Jack Haines

November 18, 1948January 7, 2019
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Jack Haines was born on November 18, 1948 and passed away on January 7, 2019


  • Visitation Thursday, January 10, 2019
  • Funeral Mass Friday, January 11, 2019

Jack Haines

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Michele Mount

January 11, 2019

Jack, you were one-of-a-kind. Your sharp wit and sense of humor were second to none. One could not help but laugh when they were in your presence. I still vividly remember some of your pranks and one liners from my childhood. My mom and I will always cherish our lunch in October. I

Nancy - you are an amazing woman whom I will always consider a friend. Jack was lucky you chose him as your life partner.

Tracey - Wow. Your dad loved you so much. You were truly the apple of his eye. You, Chris, and Lianna brought him tremendous joy.

I take solace in that Jack and my dad are together again wreaking all sorts of havoc with their shenanigans. I'm sure they will torture Charley Barone for eternity!

John Adams

January 10, 2019

Sincerest condolences to Nancy and family. Jack was a great person and an even better friend. I will certainly miss our phone calls. Nothing but great memories.

Mark S. Corbo

January 10, 2019

Jack was a good human being. He was a funny fellow, but serious when he needed to be. I use to love sharing jokes with him and making him laugh.

He is one I will always remember at 570W.

My sincere condolences to his wife Nancy and his family

Mark S. Corbo

Anne Matrone

January 10, 2019

Jack was such a great guy to work with, to learn from, and just to be around in general. He had his own way of putting everything in perspective, and I learned so much from him early in my career at Merrill Lynch. I can remember the times we drove from West St. to Staten Island and have fond memories of our conversations. He always made me smile, especially when he called me "kid". It was also such fun to see him at the golf outings. Farewell to my favorite "squeaky wheel". May he rest in peace. Condolences to the family.

Chris Kirby

January 9, 2019

Jack was a special person. Funny, a tremendous friend and will be sorely missed. I know he is sitting down with Mike M. having a good laugh. I will miss you buddy!

Ozzie Merino

January 9, 2019

There are so many fond memories of the years we spent together, working the graveyard shift, back in the early days. There may have been no windows in that place but he sure had a way of bringing in the light. He made those years fly by, keeping us on our toes, pushing us to do better. He showed me early on, that life was not a bystander sport, to succeed you had to "grab a mitt and get in the game". Jack was a story teller, those stories were epic, but it's his story that I'll remember best.

Via con Dios, good buddy.

Tony Lotito

January 9, 2019

Jack and Golf:
- Teaching Jack to golf was more challenging than helping him with his investments. No patience, limited coordination, zero golf etiquette, and a complete misunderstanding of the game
- He would bet everyone he could putt the ball in faster backward and behind his legs. One time he actually got it in that way and said ‘SEE – now pay me’. He simply forgot the other 1000+ times he just knocked the ball around the green till he picked it up.
- Getting him to be quiet during the game was an exercise in futility – he would say ‘Lotito, why do I need to be quiet for you to hit a ball standing still on the ground, Mickey Mantle could hit a ball moving 100 MPH with 50 thousand people screaming! But you can’t hit a ball if someone whispers?’
- Then an amazing thing happened, he moves to Florida, plays golf a lot and he becomes GOOD at it, even knows when to shut up, where to stand, counts all his strokes, and knows all the rules. I couldn’t have been prouder the first time he hit the ball 200 yards down the fairway, gets on in regulation and 2-putts for a par. And he ended up shooting in the 80’s regularly…I had almost given up on him.
- Myrtle Beach and Jack- after going on golf trips for 20 years, Jack starts coming. 20 years I am going there and all I am is one of the many thousands of golfers, he goes once and on the second day we walk into a bar and 50 people yell ‘JACK!!’. On his SECOND day! He had that effect on everyone.
- One-time Joe Gallo asked if he could play in Jacks group and Jack responded with a classic quick wit line – ‘Sorry Joe we already have a 3-some’ – the infamous Joe Gallo story. The 3-some line would be used many, many times after that.
Jack - you changed the way we will all play and enjoy golf!!

Tony Lotito

January 9, 2019

Jack – you never needed any surname, you just knew who it was when the name was mentioned.

Jack was loved, loved by everyone who knew him. And Jack loved everyone back. He loved his family - his wife, daughter, grandson and granddaughter were so much in his heart and mind. He would talk for hours about them with such love, pride and admiration.

Jack had a way of handling crisis, leisure, confrontation, welcoming new employees – in the same manner – with common sense and humor. He had a quick wit which made everyone feel comfortable. You could always count on Jack to add humour to any situation.

Jack was one of trust, respect, and truly cared about people. The saying ‘he would give the shirt off his back’ depicted the way Jack went about his life. He truly would help anyone out, friend or foe – he had compassion that was unparalleled.
He really made a difference in so many lives.

I will miss my best Friend dearly - Jack, you taught me how to have fun and I will remember you every time I hear a joke, laugh, and enjoy life. All the best - Tony.