Anthony George Einhorn

September 8, 1970July 25, 2021
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Anthony George Einhorn, age 50, of Bradenton, Florida passed away on Sunday, July 25, 2021. Anthony was born September 8, 1970 in Union, New Jersey to Carol Ann August and George Edward Einhorn.

Anthony retired from the United States Army in 2002, he was awarded the following decorations, medals and badges: the Meritorious Service Medal, Army Commendation Medal, Army Achievement Medal, Army Good Conduct Medal, National Defense Service Medal, Southwest Asia Service Medal with three bronze service star (BSS), Kuwait Liberation Medal (Government of Kuwait), and the Kuwait Liberation Medal (Kingdom of Saudi Arabia). Anthony was also a champion wrestler, competing all over the world. He was a high school coach for a team in Karlsruhe, Germany, leading them to the top in may tournaments.

He married the love of his life, Lisa, on August 5, 1991 in Woodbridge, NJ. Anthony was a man of many talents. He was stationed overseas in Karlsruhe, Germany, attached to the 249th engineer battalion, where he volunterred to go to Desert Storm. He was then transferred stateside in Fort Rucker, Alabama. He went through school and performed several missions through Salvador and Panama. Anthony became a US Army recruiter where he was stationed in Athens, Georgia. Exceeding his missions, month after month, he earned several awards while on recruiting duty. Subsequently, Anthony got stationed at the Seebee Base in Gulfport, Mississippi where he taught all branches of the military construction curriculum as the Construction Supervising Instructor. At that point in time, Anthony medically retired in 2002 and always wanted to live the Florida dream. After retiring, he pursued a passion that he found love for during his time in the military, which was working on several projects with Habitat for Humanity. He was a part of many organizations and foundations that he whole-heartedly supported, including Christmas in April and many others.

Anthony "Big Poppi" always wanted to help everyone. He would do anything to help a friend. He loved being on the water, going fishing, jetskiing, catching a New York Yankee game and just spending time with family and friends. Nothing gave him more joy than seeing his Nino on the field playing college ball. Nino was his world. He was super proud of his family. We had many plans ahead of us. Our lives & hearts are empty without him here with us. We know he will be with us every second of every day. We now have a guardian angel to watch over us forever. I'll love you forever, my one true love.

Anthony is survived by his wife, Lisa Marie Einhorn; his son Anthony Michael Einhorn; his mother Carol Ann August; his brother Randy Einhorn (Krystal) and his sister Tammy Bandola.

Anthony was preceded in death by his father George Edward Einhorn.

He also leaves behind several nieces and nephews, as well as one grand-niece and one grand-nephew.

A visitation for Anthony will be held Thursday, July 29, 2021 from 2:00 PM to 4:00 PM at Robert Toale and Sons Funeral Home at Manasota Memorial Park, 1221 53rd Ave East, Bradenton, FL 34203, followed by a funeral mass at 4:00 PM.

In lieu of flowers, memorial contributions may be made to the DAV: Disabled American Veterans, P.O. Box 14301, Cincinnati, OH 45250 or the Brain Trauma Foundation, 228 Hamilton Ave, 3rd Floor Palo Alto, CA 94301.

Fond memories and expressions of sympathy may be shared at for the Einhorn family.


  • George Edward Einhorn, Father (deceased)
  • Carol Ann August, Mother
  • Lisa Marie Einhorn, Wife
  • Anthony Michael Einhorn, Son
  • Randy Einhorn (Krystal), Brother
  • Tammy Bandola, Sister
  • Anthony also leaves behind several nieces and nephews, as well as one grand-niece and one grand-nephew.


  • Visitation

    Thursday, July 29, 2021

  • Funeral Mass

    Thursday, July 29, 2021


Anthony George Einhorn

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Lisa Einhorn

November 25, 2021

Happy Thanksgiving My Sweet Baby...
1st Thanksgiving without you. As I try to prepare Thanksgiving dinner for me, Nino and Matt, I remember all the years of you and me cooking together in the kitchen. We always prepped the night before and had so much fun doing it together! You were always the best helper and you LOVED tasting the food as we cooked. God Ant, we had soooo many great years! I still cannot believe that you're gone! You'd be making a turkey sandwich later in the day with leftovers and you couldn't be happier! This is harder then anyone can imagine. You didn't deserve this to happen to you.
We miss you, we love you and we are so grateful that we got to have you. We wish it was longer and it should have been longer!
We'll love you forever my love...
Lisa and Nino

Lisa Einhorn

November 12, 2021

Happy Veteran's Day Sweetpea!
Well, first time in decades that I wasn't in the car with you driving from place to place to get meals offered to Veterans! You were planning this out a week in advance and you couldn't wait. I looked forward to it every year as well. This was another day to celebrate YOU and the sacrifices you made and the sacrifices made by every other Veteran In this country. Thank YOU for volunteering to go to desert storm babydoll. Thank you for fighting for our country and freedom. Thank YOU for your service. This was an extremely difficult day for me and our little man. For me personally, lots of memories running through my mind of all of our Veterans Day adventures. I hate EVERY second that your not with us. HATE IT. The ONLY thing that gets me through is our little man. Our friends are AMAZING support, but our little man is a piece of you. He's doing amazing things big poppi! Like REALLY amazing things and I KNOW your super proud. Please keep shining over him and protecting him. I love you and miss you. This doesn't seem right or fair for you to be taken from us. I ask God everyday and I don't understand. My anger increases, the pain increases because I just want answers. I love you to moon and back to infinity. You will ALWAYS be my world. Lee

Lisa Einhorn

October 26, 2021


Missing you so much! More than you know. Really wish you were here with me and little man! My gosh, you would be so sooooo proud!! Killin it!! I mean Killin it!!!!

