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Alexandra "Sandy" Ann Faltermeier

May 2, 1952July 25, 2019

Alexandra "Sandy" Ann Faltermeier was born in Yonkers, New York on Friday May 2, 1952 to Frank R. and Nancy Novotny. She went to her Lord and Savior on Thursday July 25, 2019 in Plano, Texas.

Although Sandy was born an only child to Frank and Nancy, she lived in a family house with her parents, grandparents and aunt. So, she had plenty of love and attention from all her family.

Her father had 11 brothers and sisters and he was the youngest, so many of her first cousins were as old as her parents. It was her second cousins that were around her age growing up. This is where she had her strongest family ties and memories and still did to this day.

After her grandparents passed away, her parents made sure they had a parent at home to care for her. Her father worked during the day hours for an Engineering, Procurement and Construction company. Her mother worked during the night at the telephone company. As an only child, her parents showered her with love and constant attention. For example, her father would flood the back yard in the winter so she could ice skate. She always loved the color purple. When she turned 16, her father bought her a brand new purple Pontiac Le Mans, which she ended up driving throughout her college years and beyond.

Even though Sandy had no siblings, her parents made sure she had a dog to share her love with. This love of dogs and animals carried through with her in life. At one time we had three dogs and three cats in our house in Katy, Texas. After our dogs passed away, she started dog sitting, where the dogs where brought to OUR house while their owners were away on trips.

She spent a good portion of her childhood growing up with the Queally family who lived down the street and were dear family friends. She was the same age as the Queally kids and basically grew up with them as if they were brothers and sister. One of her closest Queally to her was Kevin. In fact, Kevin was her first kiss from a boy but Kevin had other ideas and decided to into the seminary. Kevin was eventually ordained as a Francisican Friar. He married Sandy and me, baptized our children and married our daughter Meredith to her husband Ryan and now is officiating at Sandy's committal service.

After attending Elizabeth Seton College in Yonkers, New York, she transferred to College of Mount Saint Vincent in Riverdale, New York and graduared in 1973. Following graduation, she worked as a buyer for Bonwit Teller in NYC. When her father was transferred to Houston, she decided to be with her parents and relocated to Houston as well. She was accepted into the University of Texas in Austin, Texas to a Masters in Advertising. Although she never completed her master's thesis, that background and education gave her entry into advertising in Houston. She progressed through various advertising positions from a lumber company to Point Communications to Baxter and Korge.

It was while she was working in advertising in Houston that I met Sandy. I was working at a metal building company as an engineer and my administrative assistant lived next door to her parents. That neighbor, Jody, thought we would make a great pair. Boy was she right. Our first date was meeting for lunch at a barbeque joint that was near my office and abutted to a railroad track where the trains would stop to get barbeque - it was that good. I had to have all my fellow engineers with me to meet Sandy and of course, Jody was there as well. That was the beginning of a five year relationship before we finally got married on June 7, 1981. We were blessed with our first child, Meredith, less than one year following our marriage - May 30, 1982. Fours years later we were blessed with our second child, Frank, born March 5, 1986 ( Deceased July 21, 2018)

She never served the military but she had a high regard for anyone who served their country. Her father fought in the Pacific during WWII. He went in as a Private and came out as a Captain. Upon returning to the US, he continued his military career in the reserves and obtained the rank of Major in the US Army in Chemical Warfare.

She was a member of Prince of Peace Catholic Community in Plano, Texas and Schoenstatt through All Saints Catholic Church in Dallas, Texas.

Many people may not be aware but Sandy's birth name is actually "Alexandra". Her parents called her Sandra for short and this eventually translated into the name many of you know her by "Sandy". She had a passion for shopping, especially with her mother. They would be gone all day going from store to store looking for whatever and anything - sometimes buying nothing and other times filling the back of our station wagon. As some of you have seen from visiting our house, she is a collector of knick-knacks, antiques, tea pots, tea cups, glassware, Hummel plates, Wedgewood and the list goes on and on! She like to look at the things she collected so she enjoy them.

