Brad Caudle

December 16, 1966October 12, 2021
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Bradley A. Caudle—a teacher to millions, consummate performer, and a friend to all—died October 12, 2021, due to complications of COVID-19 even though he was fully vaccinated. He was surrounded by his wife, brother, and sisters-in-law. He was 54.

Born December 16, 1966, in Pampa, Texas to Burl and Janie Caudle, Brad was a musician from an early age to the end of his life. He used his music to propose to his high school sweetheart, Melissa Caudle, to build a highly successful company, and to entertain many people in all kinds of venues.

He graduated from Amarillo High School in 1985, and he graduated magna cum laude with a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering from Texas A&M University in 1989. He briefly worked at Compaq Computer Corporation, before he left to work full-time developing educational products for Rock ‘N Learn, a company he formed and co-owned with his brother, Richard.

He belonged to several bands throughout his life starting with Praise Unlimited at age 12. His musical tastes of bands to perform with were vast: a jam band called Natives are Restless, a quirky hard rock band, Moonman, a red dirt country band, Matt Rawls and Counterfeit, tribute bands: Black Dog, VHT, and his all-time favorite: Subdivided. Brad was proficient at lead vocals, guitar, bass, and keyboards, among other instruments.

Brad made friends wherever he went, put a smile on people’s faces and was always ready to help where it was needed. Teachers at Patterson Elementary School where he substituted and tutored were amazed at his ability to connect with the kids and keep their attention. He was a gifted performer no matter what the venue, even the classroom. Many called him a genius, and loved him for his wit and ability to make people laugh.

He is preceded in death by his father, Alan Burl Caudle. His memory will be cherished and kept alive by his adoring eternal wife, Melissa Caudle, his mother, Janie Caudle, his brother Richard Caudle, his sister-in-law, Kathie Caudle, his sister, BJ Welch, and his brother-in-law, David Welch.

A celebration of life for Brad will be held Saturday, October 23, 2021 at 2:00 PM at Metcalf Funeral Directors, 1801 E White Oak Terrace, Conroe, Texas.

In lieu of flowers, please consider a donation in his honor to the Montgomery County Food Bank.

Fond memories and expressions of sympathy may be shared with the Caudle family by clicking the "Add a Memory" tab.


  • Alan Burl Caudle, Father (deceased)
  • Melissa Caudle, Loving Wife
  • Janie Caudle, Mother
  • Richard Caudle, Brother
  • Kathie Caudle, Sister-in-law
  • BJ Welch, Sister
  • David Welch, Brother-in-law
  • Other family members and a host of friends are also left to treasure his memory.


  • Celebration of Life

    Saturday, October 23, 2021



Brad Caudle

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DeGrood Raquel

October 26, 2021

Brad was always a shy guy when I knew him. I always knew he was in love with you. Y'all have had such a beautiful life together. So sorry it has ended way too soon. Hope we can still be friends on Facebook and such. I feel like I know you after watching the amazing video. Wish I could have shared some of that time with y'all. Your friend hopefully. Prayers are with you and all........rocky. Raquel.

Lindsey Detrick

October 26, 2021

When Austin and I started dating he told me he couldn’t wait for me to meet his Uncle Brad, the Rockstar with long hair. I will forever associate Brad with laughter, uncontrollable at times! I remember our Six Flags trip like it was yesterday and the time he tried so hard to convince the people next in line for the Superman that I had peed my pants and to not sit in my seat! Such a jokester! What I love most about Brad are the laughs he got out of my husband. True joy! His larger than life personality will be missed, terribly!

Claire T

October 25, 2021

Uncle Brad is the best uncle that ever lived. I am going to miss him so very much and all of the fun and amazing memories we shared for uncountable years. One of those fun and amazing memories was when we were all eating Bahamas bucks and we all had a really bad sugar rush and he called one of his friends saying that we were all crazy. Another time he was telling us the story of eight tiny reindeer on Christmas Eve. It was so much fun just getting to listen to him tell his funny story. Whenever he would tell any story it always ended with such a funny ending and always had our sides aching with laughter. We shared so many good memories together. I will miss those fun times we had together. I know that even now he is always watching over us in a place where there is no darkness and no sickness. Also a place where there is a brand new sunrise every morning that bring a day filled with joy. The amazing stories we shared together will live on forever in our hearts. I will always miss my dearest Uncle Brad and what a amazing person and uncle he was. I know that so many others will miss him and all the fun they shared with him.

Rachel T

October 25, 2021

I remember when we were going to the lake last year and it was thundering and lightning and I was terrified because I hate rain and thunder in the dark. But Uncle Brad held my hand and told me it would be ok… I was crying my heart out and he hugged me and comforted me. I felt safe and he told me silly stories so I wasn’t scared. He was great at telling stories. I remember one Christmas Eve we were hyper before bedtime . Kylee was bouncing off the walls, while Claire and I jumped on the bed. Uncle Brad came in he told us to “gather round”. We snuggled under the covers as he cleared his throat. Then he told us the “ping pong ball story”. It was about a boy that kept asking his dad for ping pong balls and his dad wondered what he did with them. As his dad was getting 1,000 ping pong balls for his son, he got into a car accident. Before he died he asked his son what they were for , but he didn’t hear the answer. This always annoyed us because we never found out why he wanted so many ping pong balls. But in the end it was all a trick to get us to calm down. He was the best at making us laugh. I can vividly remember when we went to the ocean. We would splash around and he would swim off. We would try to catch him but we couldn’t! He soon drifted to us to where we almost got him! He was a very fast swimmer. I also recall a Christmas when we were opening presents. And guess what he got us three nieces ? A “make your own unicorn pillow kit.” And you better believe we spent all of Christmas Day sewing and sewing those pillows . Our moms and Missy helped us with them and Uncle Brad was our “moral support.” In the end they were very cute. I will always remember that Christmas. My heart is now empty, for there is a place missing for him. He won’t get to come to my graduation or my wedding but he gave me something that will last much longer: a never-ending love for his family.

