Frank Joseph Faltermeier

March 5, 1986July 21, 2018
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Frank Joseph Faltermeier, age 32, of Dallas, has passed into the welcoming arms of our Heavenly Father, Saturday, July 21, 2018. Frank was born Wednesday, March 5, 1986, in Houston, Texas to Sandy and Dan Faltermeier. He joined his big-sister, of four years, Meredith. She always watched over her little brother and he looked up to her. They would always play together especially when he was younger. Frankie, being 4 years younger than Meredith, would always tag along to play with Meredith and her best friends who lived next door, Ashley and Chelsea. He was the only boy, so to make him more a part of the crowd they would dress him up as a girl. They spent hours rehearsing for plays they would put on for the parents. He was always a part of whatever Meredith and her friends were doing — swimming, riding bikes, tea parties, slip & slides, trick-or-treat. They had a very special bond throughout their entire lives.

Frank and Meredith grew up in Houston, Texas on a cul-de-sac with many children in the neighborhood that were their same age. It was a very close-knit community of people in the subdivision. The community had a pool and tennis courts that they could walk to or ride their bikes using a path that would take them along Buffalo Bayou. There was actually an alligator in one of the estuaries, the children had to avoid, while making their way to the pool. Even though the Faltermeier family had a pool in the backyard, Frank and Meredith would spend endless hours at the Memorial Glen pool especially once Meredith joined the swim team.

When Frank was young, he always wore these cowboy boots even in the summer with black jeans and would never take them off. There is a picture of him, naked, holding a diaper and only wearing a cowboy hat and his boots. Wearing his boots, he followed his sister to play with her friends Ashley and Chelsea. Mrs. Pekarski told him he had to take off his boots to come into the house. He left and walked home alone wearing his boots. The four of them spent so much time together Mrs. Pekarski had the kids draft a 'Rules of Engagement' contract that they all had to sign. The contract was about how they would behave and treat each other when playing. Anytime their play time began to escalate the children were sternly reminded of their contract. The few times it did escalate Mrs. Pekarski seemed to have the recipe for success with their interactions. To get to the truth of issue she made them stick their tongues out; typically whoever was lying wouldn't stick out their tongue.

Frank would explore the Bayou with his friends and bring back all kinds of creatures — frogs, turtles and the like. He converted a baby swimming pool into a turtle haven to keep the turtles he captured. He begged his parents to take one to the vet, because it had a growth on its neck and could not get his head back into the shell. An overnight stay at the vet and $90 later, it was as good as new.

Frank was notorious for getting lost on his parents:

• Once at Astro World as the family was waiting in line to get on a ride Frank wandered off. Fortunately, a lady saw Frank was alone and put him on her shoulders. His mother saw the back of Frank's shirt riding on the lady's shoulder and recaptured him. • Frank wandered off by himself for a stroll along the beach, in New Jersey. • While staying at a neighbor's house, Frank and his friend decided to take their low-rider trikes on a journey around the neighborhood. The local subdivision policewoman, who patrolled the area, found them several blocks from home and put them and their trikes in the patrol car to deliver them safely home. • Frank again found himself lost at San Antonio River Walk, this time with his older cousin, Ryan, as they both took a wrong turn following the wrong adults. The San Antonia Police and River Walk security were patrolling all shops and restaurants along the river walk, even the boat patrol were engaged. They eventually wandering into a bar where the staff informed security of the lost boys. After several panicked hours the boys were reunited with the family.

Frank’s childhood subdivision would have parades for the children for the 4th of July lead by a fire truck where all the kids would decorate their bikes and trikes riding through the entire subdivision. Then his entire cul-de-sac would set up chairs and tables in the street with every family contributing food for all to share. When the fireworks went off at the country club down the street, everyone would take their chairs to the field next to the bayou to watch the fireworks. They all sang 4th of July themed songs lead by Mr. Feidler. Then the neighborhood kids would end the night by jumping into the Faltermeier pool until late in the night.