Her favorite place to sit was on our couch in the TV room watching Law & Order Special Victims Unit or Criminal Minds while playing Spider on her computer or smart phone. She loved to dance, it didn't matter what genre. We danced to swing, country, rock, reggae, disco, or whatever was playing. Just a few weeks ago, she said she wanted us to take ballroom dancing lessons to improve our skills. I was up for it!

I would like for everyone to remember her as they remember her, everyone has their own special memory of Sandy that will always remind them of her. One of her favorite songs is " A Thousand Years" by Christina Perri with the lyrics having a special meaning as we lay Sandy to rest - " I have loved you for a thousand years, I'll love you for a thousand more."

In lieu of flowers the family ask that you make a donation in Sandy's honor to the organization listed below.


  • Dan J Faltermeier, Husband
  • Meredith Brewer, Daughter
  • Ryan Brewer, Son-in-law
  • Shane Brewer, Grandson
  • Fiona Brewer, Granddaughter
  • Dax Brewer, Grandson
  • Geneva Faltermeier, Mother-in-law
  • Diane Deines, Sister-in-law
  • Larry Deines, Brother-in-law
  • JoAnn Stone, Sister-in-law
  • Steve Stone, Brother-in-law
  • John Faltermeier, Brother-in-law
  • Nancy Faltermeier, Sister-in-law
  • Paul Faltermeier, Brother-in-law
  • Melissa Faltermeier, Sister-in-law
  • Frank Novotny, Father - Deceased
  • Nancy Novotny, Mother - Deceased
  • Frank J Faltermeier, Son - Deceased
  • John Faltermeier, Father-in-law - Deceased


  • Mass of Christian Burial Thursday, August 1, 2019
  • Committal Service Thursday, August 1, 2019


Alexandra "Sandy" Ann Faltermeier

have a memory or condolence to add?

cindy nichols

August 14, 2019

I was so sad to learn of Sandy's passing but also know her heart was aching to be with her precious Frankie. May they rest in peace together.

I became friends with Sandy 30 years ago when we carpooled our children together to Mother's Day Out at SJV. Sandy valued friendships and was a sweet friend. Each time we spoke she said, "You're a treasured friend and a blessing in my life." She shared her life's sufferings but then always turned to the Blessed Mother, whom she was very devoted.

She was blessed, and knew it, to have such a faithful and loving husband, Dan. May God bless you, Dan!

I will always think of Sandy when I see lavender and hearts.
Love and prayers,

Aunt Bobbie & Uncle Fred Zelinka

August 1, 2019

Sandy was born to her loving family in Yonkers , New York. Her parents were Nancy (Zelinka) and Frank Novotny. Her Uncle Fred was her Godfather and I became her Aunt Bobbie when I married him in 1954. I was at her christening and she was dressed in a fairy book christening gown . She was a beautiful baby and that inside and outside beauty was with her throughout her life. She spent a lot of time with us as a child. Our own boys hadn't arrived yet so Sandy was "our girl". We often borrowed her if and when we could during her summers. We first had to be deemed trustworthy by her adoring parents. We have so many loving and happy memories of her at South Padre Island at the beach. She and I would get out to the beach at sunrise and walk long distances along the shore looking for treasured shells and one day we found a live baby seahorse. Sandy was seven years old so of course; we brought him home in her sand bucket. He lasted the night and a very sad little girl returned her seahorse to the ocean and wondered, "Aunt Bobbie, maybe my seahorse will find his Mommy and Daddy". I reassured her and a smiling little girl skipped off to find more precious shells and maybe another seahorse???.
Sandy you are home with your Lord, your Mommy and Daddy and your precious son, Frankie. A large Yonkers group of relatives await you too. There is going to be a big Ukrainian Feast and party for you, We love you always your,
Uncle Freddie Zelinka
Aunt Bobbie Zelinka
Yours "brothers" Freddie, David and Deanna and John Zelinka

Ryan Deines

August 1, 2019

I am a nephew of Aunt Sandy, she was a very careing and loving Aunt, with always a warm cheek kiss when you see her! She will be happy in heaven with her son and my cousin Frank, Rest In Peace and to Uncle Dan and Meredith we love you guys!

