Ange Antonin Dicianni

January 21, 1935February 19, 2021

Ange Antonin Dicianni aka “Angelo”, age 86, of Kearny NJ passed away peacefully on Friday February 19, 2021 in Sarasota, Florida. Ange was born in Avignon, France on January 21st, 1935.

He lived in a small village in Provence named Barbentane, where three of his siblings and most of his family still live today. Ange was the second oldest child out of 5, he cared deeply for his siblings, and he was very playful. He enjoyed being outdoors and his favorite childhood games were soccer and hoop trundling, where he would compete with his friends and usually come out as the champion.

At the age of 12, Ange left school to become a baker to help his family, within a few years he was promoted to pastry chef. Ange’s favorite sport is soccer. He could always be found at home watching a soccer game, especially when the World Cup was playing. At age 18, Ange was in the French Military. He fought in the French Algerian war alongside his brother, Albin. He had many fond memories of his military comrades. After the war he went to America.

Ange’s love for America began at the age of 5 when the Germans invaded France. Around the 1940’s Ange noticed how the US Military helped his village. He fondly remembered an American soldier offering him and his sibling’s candy as he told them not to worry, that they were there to help.

Ange arrived in the US in 1959 and went to live in the city of Newark, NJ with his Italian uncle, Arturo. He and his uncle were great buddies. When Ange arrived in the US, Arturo helped him adjust to American life. Arturo gave him a place to live and helped him find his first job. A few months after arriving to the US Ange met the love of his life, Jeanette. He first met her sister, Divina, at the local park known as “Mosquito Park”. In 1961 Divina introduced him to Jeanette and he was smitten. The sisters enrolled at Lafayette Street school (in Newark) to learn English. As fate would have it, Ange went to learn English at the same school. (Ange actually learned how to speak 5 languages, French, Italian, English, Portuguese, and Spanish) They would also see each other at school parties and at the Portuguese Club dances. After a few months of parties and dancing, Jeanette became his girlfriend. Six months later they were married on November 17, 1962, at Our Lady of Fatima Church on Jefferson Street in Newark, NJ. They honeymooned in Miami Florida, and lived in Newark, NJ for the next 15 years.

Once married Ange opened a French Bakery for a year. His Uncle Arturo had offered him a position at NJ Bell (Verizon) so he took the job to better provide for his family. He worked at Verizon over 25 years then retired at 57 to care for his first grandchild, Laurence.

Throughout the years Ange continued baking birthday cakes, treats, and the famous Christmas Bouche de Noel for his family. At the age of 27 he was excited to become a father to his daughter Joyce. Twelve years later he received another surprise as his daughter Natasha was born on his birthday.

One of Ange’s biggest accomplishments was being a father and he considered himself lucky to have two beautiful daughters. His children, Joyce and Natasha loved their dad as he was always there for them through their ups and downs. In June of 1977 Ange bought his first home and moved his family to Kearny, NJ where he resided for the next 43 years. The home became a hub for family holidays, celebrations, and many fond memories.

Ange loved his family more than anything and everything he did was with his wife, children, and grandchildren in mind. Ange had a very strong bond with his grandson, Laurence. He took early retirement in December, 1992, to Care for Laurence when he was born. They were best friends and Ange participated in every sport, school activity, and special moment of Laurence’s life. He was proud to know of Laurences achievements and he would ask Laurence’s advice on just about everything! Ange spent six and a half happy years with his other favorite grandchild, Noel. She was his bright star, his little princess, and his helper. Noel would sing to her grandpa and pray for grandpa to be healed every day! Ange loved to be around Noel because she always made him smile.

Ange had a kind heart and was very loved by his two sister-in-law’s, Genny and Divina. He would be a great support to them after they lost their husbands, offering his home and running errands like food shopping or taking them to doctor appointments. Ange took his time to listen to them and when they needed a friend, he was always there.