Then in 1995 Dan and Sandy moved Meredith and Frank from the only childhood home they had ever known and relocated, them not only to a new subdivision, a new city, or a different state, but to Paris, France. They had to leave their friends, school, country and culture behind. This was a traumatic experience for an adult, let alone children, but they both quickly adapted to the language, culture, and their new life, in France. They were enrolled in American schools in central Paris where the other expat children immediately welcomed them with open arms. They met new friends from all over the world and even picked up the language — much better than their parents. Frank and Meredith saw sights that most children only see in books and pictures . Two years later the Faltermeier family would relocate to London, United Kingdom, where it was much easier as the language was no longer a barrier and you could actually read the signs. By this time Meredith was in high school and Frank was in middle school. They met a whole new group of friends and were exposed to yet another culture.

One year later the Faltermeier relocated back to Houston and moved to the suburb, Katy. It was here that Frank met most of his life-long friends, those friends that are here with him today. They all went to middle school and high school together. Frank and his friends picked up skateboarding with a passion. His father, Dan, built them ramps and rails to develop their skills and of course none of them wore helmets — not cool and they were invincible. Dan took a car load of Frank’s friends to downtown Houston where they could really display their skateboarding skills on the city architectural landmarks — they got great pictures of their Ollies. Frank also dived head first into ice hockey with two teams — Cinco high school and Junior Arrows.

Frank had many nicknames; his Mom called him “Pumps,” Dad called him “Bud," High School friends called him “Hank,” growing up he was “Frankie," which switched around sixth grade to “Frank,” and he called himself "Funcle Frank.”

Frank graduated Cinco Ranch High School in 2004. High school was an important and formidable time for Frank. His party lifestyle started here, but it also where he made lifelong friends that are here to this day. The friendship they started created an everlasting bond among these boys. After high school, Frank was always the one to rally all the guys together for one of his “keep the connections and bonds alive” reunions.

Frank attended Texas Tech University for three semesters, after high school. During his time at Texas Tech, he was a member of the Kappa Sigma fraternity. Unfortunately, the party life of college appealed to him more than the academic life. He then attended Collin County Community College for two years and graduated with an Associate degree. He transferred to UT Arlington, where his sister graduated, pursing his dream of being a social worker. He was admitted into the Social Services School earning his degree July 2018, posthumously.

Frank’s long-term occupation was being a servant to others. All Frank ever wanted to do was help people be the best version of themselves. He was on a path to become a social worker that complimented this quality. He had a particular interest in helping those in situations similar to himself who were dealing with drug and alcohol issues. Perhaps his passing will have that impact on those he knew, who are still suffering. Frank was an every-day man and never felt above anyone. While he has been on this journey to be a social worker he had multiple part-time jobs, most recently it was valet and bartending.

Frank has escaped death, on at least two occasions, that his parents know of. One was a tragic accident where he flipped his Trans Am and ejected his friend Cody from the car. Frank had his seat belt on and was not hurt, but Cody was injured and went through extensive rehabilitation. The other was when he was riding his motor cycle on the HOV and a car in the slow-moving traffic beside him decided that she needed to drive over the barriers to get into the HOV Lane. Unfortunately, she did not see Frank and he t-boned her, flying off his motor cycle, over her car and on to the pavement. Again, no major injuries. Frank always said he should have died many times before, but God has kept him on this earth for a mission.

Frank always kept life interesting especially when his parents received a phone call from the Secret Service asking if Frank Faltermeier resided there. Yes, they responded hesitantly. The agent conveyed that they have two jobs: 1) to protect the President of the United States 2) to protect our currency. Frank’s friends in crime decided to photo copy $10 & $20 bills. Fortunately no charges were filed- Phew!! Just one more time Frank gave us a run for our money.

Frank was born and raised a Catholic and went to a Catholic grade school before moving to Paris. He recently registered as a parishioner at the Cathedral of Our Lady of Guadalupe in downtown Dallas so he could become Godfather to his only niece, Fiona, alongside his cousin Alexis as Fiona's Godmother. In fact, because of Frank Fiona's full name is Fiona May Brewer. Frank used to not be able to pronounce his sister's name, Meredith, so he called her May and this name stuck for many years with friends and family calling her May. His niece is christened with this name, the name he created, that represents both Frank and Meredith.

