Joan DeCerio

December 3, 1942May 8, 2020

Joan A. DeCerio, age 77 of Cape Coral, FL born in Norristown, PA to the late Llewellyn Harris and Anna Ritrovato Harris.

Joan worked for Publix Corporation in various positions and part of her duties were as a “Loaned Executive” for the United Way of Lee County. She loved serving her community by volunteering her time mentoring at the Girls & Boys Club, helping at the Salvation Army, and giving her time to several other community agencies. She was also active in her church and went on mission trips both local and out of the country.

Joan was a very kind and loving person. She loved all babies, especially, her 3 grandchildren and her 3 great grandchildren.

Siblings; Carmella “Rossi” Cannon, sister (deceased), Rose “Rossi” Wadolny, sister (deceased), Frank “Chicco” Rossi, brother (deceased), Helen “Harris” Ostroski, sister.

Children; Anna Sweet, daughter, Douglas Sweet, son-in-law, Leonora DeCerio-Tandett, daughter, Philip Tandette, son-in-law.

Grandchildren; Erika & husband Brian Sharer, Andrew & wife Janette Buxton, Austin Sweet, (deceased), Samantha Sweet

Great Grandchildren; Luann, Jack, Patrick & Brianna Sharer, Wyatt Buxton

Our intentions are to celebrate Joan’s life on her birthday in December. If you have any photo’s or stories you would like to tell, you can scroll down to the bottom of this page and add a memory.


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Joan DeCerio

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Cheryl Kuhles

May 15, 2020

I remember when aunt Joan would come over and my mom would color her hair. My father would always leave and go to the bar to get away from them. Go figure. They would be laughing the whole time.

Aimee McLaughlin

May 13, 2020

Photo- My Aunt Joan loving on my children, Mikaila and Cooper. Thanks to Erika for finding it and passing it on to me, I’ll hold it close.

When I was a little girl, I loved going to see Aunt Joan at the Shop Rite- she was a checker there. She always made me laugh. She sometimes slid a few freebies through.

As an adult, I especially loved the way she gave my children her full attention when she talked to them in that special voice only she had. She was a fierce woman in all the ways. She could make you feel passionately. Her stories held you captivated. I’ll miss her very much.

Much Love,


PS ... I guess our 19 year battle over whether I like hard boil eggs in my potato salad is over. I may just add them now to make you happy Aunt Joan.

Donna Rossi-Donahue

May 13, 2020

I’m not blood related to Joan but her three older half siblings Carmella, Rose and Chicco were my cousins. Their father John was my father Rocco’s older brother and they lived in the house I grew up in with my grandparents in King of Prussia. Chicco was my Godfather. When Uncle John passed away, Aunt Anna married Lew Harris and my grandfather still kept them in his house with the three children. They eventually had two more children ,Joan and Helen. We always considered them our cousins too. Lost touch with Joan and Helen after Carmella, Rose and Chicco passed. Sorry to hear of Joan’s passing and I send you all our thoughts and prayers!!

Paula Reagan Stewart

May 13, 2020

PS. I had to edit my post down and by accident I removed the part where Joan welcomed me into her home and let me stay with her family. She and her daughters were amazing. I had felt vacuumed out and Joan put her arms around me in love and never made me feel like I was an imposition. She was the embodiment of the love of God.

Paula Reagan Stewart

May 12, 2020

When I was 17 my mother died of a heart attack and at 18, my father was dating his secretary and married her. My Father wanted me to move out and take my sister with me.
So, when it first happened, I had nowhere to go. I worked with Joan DeCerio, she was 29 & looked like a bouncy Sandra Dee. She had blonde hair, helped by a bottle – she would wink, an infectious smile, a sassy little figure that could have put her in a beach movie of that era. When she laughed it was like she had swallowed a rainbow & would color the whole room in magnificent colors as she chuckled.
The most memorable thing about her was her heart. She was a giving, loving, warm woman who was Christ-like in her manifestation of love. Yet, sometimes she was silly & teen-like in her approach to things. She could make anything fun or adventurous. Her home was always welcoming & her lovely daughters were the epitome of kids I would have wanted as my own. I was caught between their age and Joan’s age. So, I felt like Joan was my big sister & I was their big sister.
I lost contact with them & spent around the next 42 years trying to find them. My first challenge was looking during the precomputer years. After the advent of facebook, my next challenge was spelling DeCerio and hoping she still went by that name And one day, it was as if heaven nudged me to try again, I found Joan. I was beyond thrilled. I was able to speak with her & let her know how thankful I was for her life & for her helping hand. She said she remembered me and I hoped she did. I prayed for her, & told her over and over how special she was to me and how grateful I was. And I will remain grateful for Joan & her daughters forever and ever.

To stand near Joan was to get some of her glitter on me. To speak to her all those years later, was to sparkle in her life’s resume of goodness, belly laughs, & kindness.

I am forever grateful for Joan and to God for allowing me to find her before she journeyed home.

Sheree Scheler

May 12, 2020

Dear Leonora, Anna and the whole extended families:
I wanted you to know that your mom, when left alone once at my home, cleaned the kitchen and rearranged some things. :) Ha. It must be her signature thing.
Apparently it must run a little bit in the family. (have you noticed it yet in yourself, or in one of your kids?) Sometimes I would do that to Aunt Carmella when I visited and she left for a short period.
Your mom did tell me she doesn't like to sit still. She was funny and I loved the laugh. Aunt Joan, (A.J) will be missed.
Love you all...
Sheree, Rick, and my whole gang.

Kathy Scott

May 12, 2020

Sisters... Together always.