William Richard Roell

February 10, 1952July 27, 2014

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William Richard Roell

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July 11, 2016

My condolences to David's wife and family. I have only just learnt the sad news. Today almost 2 years after David's passing, I thought of him and wondered how he was going. Then I went to my astrology group meeting and the speaker mentioned that he had died! Shock, I remembered he had heart problems.
I knew Dave way back in the late nineties, when he lived in Santa Fe. I will never forget his friendship, and how he applied his sharp mind to astrology. Rest in peace.

Lucy Zolonga

August 2, 2015

"It is better to fail in originality than to succeed in imitation." -- Herman Melville

I never met Dave in person, and only dared correspond a few times. (He always responded and always surprised me with his response.) I wasn't a close friend or colleague, but I dearly dearly loved his mind, his wit, his devotion to experimentation and bold speculation, and his bravery for taking unpopular positions. All, of course, couched in a brilliant mind, as you said, devoted to truth. Whether you agreed with him or not, you couldn't ignore him.

His death last summer, in a very tough season, was a terrible blow, a terrible loss for me -- for all of us who loved him and his work. I think I panicked at the thought of never having anything really radically interesting to read again in astrology.

It's my sincere hope that Dave's work will live on through the students and readers he influenced through his newsletter, emails, and phone chats. I know it will. An original spark, he's not easily forgotten. And should not be easily forgotten.

I know he left behind a young daughter, and to her I wish to say that there are indeed people like me who, even a year after his passing, still terribly miss his presence in our lives. Astrology was his art, it's obvious, and like many artists, their work appreciates in value long after they've passed. Dave gave us the artistry of his writing and his mind. He was completely generous with both. This is but one piece of his personal legacy I hope to pass on. I want you to know he made a life-changing difference in my life.

With gratitude and (still) sadness,

Lucy Zolonga


January 18, 2015

I just learned the sad news. I loved Dave's newsletter, and learned quite a lot from his articles and other publications. He did a chart reading for me a few years ago, and we had some interesting exchanges about it and various esoteric topics. I am grateful for his contributions to astrology; he will be deeply missed.

T. T. Fenner

January 2, 2015

I recently learned of Dave's passing and I am truly sorry to hear that he has left us. Dave helped astrologers in the only way that he knew how--which was from his own personal experience. He had some controversial and unpopular views and yet he censored nothing to his readers. I know that he helped others and I appreciate all of the help that he has given me over the years--great advice, suggestions and of course, great book recommendations as well as an outstanding newsletter. Thank you again, Dave--you will be missed!

al Martin

December 17, 2014

I too am sorry to hear of Dave's passing. I always looked forward to talking with him. And sometimes I was more interested in hearing his thoughts than on purchasing a book. I had great respect for his knowledge and his willingness to share that knowledge. While I did not agree with his political views, I respected the man and did not allow differing views to come between us. Rather I was always in sync with his appreciation of the astrological and the mystical. I mourn for his loss to his family, his friends and the astrological community. His life mattered in ways that even he did not know.

Jill Phillips

November 19, 2014

Thank you Dave. Your Newsletter was a regular inspiration and your e-mails were a joy. Nobody could fill that gap, but I hope and pray your bookshop finds the best way not just to survive but to flourish as you would wish it to. The world has lost somebody it needed very much and should have heeded much more. I send love to you as you go forward.

David Taylor

November 14, 2014

My condolences to Dave's family. I had business with him only over the last few years as a neophyte astrologer, but every phone call was an education and an excuse to talk to him personally instead of using the web. Astrology is today a richer science because of his huge contributions to it, and I hope his family will carry on his work in his memory realizing what a great being and Astrologer he indeed was.

Dawn Chuley

September 15, 2014

I am very saddened to learn of Dave's passing. I knew something was wrong when his newsletter, which I read faithfully every Monday morning, was not updated. I owe a lot to Dave. I got to know him in 1997 when he sold me, to this day, one of my favorite book-and-card set, Jamie Sams's Medicine Cards. It changed my life forever! My deepest sympathy to his wife and family. He was a very special man; his life force and brilliant-quirky perspectives and awesome intelligence will be greatly missed on planet Earth.

Audria Gehardt

August 14, 2014

Dear Dave's family...please except my deepest sympathy at Dave's passing. I never met Dave, but enjoyed his Monday astrology newsletter that was filled with much astrological wisdom. The astrological community has lost one of its lights.
Audria Gebhardt (St. Louis, MO)

Doug Jamieson

August 12, 2014

To David's wife and daughter, please accept my condolences. Such a shock to hear we have lost Dave. I read his news letters for several years, corresponded several times with him by email, and bought many books from him. He certainly had an incredible mind and a uniquely original way of seeing and explaining the universe. His weekly newsletters were the best I have ever read. I'm so sorry he is no longer physically present but his incredible spirit I am sure is walking with you, giving you love. Bless you and blessings to Dave. We were blessed to have known him. His books will continue to illuminate astrologers and free thinkers for many years to come.
Doug Jamieson, Auckland, New Zealand.