Frank’s best job EVER was being an uncle. He adored his niece and nephews, and they adored him, especially, his oldest nephew, Shane. Frank mentioned several times that Shane saved his life more than once. Meredith's children gave Frank hope and a purpose. He saw and loved the innocence in their lives, that innocence that he once had, and Frank wanted to preserve it for them in their own lives. He told Meredith that he would be the one to talk to her children about drugs and alcohol because he lived it... and even now, this is still true.

Frank’s hobbies while in high school were skateboarding and ice hockey. Then snowboarding became his sport of choice. He would show video with his Go-Pro filming him snowboarding off trail, dodging trees at speeds that would scare the crap out of a normal person, but again, he would do it without a helmet because he was invincible. Frank was most at peace either in the mountains snowboarding or on the beach soaking up the sun and surf. In Dallas, it would probably be the roof-top swimming pool of a nearby hotel.

Some of Frank’s favorites were; Movie: — The Mask You Live In, TV Show: — Big Brother: - TV Series: - (Net Flix) — Shameless —Crown —Ozark —Godless —Bloodline —OA —Jim and Andy —End of the F* * *ing World —Stranger Things —Game of Thrones —American Horror Story, Actor: — Matthew McConaughey, Music: — an eclectic mix of "feel good music.”

Frank sent his Dad the following 2 You Tube video clips one day, which were very powerful — they meant a lot to him and Dan: Cat Stevens —“ Father and Son”, Willie Nelson —“ Rainbow Connection”. A song he and his Dad would sing together whenever it came on the radio was Doobie Brothers — “Black Water”. Frank’s Mankind Project mission statement posted on the Lodge wall is: "I create a world of smiles, laughter and love by being true to myself and helping others."

Frank's favorite holiday was Thanksgiving — mainly due to his Dad's amazing cooking. Every dish from turkey to cranberry was Frank's favorite, it was homemade - the most amazing dish you will ever have. Frank used to put on his “eating” pants so they could grow with his stomach as he gorged on his delightful feast. Another reason for his love of Thanksgiving was the family time, he always wanted a reason to connect people together.

Frank’s family has a family cultural tradition of playing gin rummy. At a young age, Frank’s grandparents instilled the Gin Rummy tradition in him. Every Faltermeir get together included card playing. Everyone was rallied and teamed up by Frank's call. His gauge for his cardsmanship ability was if he could beat his 96-year-old grandmother, this was never accomplished.

Frank was a brother and warrior in the Mankind Project, which is a global organization that mentors men through the passages of their lives with peer-facilitated support groups that is based on the practices of Native American Indians. He led many small group meetings and participated as staff in several new warrior training at the Land of Our Fathers south of Dallas.

Frank had a wonderful girlfriend, Jennifer Wallace, who stood by him for six years, during his good times and his bad times. Jenn entered Frank's life after his first round of rehab in, Dallas. She met him sober and their relationship blossomed during his recovery. Much of his growth during this process can be attributed to Jenn's love for him. She stood by him through his multiple relapses, even after their break-up, their relationship continued in a loving supporting way. They both will always have a special place in each other's hearts.

Frank had two nephews (Shane - six and Dax - nine months) and one niece (Fiona - two), whom he loved tremendously. Shane, Fiona, and Dax were a constant motivation for Frank to be the best uncle, son, brother, friend and man he could be. He loved these kids before they were even born, they were his sister's children. In his words, "I'm your Uncle Frank. I'm the brother of your mother, and I'm here for you always. I come bearing gifts of service, strength, authenticity, vulnerability, openness, and love. Lots and lots of LOVE! I am your ally, your guide; your mountain Sherpa as you journey to the summit of the perfect world you will choose to create for yourself. I promise to mentor and teach you things that I've learned along my path, only if you promise to teach me things along the way too. Walking hand in hand - Step by step - One open heart to another open heart - Real, raw, and uncensored. I'm not your father nor am I your brother, but I am a man in your life that will be there for you through thick and thin. In your darkest of days and in your days of blinding beaming golden rays of light. I am your Uncle, I am your rock.”

