Grace Cushmore Terhune

September 25, 1918March 5, 2018

Grace Cushmore Terhune, residing in Dunnellon, FL died in Brandley House on March 5, 2018 lovingly attended by her daughter Sara Jane Terhune Stoops, her son and long time caregiver Craig Cushmore Terhune, her grandson Geoffrey Scott Sefert, son-in-law James Stoops and daughter-in-law Rose Marie Uzarsky.   ​​Grand-daughter M​argaret E. McGaughy and John McGaughy visited from Denver, CO. Grand-daughters Kendr​​a​ Terhune​​ ​Rodriguez (Albuquerque NM) and Wendy Sefert Harvey (Steamboat Springs CO), and grandson Peter D. Hedelund (Annapolis, MD), called to say I love you. Nephew David Francis Jorlett sent music, an original recording of his performance of Raise You Up on Angel Wings. Her room was filled with music, family chatter and photographs of family far away -- daughter Leanora Mead Terhune and Charles Arthur Seleen, David and Jean Cornelisse Jorlett, grand-daughter Leslie Hall Bronsveld and Eric Bronsveld, nephew Devon David Hasbrouck Jorlett and Abigail Carlson Jorlett, and great-grandsons Griffin Sefert Harvey and Sullivan Emmanuel Jorlett. Her great grand-daughter and namesake Grace Maria von Pape Sefert skyped in live from Germany, and great grandson Caspar Constantin von Pape Sefert jumped in to say hello to his Uroma. Every waking moment someone was holding her hand, and she slept peacefully through it all.

Grace Leanora Cushmore was born on September 25, 1918 in Riverdale, New Jersey. Her sister, and lifelong best friend Adele was born two years later. Grace graduated from Butler High School and St. Joseph's School of Nursing. She married her high school beau, Walter Scott Terhune III, in 1943. Walter graduated from Officer's Candidate School, and was based at Truax Field in Madison WI. For the next ten years, where Walter went, Grace went, with one, then two, then three children -- Nellis AFB in Nevada, Davis-Monthan AFB in Arizona, and Stewart AFB in Tennessee. Those years were enriching and adventuresome as the family explored state parks and monuments, historic sites, cultural festivals, and state fairs. Getting to know the land and people in the South and West of our country was an exciting education and the experience of a lifetime.

Walter’s home was West Milford NJ, and Grace's family of 5 moved to the Terhune family farm on Union Valley Road where 4th child Craig was born. Oh how exciting that was! A baby to love, hikes in the woods, picnics under the big shade trees in the backyard, a treehouse in the apple orchard, a barn with a hayloft, a dog named Lassie, picking strawberries on Aunt Olive’s hill, swimming in the mill pond, applesauce and apple pies and apple cider... But the idyllic country life had its downside. Grace was a city girl, now an experienced traveler, and life in rural NJ could be lonely. When Walter re-enlisted to fight in Korea, times were hard. But Grace was brave, and she never complained. Her sister Adele Lillian Cushmore Jorlett lived nearby, and family visited often --  mother and father, Helen and Reginald Cushmore (Drake coffee cake), grandfather Ira Mead (a railroad engineer), and Aunt Eleanor Ashworth (a school teacher who traveled the counyry in an RV). Church on Sunday, weekly trips to the library, Scout meetings, Aunt Jennie's rummage sale, Uncle Dave's beefsteak dinners, Memorial Day parades, and swimming at Little Beach, Pinecliff Lake, with Aunt Del. Grace’s children remember a happy, carefree childhood on the farm -- "young and easy under the apple boughs/ About the lilting house and happy as the grass was green."

When Walter returned from the Korean War, Jaguar Cleveland made him an offer he could not refuse. The farm was sold, and the family moved to Lake Lucerne in  Chagrin Falls, Ohio. Leaving the Jorletts was very hard, but eventually Grace made friends. Ginny Meyers, Maureen Sweeney, Pat Bush, Gerri Giles, Mary Gilmore, and Katie Flynn were a few who were special. Son, Walter Scott Terhune IV (Buzz) enlisted in the Army and went to Viet Nam. Daughters Leanora (Noni) and Sara Jane went off to college, and Grace finally put her R.N. degree to use after years as a stay-at-home mom. Grace and Adele's Aunt Mildred died and left them her home in Naples, FL. Adele's son Raymond James Jorlett was in the Navy and son David was in college. Jumping at this chance to be together, Grace and Adele (with husbands Walt and Dave) up and moved to Naples. Grace worked full-time as a visiting nurse, Walter started an airport transit service, and son Craig was a student at Naples High School. Grace did private duty nursing until well into her 70’s, and all her patients loved her. When she retired, she volunteered at Love's, a thrift shop affiliated with the hospital, and worked part -time with her sister at the Pro Shop of a local golf course where Dave (an avid golfer) had connections.

