Ingeborg J Fairweather

August 19, 1920February 11, 2021
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She possesses a brilliant smile and greets everyone with a warm hello and a laugh. She carries herself with a soft-spoken sweetness and grace that was apparent in her interactions with those around her. She is always easy to spot in a crowded room—just look for her timeless Dutch boy hairstyle, always styled, always snow white. If you called her Mom, Grandmother, Great-grandmother, Oma, Omie, Aunt, Tante, Sister, Schwester or Friend, you were truly blessed indeed.

Ingeborg Johanna Kaethe Reitz Fairweather was born in Braunfels Germany on August 19th 1920. At age two, Inge knew she wanted to be a dancer. She loved to tell the story about how she climbed on top of the family piano as a toddler because it made a great stage for tap dancing. By age 5, Inge began formal training in classic ballet. Her first performance was for the King and Queen in Copenhagen; she was eight years old. She became a professional film starlet of the 1930s, and toured Europe as the Prima ballerina of the Oteros Brandel Ballet Company of Berlin.

Inge married US Army Sergeant First Class Kaiser Davis in 1955. By 1958, the couple moved with their two children Sonya and Raymond to Ft. Riley, Kansas United States before finally settling in Colorado Springs, Colorado in 1962. Inge began working for Hewlett Packard with her sister Marianne, retiring after 15 years. She enjoyed her retirement immensely, travelling to Cairo, Egypt, the Holy Lands of Jerusalem, Madrid, Spain, Florence, Italy and the Virgin Islands.

In 1980, Inge remarried. She moved to La Isla Verde, Puerto Rico with her husband, US Army Major Ben Fairweather. Inge’s children and grandchildren, Inga and Adam, enjoyed years of family vacations with her and Grandpa Ben in their beachfront home, near historic San Juan.

After her husband Ben’s passing, Inge continued her passion for beach destination travel, moving to Puerto Angel, Mexico and later Huatulco, Mexico where she resided until 2013 relishing in the lifelong friendships made during her years there. Inge then made one last move to Texas, to live among her family, Sonya and husband John, Ray and wife Rena, her grandson Adam Phifer, granddaughter and namesake Inga Van Wagoner and husband John, and her 5 great grandchildren Nate King, Austin, Chase, Tyler and Montana Van Wagoner. In addition to her love for travel, Inge was an accomplished artist, and an avid animal lover. Her menagerie of pets included cats, show breed German Shepherds, Great Danes and Boxers, ferrets, squirrels, parakeets, parrots, eagles, flamingos, and the occasional lion cub and lynx. No creature great or small was immune to her charm; she was a true “Mother Nature.” Inge was a faithful member of the Rosicrucian Order and held the distinction of the first woman inducted into the prestigious Military Order of World Wars, an honor traditionally reserved for decorated officers of the US military.

Inge is loved and adored by her very large extended family and countless friends who were always excited to see her at holidays and family gatherings. Her greatest joy came from attending their plays, recitals, runway shows, soccer, football, and basketball games, gymnastics meets and “family dinners.” She made our lives rich and full of love, laughter, and treasured memories. Let her strength and spirit remind us to be more, to give more, and to love more. To our matriarch, thank you for blessing us with the timeless gift of your heart, your love, and your legacy.


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    Saturday, February 20, 2021



Ingeborg J Fairweather

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Kelley Maguire

February 22, 2021

Sweet Omie, I feel so blessed to have known you. I’ll always remember how accepting you were of me from the moment that we met. You always made me feel like part of the family. I’ll always remember your stories and your smile that could light up any room.
Thank you for sharing your light and love with me.


Patria Mestey Perez

February 22, 2021

Dearest Inge I’m happy to say that, I too, was a part of your large list of dear friends. Those were the times of Beach, n fun in the sun days when we first met. A glorious time in Huatulco.
I have such fond memories of all the time I spent with you either at the beach, or at your lovely apartment. Being in your company, alone or with a group of others, was always a treat. I always felt calm n tranquil while we ate from the delicious meals you made for us. During those visits You gifted me with stories of your colorful n adventurous life as we Sipped wine on your terrace. Having been your friend is a memory that I will treasure always. You will be in my thoughts n heart now as you were then!! My fondest memory of you is your love for your beloved blue truck. I’d see the truck out on the road n it was as if it drove itself. You were invisible behind the wheel, you were so short n the truck so big you disappeared from behind the wheel!! I always found that so funny seeing the truck drive itself n not seeing your beautiful face. You definitely were one of a kind, unique n all encompassing!! Love ya girl n will def miss the glory days we had together. 🥰💋💫

Gre Vaughn

February 20, 2021

What an honor it was to produce the Video Biography of Inga Fairweather.
I remember being stunned as she shared her WW II experiences on camera.
I felt like I was reliving history though the eyes of one that experienced the horrors of war.
Today we wear our brightest colors to celebrate the life of Inga Fairweather!

