Kenneth Wayne LeJeune

November 4, 1977January 9, 2021
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Kenneth Wayne LeJeune was born on November 4, 1977 in Lake Charles, Louisiana. He died on January 9, 2021 at St. Luke’s Hospital in The Woodlands, Texas at the age of 43.

In his youth Kenneth enjoyed many sports, including skateboarding, baseball, and tennis. He was an avid chess player. He graduated from Barbe High School in Lake Charles, Louisiana then attended McNeese State University. Shortly after, he and his wife Amy moved to Montgomery County and began a family. They were blessed with four amazing children.

Kenneth began working for the United States Postal Service in 2003. While employed there he worked as a Carrier, a Union Steward, and a Union District Representative. He formed many lasting friendships there.

Kenneth was somewhat of a Renaissance man, developing many skills and hobbies. He dabbled with beekeeping, computer technology, computer gaming, and woodworking. He had an infectious sense of humor, keeping his friends and family entertained with elaborate tales and sarcastic wit. He was devoted to his children, and was fiercely protective of them. He and Amy worked diligently to enable their participation in homeschool programs.

Kenneth is survived by his wife, Amy Maynor LeJeune and his children Rachel, Wyatt, Eli, and Isabelle; parents Lonnie LeJeune (Addie) and Martha LeJeune; siblings Donna Huff (Rick), Suzie Harvey (Charlie Williams), and Phyllis Martin (Brian Stroud), Paul Morris (Misty), Rob Dellinger (Anna); and nieces and nephews Josh Huff, Nolan Glynn, Julie Whitlock, Briana Harvey, Brian Huff, Haley Huff, Jared Martin, Trevor Glynn, Jordan Glynn, Abigail LaRocca, Hunter Miller, Conor Fontenot, Caleb Marshburn, Elleigh Maynor, and Finleigh Maynor.

He is preceded in death by his grandparents Elias and Leah LeJeune and Lawrence and Maria Alleman, as well as his niece Danielle Martin. Kenneth was well loved by his friends and family. He will be greatly missed.

Visitation will be held Wednesday, January 13, 2021, from 5:00pm to 7:00pm at Cashner Funeral Home. Funeral services will be held Thursday, January 14, 2021, at 2:00pm in Cashner Colonial Chapel with interment following in Garden Park Cemetery. You are invited to view our webpage and leave written tributes to the family at


  • Amy Maynor LeJeune, Loving wife
  • Rachel LeJeune, Daughter
  • Wyatt LeJeune, Son
  • Eli LeJeune, Son
  • Isabelle LeJeune, Daughter
  • Lonnie LeJeune and wife Addie, Father
  • Martha LeJeune, Mother
  • Donna Huff and husband Rick, Sister and Brother-in-law
  • Suzie Harvey and Charlie Williams, Sister and Brother-in-law
  • Phylis Martin and Brian Stroud, Sister and Brother-in-law
  • Paul Morris and wife Misty, Brother and Sister-in-law
  • Rob Dellinger and wife Anna, Brother and Sister-in-law
  • Josh Huff, Nephew
  • Nolan Glynn, Nephew
  • Julie Whitlock, Niece
  • Briana Harvey, Niece
  • Brian Huff, Nephew
  • Haley Huff, Niece
  • Jared Martin, Nephew
  • Trevor Glynn, Nephew
  • Jordan Glynn, Nephew
  • Abigail LaRocca, Niece
  • Hunter Miller, Nephew
  • Conor Fontenot, Nephew
  • Caleb Marshburn, Nephew
  • Elleigh Maynor, Niece
  • Finleigh Maynor, Nephew
  • Elias and Leah LeJeune, Grandparents (deceased)
  • Lawrence and Maria Alleman, Grandparents (deceased)
  • Danielle Martin, Niece (deceased)
  • Numerous other relatives and a host of friends.