A message from Frank’s parents: Frank had a huge impact on many people's lives and we don't think he actually realized how many lives he touched and how much. The outpouring of love sent to us through social media, texts, emails, and phone calls has just been overwhelming. The heartfelt memories posted to his obituary of people he touched in his life is a testimony to the love he had for others and they had for him. Even people not in attendance — the artist who did his picture knew him but was not aware that he had passed away; the policeman who told us where his car was knew Frank not through any criminal activity but working with him at the various bars he worked. Both said what a wonderful person he was. We were on a conference call with his brother warriors from Mankind Project where everyone conveyed stories and memories of Frank and the impact he had on their lives. The earth has lost a wonderful young man. He will be truly missed but not forgotten. May his soul be at peace with Jesus Christ our Savior in Heaven.

Frank was always the spark of life, with a glimmer in his eye — a mischievous, fun-loving, caring, and loving person. He was always willing to help others. It was his desire, to make the world a better place that lead him to pursue a degree in Social Work. He had a real passion to aid the poor, the homeless, the addicted, the down trodden. He volunteered for The Bridge; admitting homeless into the facility and feeding them dinners. He organized a blanket drive, during the winter, to collect and distribute blankets to the homeless. He would stop at a corner where a homeless person had a sign asking for money, and he would give the person $10 in exchange for his sign. He would give the sign to an artist who made a wall full of signs from the homeless and downtrodden. He led AA meetings and took a leadership role in Mankind Project, at the Land of Our Fathers, helping other men face their demons, but Frank had his own demons. He fought against them, sometimes being successful for an extended period of time, but in the end, God chose for him to fight those battles in another arena.

Frank was preceded in death by; maternal grandparents Frank and Nancy Novotry; paternal grandfather John Faltermeier; fur-puppies “Kary and “Coco” Faltermeier; and fur-puppy “ Baby” Wallace.

Frank is survived by; mother Sandy Faltermeier; father Dan Faltermeier; sister Meredith Brewer; brother-in-law Ryan Brewer, nephew Shane Brewer, niece Fiona Brewer; nephew Dax Brewer; and paternal grandmother Geneva Faultermeier.

Family and Friends will be celebrating the Life of Frank Joseph Faltermeir, Tuesday, July 31, 2018, 6:00 PM to 9:00 PM at Ted Dickey West Funeral Home 8011 Frankford Road Dallas, Texas. Funeral Mass will occur Wednesday, August 1, 2018 at 11:00 AM at Prince of Peace Catholic Church 5100 West Plano Parkway Plano, Texas.

Committal service will occur Wednesday, August 1, 2018 at 12:00 PM at Resurrection Garden, Prince of Peace 5100 West Plano Parkway Plano, Texas.

In lieu of flowers, contributions in Frank's memory may be made to The Bridge Homeless Recovery Center 1818 Corsicana Street Dallas, Texas 75201,

Fond memories and expressions of sympathy may be shared at for the Faltermeier family. If you have shared on Facebook or other social media, please add those thoughts and condolences to Frank’s memorial webpage so that they can be included in his memorial book that the family will have to read and cherish for years to come.


  • Sandy Faltermeier, Mother
  • Dan Faltermeier, Father
  • Meredith Brewer, Sister
  • Ryan Brewer, Brother-in-law
  • Shane Brewer, Nephew
  • Fiona Brewer, Niece
  • Dax Brewer, Nephew
  • Kary Faltermeier, Fur-baby
  • Coco Faltermeier, Fur-Baby
  • Baby Wallace Faltermeier, Fur-baby
  • Nancy Novotry, Maternal Grandmother
  • Frank Novotry, Maternal Grandfather
  • John Faltermeier, Paternal Grandfather
  • Geneva Faltermeier, Paternal Grandmother
  • Diane Deines, Aunt
  • Joann Stone, Aunt
  • John Faltermeier, Uncle
  • Paul Faltermeier, Uncle


  • Celebrating The Life Of Frank Tuesday, July 31, 2018
  • Funeral Mass Wednesday, August 1, 2018
  • Committal Service Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Frank Joseph Faltermeier

have a memory or condolence to add?