Richard Caudle

October 24, 2021

As Brad’s older brother by 10 years, I really enjoyed watching him grow up. He was always so intelligent, creative, sensitive, and caring. As he matured, his sense of humor began to take off. He could and would often make me laugh until the tears rolled down. I have lots of funny friends, but Brad was the absolute best at that. No adult has a “magical child” inside more magical than Brad’s. Together, we could get creative and silly. We understood one another. One of my fondest memories is the time he brought Melissa over to meet my parents. (I think this was the first time.) I happened to be there. They had not been dating long, but I could see the look in his eyes. Here was a girl who was cute, kind, and had an infectious laugh. I thought to myself, “I really hope they keep dating because Brad may have keeper.” Nothing could have been more true, and I grew to love Missy as a sister. She worked with us at Rock ’N Learn and was such a talented and creative writer, being the lead writer for most of our scripts. Both of our wives were very involved in the business, though Kathie more on the marketing side. Yes I’m sad, heartbroken, and still in disbelief. But Brad would be so distraught to know his death was causing anyone pain. These last few weeks have been a roller coster. Things would switch from very hopeful to very bad and then repeat the cycle. I remember one day getting a call from Brad from the hospital. I told him, “I’ve been so worried about you.” He replied, “I’m sorry.” We can’t just turn off our grief and I’m not going to spout all of the “time heals” cliches, but we will try very hard to find the kinds of fun adventures and contributions to others that characterized Brad’s amazing life in whatever amount of life each of us has remaining. Love you Brad! Love you Missy!

Jana Detrick

October 24, 2021

Brad was always the one in our family that pushed the limits and us too! I remember the time our family went to Schlitterbahn and he pushed us to ride the water roller coaster which was out of this world!!! A little later in the day, he pointed to the Skycoaster and said, “I’ll pay if you’ll play.” I looked up at that swing and started shaking in my shoes! I couldn’t let him get the best of me so I said, “Ok.” I then started wondering what in the world I had done! As they were harnessing us up and pulling us to the top, all I wanted to do was get out of there. Then they let the swing go and I screamed bloody murder the whole time, but it was the most exhilarating experience I had ever had! When we got down, I had little spots all over my face where blood vessels had broken! Brad said, “Well, what did you think?” I told him I was very glad he had pushed me to do something I would have never done on my own. He was like that, full of life and fun everywhere we went. He will be greatly missed.

Andrea and Kent Krumes

October 23, 2021

To our dear neighbor,

Our best memory of Brad was our very first time meeting him. Both Kent and I were looking for a new home in Grand Central Park, and we fell in love with the home next door to Brad and Melissa. As soon as we walked outside after deciding on the home, there was Brad with no shoes on, long hair, and the biggest smile on his face. He greeted us with such kindness, and the last thing thing he said to us when we were leaving the home that day was “Welcome to Texas Ya’ll, YEEEEEHAAAAAWWW!!!!” We knew from that point on we would have awesome neighbors. Both Brad and Melissa always would wave and say hello, and Brads infectious smile would bring us warmth and happiness every time we saw him. Brad would always let us borrow his ladders, like a true neighbor was always willing to help. We will greatly miss seeing his waves and him saying howdy neighbors. It was such a privilege to see his light bright shine within the neighborhood, he was a true ray of happiness and will be forever missed. With love and hugs, Kent and Andrea Krumes

Jenna Garcia

October 23, 2021

Where ever Brad was, there was laughter. I remember so may nights he would come to pick Missy up from Solange practice, and laughter always followed him. I will always remember this.

Milton Lance

October 23, 2021

Thinking about this more, I do have a favorite memory that stands out.

“Heartbreaker…Lance Shaner…Heartbreaker….Heart!”

Made me laugh every single time.

Anthony Eaton

October 23, 2021

There are far too many memories to pick just one. They are all my favorites. Brad and I shared so many good times on and off stage. Nailing a part of a Rush song, playing to crowds big and small, enjoying an awesome cup of coffee pre- rehearsal, or trying out a new restaurant in town, riding rollercoasters together or hanging out in the surf in Mexico, egging him on with his silly jokes, being a goofball with my kids- there's so many memories that picking one to share is impossible. Brad was a truly incredible human, musical virtuoso, and my brother in so many ways. I will miss him greatly but so happy he and Missy became a part of our lives.


People have always said that it was obvious how much Brad loved me


A stop along highway 1 on the California coast


Brad at 8 months old


Brad was always so much fun at family gatherings


A reunion with friends from New Sound Singers


Uncle Brad spending some quality time with his nieces


The last visit to the beach with Brad's parents


Brad's graduation party with his closest friends


Brad loved playing with his Rush tribute band: Subdivided