Luis F. Aguila

June 22, 1920June 21, 2012

“Give me a problem and I’ll hand you a solution.” Those who knew Luis F. Aguila would agree that motto accurately described him. Luis was a man of great drive and a very original, independent thinker. For Luis, no challenge was impossible, and just about any desired result was within his grasp. Luis placed great trust in his intuition. Since that intuition generally led him in the right direction, who was he to doubt it.

He was the son of Maria Aguila and Fernando Fernandez. His childhood found him in Mexico where he matured into the independent person he eventually became.

Luis grew up with two siblings. He had Teresa and Fernando Fernandez. Luis could be seen as being stubborn by his siblings. It was important to him that he was perceived as “right” when it came to his part in those typical family spats. However, this quality did not over power his caring for his family. This ability to balance his family, with his need to be seen as right, helped him to develop into a young adult while enjoying many good times with his family.

Luis was loyal to his friends. He found that he was most in tune with people who had similar interests and thought about things much the way that he did. Luis sometimes had a tendency to be critical in his friendships but he was more interested in finding out what was right in a situation rather than in being mean toward others. He never intentionally set out to hurt any of his friends. Luis was a person who challenged others to fend for themselves and to be original in their thinking and evaluation of the outside world. While growing up, some of his best friends were Jose and Emanuel.

Polin's sensitivity to Luis's needs proved to be a wonderful influence on this man, who preferred to live in his “gut.” Polin's influence brought Luis to a new emotional level, one that eventually enhanced all of his other gifts and abilities. Polin was able to help Luis appreciate the fact that others made contributions and Luis became better at interacting with those around him. Because of this, Luis grew as a person.

Luis often neglected his own feelings in order to give to others. This was very true when it came to how he dealt with his children. He was able to hand on to each child a number of strong values. He taught them to appreciate their abilities, gave them a desire to persevere despite obstacles and set within them a drive to succeed. He had seven children, Maria, Ramon, Arturo, Manuel, Marina, Josefina and Socorro. They were always aware of how much Luis loved them.

During Luis's professional working years, he was at his best when working independently. It became the hallmark of his performance. Luis was generally able to refocus his drive and determination and readily work toward finding a way to get things done that was beneficial to himself and his co-workers. His primary occupation was construction worker.

For Luis, his outside interests and hobbies became another exercise in learning and mastering areas that interested him. He greatly enjoyed unraveling the "hows" and "whys" that lay behind his hobbies. Luis was always pushing himself to learn more and to stretch his knowledge base even further. He firmly believed that the more things that he knew the more control he would have over things. His favorite pursuits were fixing electronics.

Luis was a lover of animals and cherished his pets. One of Luis's favorites was Pancho, a dog. They were best friends for 9 years.

When Luis's retirement finally came in 1974, he was ready. He worked out many of the details in advance so that he could enjoy the time and not have to worry. His new life involved relocating to San Diego.

Luis F. Aguila passed away on June 21, 2012 at home in San Diego, California. Natural causes. He is survived by 7 children, 10 grandchildren and 12 great-grandchildren. Services were held at Funeraria Del Angel Humphrey. Luis was laid to rest in Greenwood Cemetery.

Luis F. Aguila was always drawn to what was measurable, practical and factual. He was a very competent person who expected competence from others. He could be headstrong and certain about the way things were supposed to be. He was determined in every aspect of his life and certain that he was usually right about things. He trusted his intuition over all else, even if it opposed the popular belief, and he had faith in his inner vision and speculations. He wanted to be acknowledged by others as having made a contribution to whatever he was working on. His family and friends will miss his fierce determination, relentless innovations and analytic mind. He leaves with all those who knew him many wonderful memories.


  • Visitation/Memorial Service Friday, June 29, 2012

Luis F. Aguila

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June 29, 2012

Lamento mucho su perdida. Como estudiante de la Biblia e aprendido que nuestro Amoroso Dios nos da esperanza y consuelo mediante su palabra. En Revelacion (Apocalipsis) 21:4 nos consuela asi " Limpiara tda lagrima de sus ojos y la muerte no sera mas, ni existira ya mas lamento ni clamor ni dolor. las cosas anteriores han pasado."

Elizabeth Gonzalez

June 29, 2012

There are no words to express how truly sorry we are for your loss. We hope that you find solace in the wonderful memories you have with your loved ones and cherish the time you have with each other. From our family to yours-our deepest condolences.
-On behalf of the Gonzalez Family

David Koenig

June 27, 2012

I enjoyed the time's of my grandpa, he was the strongest man I've ever known. Also I'm thankful he lived along life, and the reason I'm here. My greatest memories are driving grandpa around to get his electronic thing's to fix all kinds of electronic's. His 80th birthday was really special, he had a great time and all the family was there. God bless, you'll be missed by all of us. May you finally rest in peace with the angels.

Coco Gonzalez

June 27, 2012

I have great memories of my grandfather.One of the best memory is when I had a opportunity to go to Tecolotlan Jalisco Mexico and he showed me where he grew up and told me about all his old memories that he had with his friend Jose that i actually got to meet. It was nice to see a little bit of my family history.