you. She would be thrilled to see that. Keep each other close. It's what she would want you to do. When You're Down, Look Up. She's smiling down at you.

michael smith jr

October 22, 2020

Mammom was the most special person to me, i was so thankful for all the good memories i had with her, from all the beach trips we took every year and to all the boating memories. She also was the best teacher ever and would help me with school (especially math) and push me harder each time to do better even when i had no motivation to do so. I will never forget the time we took bessie the boat out to go look for snakes and while doing so we got too close to a birds nest (in the reeds) and the bird flew at me and attacked me! We both definitely shared a laugh that day!
Always thinking of you ... miss you so much.
-charlie brown

Kim Cramer

October 22, 2020

My Mom was a very special person in my life. I could never thank her enough for all the wonderful things she did for me and my girls and all of the special memories that we have with her.

Our lives will go on but nothing will ever be the same. I know that when I am out on the beach, that you are somewhere out there with me.

I miss you so much. You will be forever in my heart until I see you again one day❤️

Lauren Niemiec

October 22, 2020

Our family was lucky to have Sally in our lives for the many years since she and LeeAnn founded their great friendship in the 80s!! What a dear, genuine and caring lady. We miss her very much. It will be an honor to celebrate and remember her with her family and loved ones this Saturday.
With love to her family,
Lauren (Masters), Brian, David and Molly Niemiec


October 21, 2020

Sally was a unique person. I could write a book about her but I think what (maybe) describes her best is her desire to listen. For sure she could talk up a storm but where most people want to talk about themselves Sally wanted to know about people. We could go in a store for a qt. of milk and by the time we got out she could tell you the life story of the cashier. Not long ago a guy came to her house to clean her sofa and she had me in tears telling me about his sad sad life. She cared so much about people unless she was driving and looking for an address. I was mortified as she drove 10 miles an hour with a long line of cars behind her. We called ourselves the Poinsettia sisters.....long story. I miss her. She was a special sister.



A little bit about Sally…Sally was born and raised in the Catonsville area and has one younger sister. She attended Seton High School and knew rather early on that she wanted to become a teacher. After high school she enrolled in University of Maryland, College Park where she earned a BA in Education. She taught in various schools around the Baltimore area for her entire career, realizing early on that she wanted to pursue a teaching path in special education. In order to pursue that, despite working full time and raising her 3 children as a single mom, she decided to enroll in Loyola College, taking night classes to pursue her Masters Degree in special education. Sally had a love of learning and valued the importance of education. Her passion was working with students with special educational needs. At one point in her career, Sally was asked to serve on the Baltimore County Board of Education, an offer made only to a very select few, but which would mean giving up her time in the classroom with her students. This was not who she was, though. Her talents and passion were in the classroom with her students. She declined this position and stuck to her passion. One word that comes up time and time again when talking to people about Sally is the word “unique”. She always maintained a very healthy outlook on life. Always choosing to focus on the positives and inspired others around her to do the same. She was interested in so many different things. Among them was the love of the outdoors which led her to travel to a number of interesting places, like traveling to the Galapagos Islands or to the Hawaiian Islands. Towards the end of her career and when she had more time to give, she devoted herself completely to her entire family and friends. She understood the importance of what family meant and it was important for her to create lasting memories. Sally had so many stand out qualities and if you knew her, you knew just how special of a person that she really was. She was a selfless person, always putting others first. Sally was mentally and spiritually strong - She was a true warrior who fought a long, courageous and graceful battle against cancer. Even on her worst days Sally refused to let her illness limit her and keep her down. That was not who she was. She remained to be a positive and grateful person, in spite of her condition. Sally was, if nothing else, a fighter. While she is no longer here with us, she will always be an incredible inspiration to us all!

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