  • Jordan Glynn
  • Trevor Glynn
  • Nolan Glynn
  • Jared Martin
  • Jim Vanzant
  • Kevin Brewer
  • Steve Ohlenburger
  • Carlos St. Clair
  • Wyatt LeJeune, Honorary
  • Eli LeJeune, Honorary


  • Visitation

    Wednesday, January 13, 2021

  • Celebration of Life

    Thursday, January 14, 2021


Kenneth Wayne LeJeune

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Amy LeJeune

January 20, 2021

Amy LeJeune

January 20, 2021

Phyllis Martin

January 19, 2021

I felt it was important to lend a voice to this funeral, being Kenny’s sister. And I tried to write down what Kenny was about; what he meant to me. How he understood what it meant to be part of a family, to be a man. How he loved his nieces and nephews, and did his best by them, from infancy through adulthood. How he did the same for his children when he was blessed with his own.

I tried to write how Kenny was a complex person, and could be difficult to be around with his outspoken, strong opinions, or be the person in the room with the greatest sense of humor.

I wanted to share some cute stories about the time, as adults, we played follow the leader, making the dog the leader. Or the time Kenny decreed that deserts were created by throwing Mexican pastries into rain forests and watching all moisture get absorbed by those beautiful, but incredibly dry creations.

I wanted to write about how Kenny was a good brother; that he was there for me when the chips were down; how he held me after my daughter’s funeral while I cried my eyes out.

But none of those stories came together very well, and it came down to this…..

I will miss him.

He was my brother and I loved him dearly.

Rick Huff

January 17, 2021

Kenny's Eulogy - Part 3

Kenny wasn’t without his flaws. His flaws were part of what made him interesting. If I ever meet a perfect person, I suspect they’ll be boring.

Rachel, Wyatt, Eli, and Isabelle. My daddy died too. I was already grown up, but I still miss him. Each of you are going to grow up and do great things that you’d like to share with your dad. I do too. I wish my dad was still here and I wish your dad was still here. But we still have all of the people in this room that we can still be with. It’s not the same as having your dad around. It’s just different. But, it’s nice too. I hope we can see each other more often.

Rick Huff

January 17, 2021

Kenny's Eulogy - Part 2

We worked on computer hardware. We worked on cars. We extracted an air conditioner from a friend’s house and installed it in his shop. We did some woodworking. I asked him if he had a jigsaw. He replied, “Yes, but I don’t know how to use it”. I taught him how to use it while cutting out an oak music stand that I use almost every day.

We could talk about anything without offense. We knew we came from different directions, but enjoyed getting together and talking through things. Just about all topics were fair game. We rarely agreed, but it was awesome.

Nothing ever stays the same. Over time, as he gained more responsibilities and he moved further from the rest of his siblings, we saw less of each other. I knew that one day, he’d have more time. We’d have more time. That day never came. That day can never come.

As I remember Kenny, one thing that sticks in my mind was his integrity. I always knew that the Kenny I saw was the real Kenny. There was no other!

I loaned him some money one time. Quite a bit, actually. Don’t worry Amy -- he paid me back! In fact, he paid me back early. As I look around the room, it’s a very short list of people that I could lend or borrow with and have absolute confidence it would work for us. That’s who Kenny was. But, the money’s not the point. The relationship we had is the point. I could trust Kenny. It’s who he was.

Kenny was in the top 5% of smartest people I’ve ever met. He was constantly curious and interested in everything that he didn’t already understand.

Rick Huff

January 17, 2021

Kenny's Eulogy - Part 1

Friends and family, what can I say? Kenny was taken too early from us. He was just too young. I am very saddened by his loss and a family facing their future without him. I lost a good friend and a good brother.

My name is Uncle Rick and I am Kenny’s oldest sister’s husband. Quite a bit older, actually. My good friend and nephew Eli and I counted how many grammas were in his house Sunday and we came up with three. When I explained that Amy’s mom and Kenny’s mom were the only grammas in the house, he exclaimed, “Who are you then?”. “Uncle Rick and Aunt Donna”, I explained. “Oh, yeah!”.

I came into the family 22 years ago today when I married Donna. Kenny wasn’t around much during my visits at that time. He was involved with college or with different jobs he was working. My favorite Kenny quote of the era was when he was working at Albertson’s in the meat department. Everyone was excited for him to learn a promising trade. In disgust one day, he was heard to have said, “They expect me to go to work at 8 EVERY DAY. Even when I’m tired!!” So true. Family has a long memory.