Ryan Blum-Kryzstal

August 8, 2018

Frank was a warrior brother in the Mankind Project and we staffed together in Texas. His huge heart and openness touched me and I will miss him. Grateful for the impact he did have while he was on this earth. Blessings to you Frank. May your soul be inscribed in the book of life.

Audrey Pasvogel

August 3, 2018

I have the privilege to be Frank's older cousin, Audrey. Thanks to the Faltermeier reunions, we were able to connect regularly. I also was able to visit him in London in 1998 with my husband, Matt. We took a short trip together to Ireland with Frank's family and Grandma and Grandpa Faltermeier. I recall us grabbing our luggage at the airport to see that he packed his skateboard even though his dad told him not to do so. He skated all over the cobble streets in Ireland while we laughed.

In 2016, I was able to host our 30+ family reunion in our home in Colorado Springs. A group went white water rafting, and we ended up in the adventurous raft, of course with Frank. Frank was so busy messing with the GoPro that he didn't see the rapids and huge rock coming our way. Sitting behind him, I was supposed to help. No luck because I was afraid. Instead my husband leaps up to grab Frank seconds before he rams into a huge rock while our raft is filling up with water. We survived and afterward we were grateful he captured that memory.
This is Frank - a full of life, risk-taking, memory capturing individual. You leave your time with him glad you took an adventure. Thank you for being you Frank. You are loved and God Bless.

Ryan Deines

August 2, 2018

I am Franks cousin and he is the GodFather of two of my sons. Frank and I got to play a lot as cousins on our many family reunions and Grandma and Grandpa visits and I will always have those memories of “Frankie” aka McAlly Coulchin look alike, then he grew into this really gentle, full of love man that many got to experience him as. Cousin Ryan he said, and cuz a lot. He will be greatly missed and will forever hold a place in mine and my boys hearts! Rest In Peace cousin Frank Love you man!

Pamela Perez

August 1, 2018

I met my friend Dano in a time I thought it was the toughest and saddest, how wrong I was! He introduce me to this group of people that donate their time and kindness to a very humble cause. Mr Frank you were the first one that I interacted with and you gave me the biggest hug ever, I guess you saw that my soul needed that even more than our guest. You were always kind, positive, fearless, humble. I always admire you and respected you. I am going to miss you so much and I know I am selfish, but we needed you more here. 💔💔

Sophia Ervin

August 1, 2018

Thank you for being every single thing my family needed and more. Thank you for giving my brother such an amazing example to live up to. Thank you for showing my mom the love she deserves. Thank you for being willing to drop everything when I needed you. Thank you for being the lighthouse of love that you were, and for spreading such unconditional love to everyone you met. Today, we had to say our final goodbyes before we meet again in heaven. It’s so hard to imagine life without you, and it’s hard to express how I feel about it, so i’m gonna do a check in. I feel sadness, regret, and joy. Sad, that i’ll never get to hug you again. Regret, that I didn’t tell you how much you meant to me and my family when I had the chance. And joyful, that you get to be with Baby, and Rocket, and that you’re finally free from any suffering. I know that although the world lost such an amazing human, everyone you touched gained an angel in heaven looking out for them and your soul lives on in the impact you made on everyone’s lives. I love you. unconditionally and irrevocably. keep the pups company until we can join you okay? with all the love in the world,

