Doyle Ray Walker

September 2, 1949July 25, 2018
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Doyle Ray Walker was born Friday, September 2, 1949 and passed away with his loving family by his side on Wednesday, July 25, 2018.

Doyle was born and raised in Temple, Texas. He was the fourth son born to Malcolm Young Walker, Sr. and Vera Dell (Owen) Walker. One time when he was a young boy, his brother Larry tied Doyle to a calf and then the calf took off with Doyle hanging on. That was fine until they got to the creek. That’s when the calf and Doyle went into the creek. Needless to say, Doyle’s mother was not very happy with this outcome.

Doyle loved baseball, football and fishing. He also loved to read, especially historical books. He played violin in high school, which is where he met his wife. They were in orchestra together. Doyle graduated from Temple High School in 1967, and then went on to receive his associate degree from Temple Junior College in 1969. Also in 1969, he married his high school sweetheart, Cathy. In 1972, he earned his BS in History and Business from the University of Mary Hardin Baylor. He received his Masters of education from North Texas State University in 1978.

From 1972 – 1989, Doyle was a teacher and administrator for the Plano Independent School District. For over twenty years afterwards, he was a salesman for Jostens Printing and Publishing and Inter-State School Photography. He was also an accomplished writer of two children’s books through Belle and Chloe Productions, which was named after his two chocolate labs.

Doyle was a faithful member of the First United Methodist Church in Plano, Texas. Doyle was also part of the Board of Directors Leadership Plano and Craig Gilbert Scholarship Foundation in 1987.

Being born and raised in Texas, Doyle loved the state almost as much as life itself. He got a tattoo of the Texas flag on his arm when he turned 60. Now that is a true Texan! He always listed as the most important things in his life as his faith in God, the love for his family and his patriotism for his Country.

Doyle loved to go to South Padre Island and took his family on many family vacations there. He also loved to go to Adair’s with his school buddies. Adair’s is a bar in Dallas where you could get a really good hamburger, in Doyle’s opinion. If you could catch him watching a movie, it was anything with John Wayne in it. He was also a huge fan of the Beach Boys!

Doyle was the most loving and caring individual you would ever meet. He tried to live his life by always treating people the way he would want to be treated. His wife would say “everyone loves Doyle”, which is so true. He would do anything for anyone at a drop of a hat. He loved his “Kids” from his teaching days and the time he was a high school administrator with all his heart. He was extremely proud of his son Chris and the man he had become. He also told his best friend in life Cathy ten times a day the he loved her. First thing every morning he shouted “Baby Cakes” when he first saw her. She felt truly blessed to have him as her husband for 49 years. The light of his life in his last days are his three adorable grandsons.

Doyle Ray Walker is preceded in death by his parents, Malcolm Young Walker, Sr. and Vera Dell (Owen) Walker, his brother, Malcolm Walker, Jr., and many beloved fur babies.

Left to cherish his memory is the love of his life, wife Cathy Walker. His son, Christopher Walker and wife Jeannie Walker. His beloved grandsons, Jake Walker and twins Ty and Case Walker. Two brothers Billy Walker and wife Claudia Walker; Larry Walker and wife Judy Walker; sister-in-law Sharon Walker wife of late brother Malcolm Walker, Jr.

Celebration of Life for Doyle Ray Walker will be Sunday, September 2, 2018 at Ted Dickey West Funeral Home, 8011 Frankford Road, Dallas, Texas, from 3 – 7 p.m. As a side note, September 2nd is Doyle’s birthday, as well as his parents’ anniversary. In lieu of flowers, the family asks that you donate in Doyle Ray Walker’s honor to Second Chance SPCA, Plano, Texas: http//


  • Cathy Walker, Wife
  • Christopher Scott Walker, Son
  • Jeannie Walker, Daughter-in-law
  • Jake Walker, Grandson
  • Ty Walker, Grandson
  • Case Walker, Grandson
  • Billy Walker, Brother
  • Claudia Walker, Sister-in-law
  • Larry Walker, Brother
  • Judy Walker, Sister-in-law
  • Sharon Walker, Sister-in-law
  • Malcolm Young Walker Sr., Father
  • Vera Dell Walker, Mother
  • Malcolm Walker Jr., Brother
  • He also leaves behind to cherish his memory many friends, co-workers and students that he dearly loved.


  • Celebration of Life Sunday, September 2, 2018

Doyle Ray Walker

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Roy WAYNE Frits

August 9, 2018

I lived on one end of S 5th street Temple and Doyle and his parents moved onto the other end. His brothers had already moved out. I have was 11 and Doyle Ray was nearly two years older and bigger and stronger than me. However, I was faster. We first met in my backyard. I had recently spent a day building a Small tree house. But Doyle said we could make it bigger and better. So we did just that using used lumber my dad had. We spent much time in that tree. Tree is still there last I looked.
I sleep over at Doyle’s parents big house sometimes. Next morning his mom cooked us pancakes. We chose a comic book to read at the breakfast table with Pepsi!
We rode in the back of Doyle’s dad Old pick up truck to ride to the swimming pool in the summer. We rode our bycycles and skateboards to the DT library to check out books about our baseball heroes. We rode bikes to the Arcadia Theatre to watch westerns like Roy Rogers and scary movies. Werewolves were very scary!
We both loved baseball! Doyle and I Played hardball baseball with our friends on a vacant lot next to my house. I pitched and Doyle was the batter. Doyle let me strike him out sometimes. We played Little League hardball too. Then, Baseball was Doyle’s passion!

