Jesus J. Morales

December 4, 1945May 10, 2018
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Jesus J. Morales was born on December 4, 1945 and passed away on May 10, 2018


  • Visitation Sunday, May 13, 2018
  • Mass of Christian Burial Saturday, May 19, 2018

Jesus J. Morales

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Nora Morales

June 25, 2018

Kuya Jess was a very kind brother-in-law. He was very generous, loving, sweet and caring. He kept a jolly company. At times when things weren't turn out as expected, he would make jokes, thus making us laugh and ultimately making us feel better about everything.
We enjoyed our get-together times with him. How we wish there were more! Sometimes we could not go to his invitations due to work schedule. Now, we wish we just went. I kept telling him that when we retire like most of them, we would be available any day, any time! It's too bad that we don't have that chance anymore.
One of the fun times we had was when they used to live in San Jose. He would invite us to go to the Flea market near their house. Not only did he drop us off and pick us up at the market, there was dinner waiting for us at their home, also, (Thanks to Ate Cora, too!) Then he would say: "who can beat that?"
We miss you and we love you, Kuya Jess! Thanks for the favors you did for us! You know what they were!

Teresita Valerio

June 15, 2018

Jesus,Jessie,Jess,Kong Jessie,Kuya Jessie,Uncle Jess,Tito Jess,Papa,Dad,Grandpa...You said you were a simple man. You preferred simple clothes,wore your favorite casio watch,flip flops,tennis shoes and white undershirts cold or warm. But take note-shades,sunglasses,dark glasses. But one day,you just didn't need the dark glasses. Why,why did you have to do it your way? I was in my teens when you snd ate Cora fell in love I didn't know then what love was. I just saw you pass by our cubao home garage and ride your small white office car. Then ypu became my brother in law. And I became an auntie. Your Pasig home still fresh in my mind. Just after people power,you left with family to US,and it was just pictures and phone calls that kept us together with nanay,tatay and estrada's/valerio's. It was in Eastwood in 2005 that put back all the magic. Your eagerness for pinas heat,culture and food made you come back time and again. "Basta Tere,yung talbos camote ko hah. Mahal kasi sa America 5dollars ,pati matigas na tangkay kinakain ko tuloy. Hahaha. At i ready mo ice cold beer. A few years later he said he was already a wine connoisseur!Upgrade! Anyway you said,"Alam mo mahiyain ako." Hah? Then how did it happen that you were so liked and loved?If you had FB and IG, you would have ha a million followers! Pls explain. Well, here it is. It's because of your down to earth disposition. You are loved by your wife,family,coworkers,nieces,nephews,in laws,siblings,just everyone. Btw you are techie in heaven. You once told me only the poor in spirit shall enter the gates of heaven. Apparently you are rich in heaven with gadgets!And oh yes simpatico ka naman . With perfect abs. So be good boy in heaven. Behave. Be the angel to your Corazon and the 4 Jo's. Shower them with all the strength in moving forward. So Jess, we will remember you as you were liked and loved. Hasta la vista!

Jun Jun and Terry Ednacot

June 15, 2018

Uncle Jessie lights up the room with his infectious smile and humor. Whenever we see him interacting with family, he's either done telling a joke or about to give one. It's like he knows something good is about to happen and the rest of us are trying to find out. Something good did happen...Uncle Jessie was in our lives.

Linda Nakaji

June 13, 2018

Jess was a wonderful active member of our community. He helped us with the neighborhood watch effort. We appreciate his taking the time to help. We will all miss him.

Dodie and Belle Estrada

May 12, 2018

Jess will be sorely missed. Everyone loved Jess, for many reasons, and rightfully so. He was caring, very generous and a genuinely happy person.

Let me just write a few of the many fond memories I have of Jess.

US Visits: Based in the Philippines, Belle and I were fortunate enough to visit Jess and Cora in their home in San Jose and then in Brentwood several times. Arriving in their house after a long flight was something we looked forward to. It always excited us because it was like we were checking in to a 5-star hotel. Our room was neatly prepared, had fresh beddings, personalized towels on top of the bed, midnight snacks carefully stacked on the side table, bottled water and our favorite chocolates in the room fridge, and the coffee maker ready anytime. In short, everything we needed was there.

Shopping in Costco: Jess and I simply loved to eat the cheap hotdogs in Costco. So we often shopped there. The best thing was that, whenever we picked items for ourselves, without hesitation, Jess pays for it. Always.

On “bilins”: Jess was the original If we wanted anything in the states, we just emailed Jess and it will arrive on their next trip to the Philippines. Even better than Amazon cuz we don’t get billed.

Jess loved the Philippines: We all know that Jess and Cora wanted to retire in the Philippines. They bought their Eastwood condo to prepare for that future. But they kept on postponing their permanent transfer here in the Philippines because of their love for Joji and John, and most especially Joshua and Jordan. How we wish Jess lived longer to realize this dream.

Tricia Valerio

May 12, 2018

Papa Jess' food for the 💜

1. Me: would open first things first his emails in the office for almost 2 dekadas

My office mates: trishy, relax, have coffee (coz I was so seriously replying to papa J in his lingo)

2. Me: papa jess, wala na naman ako work..

Papa Jess: haaaaay, ayaw mo na sa kanila!

3. Me: Mali na naman ba ako papa jess?

Papa jess: Mali sha and Mali ka rin, sooo, IKaw ang may point.

4. Me: I only use my macs and bobbi browns on special meetings

Papa jess: haaaay, gamit in mo na ng gamit in at Baka mag expire, Hindi habang may buhay ang makeups

5. Me: papa jess, nagkamali ako ng pag email, I sent a database to a wrong person!

Papa jess: aaaaay, pareho pala tayo e, finifigure out ko now pano matanggal ang bukol ni Joswa kase pickupin na ni Joji mamaya