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Rachel Berger-Montgomery

October 22, 1968April 7, 2021

Rachel Berger Montgomery, wife of Craig Montgomery and mother of Angel Berger of Concord, NH passed away, suddenly but very peacefully, in her sleep on April 7, 2021.

In addition to Angel and Craig, Rachel is survived by her mother, Bonnie Berger of Bridgewater, NJ; her siblings Jeremy Berger and Deb Geiger; her step-children Spencer Montgomery and Kaitlyn Goumas; and her many friends, students, and extended family too numerous to list. She was predeceased by her father, Larry Berger.

Rachel was a beautiful soul, and her absence has shifted not only her family's world but the world of everyone who knew her, and she left us all too soon.

Rachel, his lovely wife. “You are a once-in-a-lifetime kind of woman,” was included in Craig’s wedding vows and that helps sum up their love. Their relationship one for the millennia and she will be loved and missed by her husband.

Rachel chose to be the teacher that she always wanted, and she was. Her superpower was that she saw her students for who they could be, and she never, not once, gave up on any of them. She worked tirelessly to help them understand and gain confidence in her English class as well as survive high school and become good humans.

Rachel was a fierce friend who listened, loved, and supported them with care, grace, and a generosity of spirit that endeared her to all of them. She filled their lives with love and laughter and always made time for them.

Two of the things everyone will miss the most about Rachel are her voice and her laugh. If you couldn’t see her, you could always hear her: in the hallways at school, in her home, really anywhere she was. She grew up in New Jersey, and that accent would come out in full force when she talked to her mom, sister, or brother. Her laughter made everyone around her laugh too, and the world will be far less humorous without her here to find it and point it out.

Rachel was never short on stories and rarely without words and what she couldn't say with words she was able to express with her art. She painted amazing murals, taught herself how to flow paint and resin, and filled the walls of her home with beautiful artwork.

Rachel loved the river, all raptors, owls, herons, blue jays, cardinals, and most of all her chickens, cats, dogs, and other pets. She found comfort in nature, especially at the Merrimack River where she watched the herons. She was devoted to the Jewish faith and

Rachel will be forever 39, a loving wife and friend, and most of all a mother who completely changed her plans to give Angel a good life (which she did), and a strong, amazing, powerful woman who has left a mark on this world and a legacy through Angel, and her students, and Craig, and all people lucky enough to know her.


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Rachel Berger-Montgomery

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Christine Laetz (Battye)

April 14, 2021

Rachel...I didn’t work with you for very long but you were one of the PA crew that I remember well... sitting on the floor in the office patting Lola. You can take good care of her now. My favorite memory of you was during the (forgetting the name) spring competition and we were talking about where to direct the students to sit... red and green was on one side of the gym, blue and white was on the other. Your reply was “Christmas, Christmas, Hanukkah, it!”

Molly McCrum

April 13, 2021

Rachel, I am really struggling to understand how *you,* a person with such a bright light and beautiful soul has left this world forever. Thank you for always being so kind to me and my girls and for always making me laugh with your silly wit and one of a kind voice. The PA first floor will never be the same again. I hope that you passed peacefully and happily onto whatever lies ahead. I know that you are with your beloved father now and that Angel, who was always your earthside angel, now has you forever watching over her. Thank you for poking your head into my room the day before you passed to tell me that you loved my Easter photos of the family and that it looked like we had a great day. That was our last conversation and I will always remember it and cherish it. I am really really going to miss you, Rachel. I am keeping Angel, Craig, and all of your family in my prayers. Rest in peace.

Reilly Sheehan

April 12, 2021

Rachel's light and positive energy radiated throughout the halls every day at PA. I will fondly remember sharing prep periods with her in the teacher's workroom or seeing her in the hallways. She always had a way of making you feel better about your day. She brought so much laughter to the English/World Language part of the building on a daily basis, and I will never forget the kindness and generosity she had for me from day 1. Things will certainly be odd without being greeted by "Reillyyyy Jeannn" every day in the workroom (not my real middle name - but the one she gave me and said I should change it to in her very Rachel way). I'm certain her impact on this school and her students will be long remembered. My thoughts and deepest condolences are with her daughter and husband.