Although Grace's children and grand-children were far flung, Naples' sun and sea drew them like moths to a flame. Vacations with grandma and grandpa were wonderful. "Grandma is always fussing over us" Wendy and Geoff would say, with obvious pleasure.

Eventually Florida's West Coast got too crowded. Grace had a friend from nursing school who lived in North Central Florida where there were rolling greens, horse farms, rivers and springs, and a slower pace of life suited for retirement. Gypsy girls Grace and Adele convinced their husbands to go North, sold their homes and started life anew in Dunnellon. Time flew by... Del's husband Dave passed, then Walt, and Adele. Raymond passed after a long illness. Buzz was tragically killed trying to calm a crazed shooter near a children's playground in Port Inglis. Dear friends Pearl, Miriam, Marge, Mary, and Carol were a comfort, but the losses of family were unbearable for Grace and her joie de vivre and health dimmed.

Son Buzz and partner Rose moved to Inglis to be near Grace. They were a great support when Walter’s health failed. When his parents couldn’t stay alone, son Craig came home and cared for them, with great love and devotion. Sara and Jim tended to family affairs so they never had a worry. When she was 98, Grace said she never thought about being old, it just happened and she hardly noticed.

Home Hospice of Marion County teamed with Craig to provide Grace with expert home care in her final days. She could hang out her laundry, feed the wild critters, cook Sunday dinner, visit with neighbors and entertain family and friends. She watched the news twice a day, and she had her opinions. The family feels immense gratitude for care provided by Trudy, Tammy, Dr. Elliot, Rev. Warren, Lisa, Mary Ellen, Keisha, Mary, Becky, Dawn, and Rene. Friends Miriam, Carol, Mary, and Marge visited often, took Grace shopping, and shared the news of the day. They say it takes a village, and indeed it does.

We encourage everyone to add their memories of Mom, Aunt Grace, Grandma, Great-Grandma, Mother-in-law, Neighbor, and Friend. Grace's ashes will be interred in the family cemetery, along with those of her beloved son Buzz.

Sara, Craig, Lea, David, and Kendra

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Grace Cushmore Terhune

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Chuck Seleen

May 29, 2018

Grace raised four children and provided a great start for them to go out in the world. She kept up with the girls lives over the years and was proud of their accomplishments. Her boys stayed close to her and she loved to be with them. They all took care of each other.
All of the extended family will miss Grace but she has now joined Walter and Buzz. She is now at peace.

Jean Naylor

April 25, 2018

I will always think of Aunt Grace best as happily busy, beautiful with bouncy red hair, a giggle and a laugh. I remember the time your family lived in the cottage down the hill. Such a warm person, I loved helping Aunt Grace, although I did feel a little guilty watching my mom up the hill hanging out laundry while I was helping Grace. It didn't hurt that Grace would say "Bless your heart deary" to any offers to help!

She helped my mom sew my first wedding dress for the church's fashion show when I was what 5 or 6? Maybe she sewed the whole thing. We have a film I think you saw Noni of those days in the winter with your mom running energetically up and down the snowy hill to help you all sledding.

It sounds like she had as sweet a send-off as possible -- Good work Craig and Sara.

I am glad I got to visit her , all of you, in Dunellen back in 2004, so I could picture things as life went on. Some of my favorite memories from that visit were going to church , sitting with Grace between David and Lea out-singing each other; also the visit to Craig's home for a wonderful dinner with Walter and family; it feels in my memory that that was a house in the woods.

I am glad Grace, Walt and Buzz are pain free now and I picture them happy. Love to you all as life goes on..

David Jorlett

March 15, 2018

Of all the wonderful memories of growing up in West Milford with my beloved Aunt Grace, what stands out was the passionate way she always listened to my dreams and accomplishments from the musings of a 10 year old to the laughing and teasing that took place 3 weeks ago when I visit her in Florida. I will hold her in my heart forever.

Laurie Terhune Smith

March 15, 2018

Fond memories of playing with Noni on the homestead and when Aunt Grace piled all of us into the wooden station wagon to go to swimming lessons. Also I remember waking up at night and hearing my father using the hunt and peck method typing a letter to Uncle Walt while he was in the Korean Conflict. May Aunt Grace, Uncle Walt and Buzz all Rest in Peace Laurie