Ange and Jeanette moved to Lakewood Ranch, Florida in October 2020. As they waited for their condo to be prepared, Ange enjoyed a month and a half of Florida fun before his illness worsened. He fulfilled his dream to move to Florida and savored exploring the beauty of the area. He spent his last month’s spending quality time with his granddaughter, his wife, and family. Ange left a legacy of love for family, he will live forever in our hearts.....Rest in Peace.


  • Jeanette Dicianni, Spouse
  • Ana Antoinette Dicianni (Baby lived for 24 hours), Daughter (deceased)
  • Joyce Fragoso (Octavio), Daughter
  • Natasha Winters (Keith), Daughter
  • Laurence Christian Schraiber, Grandson
  • Noel Iva Winters, Granddaughter
  • Albin Dicianni (Jocelyn), Brother
  • Christiane Dicianni, Sister
  • Madeleine Veray, Sister
  • Rosemarie Dicianni, Sister (deceased)
  • Divina Fernandez, Sister-in-law
  • Ange also leaves behind many nieces and nephews around the world in New Jersey, France, Brazil and Italy to forever cherish his memory.


  • Graveside Service

    Tuesday, February 23, 2021



Ange Antonin Dicianni

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Family Bin

February 28, 2021

Family Bin

February 28, 2021

23 febbraio 2021... Carissimo Angelo, x noi Lulù...... La tua partenza x incontrare il Signore Dio, ci ha lasciati tutti addolorati ed amareggiati! Noi abbiamo avuto la fortuna di conoscerti e di vivere qualche tempo con te, abbiamo imparato ad amarti ed a stimarti, indipendentemente dall'essere tuoi cugini. Per noi, tu sei stato un punto di riferimento che ci ha insegnato tante cose belle! La tua meravigliosa famiglia ed in particolare tua moglie Jeannette sono il risultato del tuo modo di essere padre e marito, uomo consapevole e disponibile. Ci è difficile pensare alla tua partenza, ma siamo convinti che tutto il "bene" che hai lasciato, col tuo comportamento rispettoso e disponibile, sarà un motivo in piu x ricordarti ed amarti x sempre!! Io e Mariuccia con le ns figlie siamo vicini a tutti voi con la mente e col cuore....coraggio.... LUI non smetterà di amarVi ed aiutarVi da lassù!!💝💝😘😘 IVANO, Mariuccia e famiglia

Daniella Bin

February 24, 2021

Angela Braga

February 23, 2021

Nunca lo olvidaremos Don Angelo. Nuestra familia está triste y hoy quisimos rendirle nuestro último homenaje pero la conección falló. De todas maneras vivirá siempre en nuestra memoria. Los momentos compartidos nunca se borraran y las anecdotas de nuestros barrio y los inconvenientes que juntos resolviamos, las tardes de verano y las largas charlas compartidas asi como el café y las masitas riquisimas de las mañanas de invierno cuando me cruzaba a coversar con ustedes. Un gran Señor, un vecino que tuvimos el honor de difrutar por largos años. Dios conforte a su familia. Dios le de descanso eterno.

Kim de Freitas

February 23, 2021

Kim de Freitas

February 23, 2021

Remembering all our family gatherings. I especially loved the times Tio Angelo would sing.

Isabel Clarke

February 23, 2021

Mr DiCianni,

The few times we have met, I met a sweet, docile and dedicated family man.
I know you will be a guardian angel to your wonderful family.
May you rest eternally in peace.

Isabel Clarke

Joyce Fragoso

February 23, 2021

Natasha Winters

February 23, 2021


Merci pour tout ce que tu as fait pour moi.
Tu étais un super papa, grand-père et ami. Je n'oublierai jamais notre temps ensemble et tous les conseils que vous m'avez donnés.

Papi, comment pourrais-je jamais fêter notre anniversaire sans toi ici avec moi? Je suis triste d'y penser.

Jusqu'à ce que nous nous revoyions un jour au ciel, je serai en paix pour savoir que vous êtes avec Jésus, notre Seigneur et sauveur.

I miss you daddy. Repose en paix.

Je t'aime...... toujours ta petite fille,

Natasha Winters

February 22, 2021