Danielle French

April 12, 2021

Your laugh and smile were contagious. Your warmth and kindness radiated through you. It was a joy and pleasure to know and work with you. You will be missed more than you will ever know. Rest easy, Rachel <3

Julie Heon

April 12, 2021

It was my privilege to know Rachel and support her calling of being a teacher. It is sad that more students will not benefit from her knowledge, kindness, and caring. She passed far too soon.
My thoughts and prayers for her family, friends, and colleagues. I hope there can be a PA memorial.

Danielle Gelinas

April 12, 2021

My family and I lived next door to Rachel and Angel for a little over a year. She was that friendly neighbor that became a friend almost instantly. We would both be out on our front door steps just chatting away and discussing our days or our frustration of our days. I will always remember your beautiful smile and your uplifting spirit. Angel and Craigue, and the rest of Rachel’s family, I’m so very sorry for your loss, You are all in our thoughts and prayers .

olivia miller

April 12, 2021

I walked into senior year with the hopes of giving up and dropping out. about a week in i was introduced fully to Ms. Berger, before hand i had only known her as the teacher who always said hi as i passed and was always in such happy spirits. I never was good with english but she made me love it. she made class fun and she pushed me to stay motivated. I was so lost and she brought me into the light that i was longing for that year. Highschool was rough and people weren’t always the nicest but she was always there for me when i needed her to be and she always was ready to help me get passed my bumps. truly one of the most nicest souls i have ever gotten to interact with. I am so glad i dropped my journalism class for her block 4 because i don’t know where i would be without her. my thoughts are with her family. <3

Karen Steele

April 12, 2021

When I heard the news, I was shocked. I can't believe it, I had plans this year to stop by her classroom to say, "Hey, remember one of your students from advisory class exactly 10 years ago this year?" I was just waiting for covid to end a bit more but that was my plan this year. I remember when I first met Ms. Berger, I didn't know she was gonna be my teacher that day when I first met her nor did she. She saw me that morning on freshmen orientation day sitting at a table all alone in the Café. My mom was a crossing guard so she couldn't stay with me and I didn't exactly have friends or a cell phone (yet) and that morning I didn't even want to go to school, being bullied and having to go to high school scared me. She walked over to my table and said to me, "Can I sit with you? I promise I don't bite" and she laughed. I smiled then laughed and said, "Sure and I believe you I think." She told me her name and I told her mine and we were making jokes and laughing. Just her sitting with me, she made my fears of high school being worst than any other place go away. Later that day, I found out she was my teacher for Advisory and English. Those were the best 4 years of having her as a advisory teacher ever. She was so cool, smart, kind, funny, energetic, so bubbly and she loved talking about her daughter. I remember I'd see her show pictures on her phone of her daughter and talking about her during advisory. She was a proud mother as well as an incredible teacher. I am sad to hear that she has gone away so soon and I will miss her. I am truly thankful that I got to meet her too. I offer her family my sincere condolences.

Vjekoslava Jokic

April 11, 2021

Angel and Craig I am so saddened for your loss. My deepest condolences to your family. Rachel was wonderful lady. I remember when she brought you Angel as young girl to our condo meetings. She will be missed for sure. Veki with family.

Catherine Coconis

April 11, 2021

It’s so difficult to believe you, your smile and laughter are gone. I haven’t said Rachel yet for a reason. In her characteristically entertaining way, Rachel found amusement by taking my last name “Coconis” and calling me “Cocoooooonis” in a long drawn out way. This led to me calling her “Berrrrrgerrrrrr”. Inevitably bringing on that burst of laughter in the halls of PA. I saw Berger help students with attention in her caring, patient way, dedicated to their success.
Angel, your mom talked about you all the time. I am so very sorry for your loss. Craig, I can’t tell you how her eyes lit up knowing you had a future together. My deepest sympathy to the family, loved ones and friends. Take care of her animals. Rest In Peace Berger.