Thinking about you every second! Can't get through the days without crying......I want our old life back.

Loving you to the moon and back babydoll.

Forever... you, me & Nino

Lisa Einhorn

October 18, 2021

Well, sweetpea came home for the weekend. We spent the weekend handling things we wanted to do for you. He's holding it together as much as he can, especially for me. We had some laughs and ofcourse many MANY tears.
Planning a trip and figuring out where we are going during Christmas holiday. We haven't decided but we have a few places in mind.
We went to dinner to one of YOUR favorite places, as always it was amazing and as ALWAYS we had leftovers!
Retail therapy at a few of our favorite stores, you would have felt like a kid in a candy store! You would have had the BEST time. It was great!
Nino is my ONLY world now and my ONLY priority baby. We certainly created an amazing family and had something very special.
Every second of every day wishing we could see you and have you physically here with us.
Loving you to the moon and back forever!

Lisa Einhorn

October 9, 2021

My Sweetheart,

Well, Nino and I moved into the rental. I'm not going to call it "home" because honestly, it doesn't feel like home without you baby. Unpacking your things, photos, all your desk things, 1000's of cards and letters from you over the years that I've saved, all the cards and letters you've saved from me,
pictures, shoes, clothes.... it was terrible to see. Your shadowbox, dog tags, Military Uniform, clothes we bought in Vegas that you never got to wear! Terrible, terrible, terrible! Terrible to not have you there by our side. Ofcourse all our friends showed up, as usual. We can always count on them. Never even need to ask, they just show up for us. Mom flew in to help as well. It's been overwhelming not having you with me.
Nino and I had dinner during all the madness of the move. He wanted to step away for him and I to talk. It was needed for us.
We talked about all the times the 3 of us had together and how he was so happy that our family was never like the families we had growing up. You and I had many conversations about it. We hate the fact that your not here. I literally can't get through 1 day without crying about you.
Everyone continues to tell me it gets easier with time, but for me, it's getting worse. Time will tell.
For now, I'm settled in the temporary. I'm loving you to the moon and back baby. Missing you every second of every single day. Everything I see, every song I hear, everything reminds me of you. Everything reminds me of us.
Hoping you can feel the huge hugs I'm sending you.
Keep sending the signs to me.
Love you

Lisa Einhorn

September 26, 2021

Well, yesterday was another exceptionally hard day! I finally took the boat out without my Captain in the chair. I gotta tell ya Ant, I didn't want to do it, been avoiding it, but I needed to run the boat. Lots of tears were shed but the sun was shining. I know you were proud of me. Ofcourse my competitive side would say, " I nailed it"!! You know I've boated my whole life. Went to Jewfish, no bottoming out... nothing. I did have VERY bad anxiety kick in on the way out... just started to go blank. I was really missing you Big Poppi!
When I was talking about getting signs from you, a HUGE Manatee swam directly to the boat. It swam right to me then it swam directly to the back of the boat and stayed there and came UP OUT OF THE WATER AND BLEW A RASPBERRY!!!! I swear that was you!!!! My babydoll!
You just have no idea how much I miss you every second. I had no idea how much we did together until you were gone for good. Truly my best friend. We really were inseparable. People can't duplicate what we had... never.
Watched Diaz get his ass beat! Your boy beat him baby! Yup! Sure did! Watched the fight with Jonathan. Diaz got beat and Ortega got beat! You would have loved it. Both great fights. Missing my UFC partner baby. Just hurts so bad.
Alright, I'm rambling. Loving you to the moon and back as always.


Lisa Einhorn

September 18, 2021


Your the only one missing in this photo with me and Nino. #Hometeam forever! Loving you always

Lisa Einhorn

September 18, 2021

Lisa Einhorn

September 18, 2021

Last night you would have had alot of fun! Boys came home to celebrate Matt's birthday. They didn't stay with me because John came also and you know we had the small place so, they stayed downtown.
We went to Mediterraneo, food was amazing as always. Matt hobbled in with his cane. Should be getting surgery on Thursday. Outside of that, boys represented and all looked amazing. I know you're proud. Matt and Anthony ordered their same old same old and I had them bring a dessert out for Matt. It was great.
Next stop.... Jack's! Jack Dustys that is... the rain had stopped so we were able to sit outside, take some photos and chat it up. Ofcourse you would have LOVED that conversation! Lol! I'm sure you were commenting from above and laughing and smiling. Then it was my time to leave the boys to meet Karen and Lisa at St. Armands. I got my orders from our little guy and was on my way. The rest of THEIR night was eventful as I'm sure you know. They had a great time and already made it back for football! Responsible!!
Anyways, your missed EVERY second of the day. Tears pour out for you EVERYDAY, the only time it's easier for me is when I see our Nino or when I'm around friends. It's good to be distracted. Other than that, I'm recluse and it's me and Coco. I love you to the moon and back! Infinity babydoll!

Lisa Einhorn

September 8, 2021


Well, sweetpea and I met at your favorite place, ordered your favorite foods and forced down dessert!
Lots of tears during dinner and stock trading ofcourse as we met during trading hours. Probably a bad idea as we were both distracted BUT you know my famous words, IT IS WHAT IT IS...
After market closed, we talked about you, school, plans etc. Both still not believing you weren't there with us. Your little man is fighting through daily! Really trying to push through. I don't think people really realize just how close the 3 of us really were? Through the disagreements, the banter back and forth and friendly competition, we were honestly inseparable! I know this is why it hurts so much. Anyways baby, another day survived. Today was for you. Loving you to the moon and back to infinity! Happy Birthday. Sending you the biggest and tightest hugs and biggest smooches!
Forever Yours, Lee