Jacqueline Gerrie

August 1, 2018

continued from post
Below.....with struggles I’ve had in the last few years. I will say now ..,to know him was to love him. If you met Frank, he would leave his mark. I listened to a voicemail he left me after Jael Lyn Burroughs called to tell me the tragic news yesterday afternoon. I’ll never forget that feeling , shock and disbelief, a literal nightmare come true. I thought No! Not Frankie. He was a good man, never judgmental of others journey and their life choices. In the voicemail I frantically searched for... he said what he always said to me at the start of a text voicemail or phone call. “Jax callin to sprinkle some love on ya .” I actually use this term to this day bc of Him. He looked tough but he always loved to sprinkle some love wherever he went. 😘Every time we talked we picked up right where we left off. Frank helped me through some of the most traumatic events in my life but our most favorite thing to talk about was being an aunt and uncle! He absolutely loved being an uncle to Shane, Dax, and Fiona. Grateful to his sister for these gifts. We often shared pictures and videos with one another of our littles. Clearly we were both proud to do so! Grateful for the gifts our siblings gave us. I am most definitely rambling and I probably will post more on his page bc my mind is still racing and there is so much to share about him. Frankie here’s what I want to say if I could see your face right now “ I love you, always always.” Your legacy will be shared by many and you will not be forgotten. “I’ll be seeing you” #onedaycloser Thanks for the laughs, smiles, those big bear hugs that literally lifted me up off the ground, and thank you for believing.., xoxo 💋

Sandy & Dan Faltermeier - I am truly grateful for you two and the man you raised. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Your son saved me in many ways, one way was to choose to live sober. I love him. Always will.

Meredith: Thanks for sharing your baby brother with us all. So grateful.

Jacqueline Gerrie

August 1, 2018

Frank Joseph Faltermeier . Truly one of my dearest and most inspiring friends. Resting In peace. I have been unable to find the words. So I’ll try now and hope it makes sense because he always knew the perfect thing to say. I am absolutely heartbroken. This is a huge loss for so many. One of the most devastating losses I’ve experienced. I’ve known him for the majority of my life. That scrawny short blonde haired cutie who literally made us cry laughing in the halls of Beck Junior High. Jokes we literally still refer to this day. (In fact, one I mentioned to Jael and Michelle in a group text Saturday.) Little did we know that Frankie would become a much taller stronger man (literally) and he would impact the lives of many. Making sure to leave you with a smile and feeling better about yourself. He believed in people. He wanted to make a difference, and he did so effortlessly. Even at his worst he was still better than the average guy. A truly altruistic man. Thats what I choose to remember. He would mentor those in need, make you smile and appreciate life and that it’s worth living to the best of our abilities. A warrior, and if you were weak, he’d go to battle for you. Always finding opportunity to do a good deed, even for a stranger. Like the time we went to True Foods and he purposely didn’t finish his food so someone who was hungry on the street could have a meal as well. Whenever I had a rough time he always said “I’ll love you until you learn to love yourself Jax, you got this baby girl” He was like that brother everyone wanted in their corner.
Fought for what he believed in, even if it was arguing with me to believe in myself when I was hopeless, scared, sad insecure and unsure. He contacted me last week, probably to say something deep, inspirational and profound. Followed by something to make me laugh out loud. I missed the opportunity to talk to him. Although this makes me feel
Regret I can say most may not even know the impact he made in my life ..,

Michelle Stone

August 1, 2018

“Do what you can, with what you have, where you are” -Theodore Roosevelt-

Frankie, you did exactly that! You touched every persons soul you met. Your laughter, hugs, sense of humor, and loving spirit will forever live in our hearts. You will not be forgotten Sweet Frankie.
Love you, buddy
Michelle Stone

sydney arana

July 31, 2018

Frank I am going to miss you so incredibly much. You were one of my best friends at UTA and I know our paths crossed for a reason. You gave me courage to follow my dreams, get out of my comfort zone and made everything such fun. I'll never forget all of our conversations and memories. I have a letter you wrote for me when I moved that will hang in my room to remind me to keep pushing forward. You were such an amazing person. I wish I could be in TX to say good bye but I know you know how much you mean to me. Love you.

Roman Garcia

July 31, 2018

Frank you were an amazing friend who I admired so much! You made a friend of anyone!! You were such a loving, kind, giving, and generous person!! I will also cherish the many conservations we had with one another! Thank you for everything and you will forever be missed!!! Love you always!!