Growing up was FUN! Thanks for being my best buddy, Buddy, since 1962! I love you. 🙂


Marcy Ward

August 5, 2018

Starting high school with my jaw wired shut had quite the potential for humiliation...and Mr. Walker made sure I was laughing about it (as much as I could with a mouth full of metal) the entire first six weeks of my freshmen year.

He was my school dad, and I adored him. A big teddy bear, he’d often diffuse tense situations with humor and love over the next two years. He also teased me relentlessly and lovingly but gave me a safe place to go when I just knew the world was ending, as teenagers are wont to believe.

He was at every game, every play, every summer camp, and Spring Show. We loved it when he was there, especially when he and other teachers would join in and perform. They were adults who loved what they did, and it made us love being around them.

We reconnected on Facebook, and, again, his love of his kids, as he called us, blessed, not only my life, but those around me he’d never met. He’d call me at the office to catch up and tell me how proud he was of me, and if I wasn’t available, he’d strike up a friendly conversation with whoever answered the phone. Soon, my coworkers were talking about him with the same love and fondness I had. ‘Mr. Walker called. He’s so sweet. I just love him.’ He was just that special.

Thinking back, I don’t ever remember a time when he wasn’t smiling. Even after fighting through all of his health challenges last year, he was grateful and loving and still making me laugh.

My heart goes out to Cathy and Chris. Thank you both for sharing your wonderful husband and father with us. The world is a better place because of him.

Beth Hulcy Womack

August 5, 2018

Mr. Walker was the best principal in PISD, and exemplified what a true educator should be for students and faculty. Today, his type of principal/educator philosophy has to be taught and not everyone gets it. He was absolutely ahead of his time. I recently spoke to the new Vines principal and shared with her about this historic loss. She asked what made him so great, and I was happy to explain his philosophy. She wants to strive to be like him. As I have said on many occasions, Mr. Walker is the pebble in water of life that creates a huge ripple affect. Thank you for being my leader, protector, advocate, encourager, and current teaching advisor. Your absence leaves a huge hole in my heart. RIP and much love to you and your family always. I miss you terribly.

Sundeep Patel

August 5, 2018

Just spent a wonderful weekend with a Chris. He is my best friend and I don’t know a finer man than him. You are a great husband, father, and grandfather. For me, you were a great friend and advocate.

Dr. Maureen (Mo) Brown (Ricciardi)

July 28, 2018

Never has a Principal been so stinking handsome! Doyle Walker was Principal at Vines High School when I went through 9th and 10th grade. Forever, he will be our "Sharp Dressed Man!" No one, I repeat, NO ONE looked as good in a three piece white suit than Doyle Walker. With care, compassion, and an innate understanding of the teenage mind, he presided over Vines in Walker-style. I so vividly recall being in the lunch room when one of the HUGE food fights started. There was Mr. Walker, looking cool, overseeing the crowd prior to the fight. In slow motion, the first cheeseburger flew! It got much worse before it got better, and through it all, Mr. Walker maintained such exquisite dignity :)
Mr. Walker helped place so many talented teachers at Vines H.S. Lynda Walkup, Lynne Clifton, Sherry Gleason, Mrs. Best, Coach Brence, etc. What a great time to be at Vines. So many memories.
Thank you to Facebook for being a conduit of communication with Doyle Walker these last few years. Wit, kindness, intelligence, and a never ending flow of stories, Mr. Walker filled his fb feed with life. His passing is a loss to so many. I have no doubt that in 3 weeks when I am working cafeteria duty, Mr. Walker's spirit will be with me when the first cheeseburger flies!
RIP, Doyle Walker. You were a man among men.

Lauren Mathis Feild

July 27, 2018

Mr. Walker was the one that continued to stay in our lives, long after we graduated from Plano. He loved his "kids" and his messages , posts and overall positive influence will be missed. Many prayers to Doyle's family! Gone too soon....

Laura Dea;

July 27, 2018

My husband and myself knew Mr. Walker (Doyle) since out years at Vines HS. When my husband and I
moved into our house we then found out Doyle was now our neighbor. He always brought a happy smile
as we would wave as he drove down the street. He would put up with all my crazy kids as they grew up,
as he did with my husband during the high school years. You will be missed.

Robin Gall Schneider

July 27, 2018

Mr. Walker - it took me ages to be able to call him Doyle- was my American/World history teacher in high school. As a recent graduate himself, he was only eight years older than most of his "kids". He was a "friend with authority". He loved on us, nurtured us, taught us and respected us - all while commanding the respect a man of the same generation didn't normally receive naturally. He did. Without question.

Years later, social media allowed many of us to reconnect to each other - Doyle included. If you want to see a genuine example of loving, check out his Facebook page. He gave it, and he got it.

The world is a better place because God allowed Doyle Ray Walker to be a part of it. I will never forget him, or what he has meant to my life. I owe part of who I am today to having known him.

Prayers for Cathy, Chris and their family as they grieve.

Susan Wainwright-Law

July 26, 2018

This man, in large part, helped mold me into the person I am today. His love, support, kindness, generosity, and discipline have been with me since Vines H.S. in the 80’s. The life lessons he taught me have forever brought me peace and accountability. Thank you, Doyle Walker, for changing my life and always believing in me. I will listen and watch for your guidance from heaven now. I love you so.

Janie Capehart

July 26, 2018

This is such a tragic loss. I am so sorry that you are having to go through it. My family rest remembrance of Doyle was when you and he came out to TOM and Mary Jo’s and picked out Belle and Chloe. You had talked about him many times when we worked Saturdays together, but I had never met him. Your love for each other shone through both of you. Never hesitate to call if you need anything. Love, Janie


Jr., Billy, Larry, & Doyle


To Cathy whom I love very much


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