Pretty soon, Amy came into Kenny’s life. It was love at first sight for Maw Maw. This was THE ONE. Kenny fell in love too, but he was a little slower. You know how men are. It was a good thing too. I don’t know who else could have put up with him!

Kenny’s life grew. His family grew as he added Rachel, Wyatt, Eli, and Isabelle. His responsibilities at the Post Office grew. He and I grew together. I mellowed out and he became more of an adult. We looked forward to family gatherings where we could get together and verbally spar. We rarely agreed on much, but we challenged each other in ways you don’t get when you listen to people who believe the same things as you do. He’d call me up from time to time and we’d talk about some random thing for about 20 minutes.

Donna Huff

January 17, 2021

My name is Donna, and I am Kenny’s oldest sister.

I was 13 years old when Kenny was born. He was the 4th child and the only boy. At the time he was born, we were living in a one-bedroom house on the property where my parents were building a new home. The house was small, probably 600-700 sq. feet. It was tight with 6 of us living there, but it was home and we were a family. It worked for us.

With so many years difference in our age, I somewhat treated him as my own child. When I got my driver’s license, I took him everywhere with me…shopping, running errands, even spending time at the home of my friends and my boyfriend. We were very close in those years. When I moved from Lake Charles to Texas to go to school, leaving him was the hardest thing about the move.

I had my first child when Kenny was almost 11. He loved having a nephew. Within 5 ½ years, his sisters gave him 5 more nieces and nephews. Kenny was a fantastic uncle! He played with those kids. He wrestled with them. He teased them. He hung out with them. They loved their Uncle Kenny!

As we got older, we both got busy with our own families, we didn’t have the chance to talk as often and grew more distant. I regret that.

I will always remember his smile and his infectious laugh. Kenny had a very good sense of humor and could find something in almost every situation to laugh at. I remember once when he was about 5 or 6, we were crabbing in a canal in Cameron, Louisiana. He was checking a crab line a bit far from where I was and he started chuckling. When I asked what was so funny, he replied “Well, I was telling myself this joke about a fox…”. That sense of humor never left him.

Today I must say goodbye to my surrogate child … my kid’s uncle … my friend … my brother. I am heartbroken.

Goodbye Kenny. You left us too soon! I will miss you terribly!

Donna Huff

Marsha Maynor

January 15, 2021

We are so sorry to hear of Kenny’s passing. Please know that you and the kids are in our thoughts and prayers.

Love You
Aunt Marsha & Tammy

Stephanie Lester

January 15, 2021

I was so heartbroken when mom told me about little Kenny. I have such good memories with him. I remember him trying to teach me chess so many times and then would finally just give in and we would play checkers on the chessboard. And all those trips I would take with him to get food from Wok D Lite. He always made me feel like I was the "cool kid". I'm thinking about you and I love you so much. Sending my love to Rick, the boys, your parents and your sisters. I am praying for all of you.

Craig Worley

January 15, 2021

My heart was torn when I heard of Kenny’s passing. Kenny and I were childhood best friends. My parents moved when I was in 3rd grade and I was in new neighborhood and new school. Soon I met Kenny as he lived next door to me. In fact his mom Martha and my step father both knew each other well as they worked at Conoco. Kenny and I hit it off immediately and were the best of friends. I can remember spending the night at his house so many times and him at mine. We soon began to realize our love for skateboarding. He was an avid Tony Hawk fan and also loved Michigan basketball and the Fab five. We played little baseball together then tennis together as we entered high school. He even made a road trip with my dad and I to catch an Oakland A’s game vs the Rangers. He loved Mark McGuire. Our parents both moved to other areas of Lake Charles but we still were the best of friends. We would play ping pong in his mom’s garage all night while listening to Pearl Jam and Red Hot Chili Peppers and shooting hoops in the driveway. Soon I started college and we started growing apart. I saw him a few times during my college days then he moved away and we fell out of touch. I used to always look for him on social media to try and reconnect with him but never was able to locate him. I hate that I was never able to now and regret not trying harder. His wife and I worked together for a short time before he moved away. I will always remember our times together and how much he meant to me. RIP my friend and I promise we will see each other again to rekindle our friendship.