Audrey Pasvogel

July 31, 2019

Thinking of all of you during this difficult time. My memories of Sandy are that she loved hearts and lavender. She was always giving thoughtful gifts to us. When we were all in Ireland at the Waterford crystal factory, she spent time finding special gifts for those she loved. I still use the ring holder. May you know that we are all praying for you in the weeks and months to come.

Zita Prater

July 31, 2019

I had the pleasure of meeting Sandy several years ago at the All Saints Catholic Church celebration of Fall Fest. She came over and introduced herself and gave me her card!
It wasn’t a typical business card; it was beautifully embossed in shades of mauve.

I quickly learned that Sandy had her own signature style and exuberant personality. She loved ornate items for her home, and each had its own story. Many items were chosen for their nostalgic value or humorous memory. Some, like angels, reflected her faith. Her personal sense of style extended to her beautiful clothing that accented her height and beauty. Her New York background was evident.

She also modeled generosity and hospitality, always including others in her interests. Her home had a welcoming open door policy. She loved her family intensely. She couldn’t wait to introduce Dan, her husband, and Frankie, her son. Her eyes sparkled when she spoke of them. Her love also extended to all the family pets.

Frankie’s untimely death and her battle with trying to accept it dimmed that sparkle in Sandy’s eyes, but it did not extinguish it. She turned to her faith and to her devotion to
the mother of Jesus for solace. She often told me that Frankie and Jesus were the same age when they died.

Sandy somehow managed to transport a beautiful bone china Summer Blossoms tea set from England to my house in perfect condition. She was so happy for me to have it. I will treasure its delicate design and soft pink buds with all my memories of you, Sandy.

Thank you for including me in your life. Rest in Peace.

Jennifer Wallace

July 30, 2019

My dear Sandy,
I’ve only known you for 6 years but you, Dan, Frank & Meredith became my family. Thank you for loving me as your son’s girlfriend for 6 years, for making me feel special on all the holiday’s and all your corky gifts :) You treated me like your daughter and that I hold dear to my heart. Franky’s passing left us both heartbroken and although my heart will never love the same I know it will heal with time and I just know yours couldn’t. I’m happy you are no longer suffering from heartache and reunited with your Frank. We will miss you, until we meet again. I love you

Claudia Loffler

July 30, 2019

I met Sandy and Dan through bible study classes at Prince of Peace. Sandy brought such fresh and unique perspectives to our studies. She was a very spiritual woman and I thank her for including me in her circle of friends to pray the rosary in her home.
I pray that her family will recall the wonderful memories made together as you make your way through the difficult days ahead. I know that Sandy now rests in the arms of her son, Frank, at the feet of our Lord in heaven.

God bless all who loved her!

Karen Queally

July 30, 2019

Sandy was my lifelong friend. We were two months apart in age and we met when we were four years old.. Some of my earliest and fondest childhood memories are with Sandy and my brothers, sisters and cousins. She was an only child and she loved being part of our family, which she was. Through the years and over the miles we maintained our friendship, with cards and letters - always just a phone call away. I am so sad to lose her. I hope she’s now reunited with her dear son Frankie whom she couldn’t bear to lose. Rest in peace my dear friend, you were truly loved .

Diane & Larry Deines

July 28, 2019

We loved our sister-in-law, Sandy, & miss her spirit but know she is surrounded by loved ones from her past. Our last treasured memory is her visit this month to our wheat harvest. She brought her New York spirit to our Midwest & we shared our Midwest style with her.

Deanna Zelinka

July 28, 2019

Sandy had such a love of family that when her cousin (David) and I married 28 years ago, she made sure our day was truly special. I still cherish the heart-felt gifts and words of advice she gave to us before, during and after our ceremony. She will forever be in our hearts.

The passing of her son, Frank this past year was a burden she struggled to carry. She is now at peace and has been reunited with him.

Prayers are with Dan, Meredith and her family as they deal with this great loss.

Rest in Peace, Sandy. You were taken from us way too soon.