Greg Vaughn
Video Biography Company

Sylvana Kenebrew

February 20, 2021

Memories of growing up with Tante Inge are cherished in my heart. How blessed our families were to live around the corner (up the alley) from each other.
Inge and Marianne, two Schewestern, continuing their sibling bond and raising their families. Tante Inge’s home was her canvas. Her pride and flair for elegance and design was a show place of the neighborhood, gorgeous inside and out. Tante Inge worked diligently to create a home where she could entertain family and friends. Her patio and holiday parties remain etched in my mind. In the summer, her garden and flower beds were envious, producing the most vibrant, gorgeous blooms.
Most weekends the Schewestern played marathon Bid Whist games with their spouses. I learned some savory language expressions during those marathons.
Tante Inge taught me how to swim. I can still hear her instructing me on how to swim the perfect Breaststroke.
Tante Inge loved camping, fishing, and spending time in the mountains. She brought to my attention, the profile of Jesus' face that can be seen on Pikes Peak, something I had never noticed until that time. Her innate way with animals was something to marvel. She found a baby squirrel and domesticated him.
As the two family’s nests emptied, Tante Inge was free to fully realize her wanderlust. She packed up and started her journey to warm, tropical climes, new adventures, and friendships that would follow her the remainder of her life.
Tante Inge created a beautiful life that spanned decades and places. Along the way, raising amazing children to carry on her legacy. She showered her light on everyone she knew and loved.
Tante Inge, I love and miss you!

Sarah Sotero

February 20, 2021

I had the pleasure of meeting Inge , I had the privilege of hearing her wonderful and amazing life story . I sat with with mama and we talked for hours about her amazing life .I am so happy that I was able to be touched by mama .My deepest condolences to the family . Rena and Ray you are in my heart and I love you both very much and wish I could have been there !Whenever grief tries to steal the beauty of your memories ,just remember Love .Never .Dies.

Duke Taylor

February 19, 2021

herzliches Beileid. Das tut mir sehr leid

I only got to know Inge a few times through my mom and dad in Mexico. We were in Huatulco. Las Bahias de Huatulco. Lots of Mosquitos. Lots of great sunshine. And the wonderful sounds of "cacahuaaaaaaaates! cacahuateeees!" I love languages and I have since studied German more formally. I absolutely can't wait to take more classes. That day... I remember we were playing Rummikub... I had never played before. On that day I learned how to play Rummikub. On a beach... In Huatulco...

My dad told me about Inge before we got to the beach, but hearing her stories in person was like talking to a "living" museum of art --- is the best way I can phrase it. Sometimes you meet someone and they leave an impression on you as if you have known them all your life.

While we were playing... "Was ist das?" she said... AND I understood... She quickly corrected herself, laughing.... with her Inge laughter... She said,

"I didn't realize I just started speaking in German."

We all laughed. It was a good laugh. Her laughter gave us permission to join her. The funny thing is that in my head I knew the answer (simple german), but the words had not yet made the connection to leave my mouth.

Thank you Inge for inspiring me to learn German. I have now been to Germany twice, and I have a few friends who speak the language natively. I can't wait to go again *fingers crossed*

Thank you Inge because I have since taken classes at the Goethe Institut in Washington, DC. The classes are *not* cheap. Not cheap at all, jejeje... but I think about Inge and her AMAZING life, and I push forward to learn one.... more... word. Just one more phrase. "You must do it," I tell myself. "Inge would want this," I joke.

and because of that one time, when I met Inge. On a Beach. In Las Bahias de Huatulco. I will carry that moment forever. Gracias por ese momento, Inge.

Aloha Reina
Duke Manuhulu T.

Sharon & Troy Taylor

February 19, 2021

What a wonderful sweet soul Inga was. Although I only got to be around her a handful of times, I consider each one a true blessing. She was so much fun and so interesting, I could have sat and listened to her tell stories for hours! She will no doubt be missed by everyone that knew her but what a legacy she leaves behind.
Thank you for sharing her with so many of us and also for posting all of the pictures, they brought a smile along with some tears to both Troy and I as we scrolled through them. We especially love the one of her and the swimming cat as that was one of our favorite Inga stories.
We are holding all of you close to our hearts and praying that the good times and memories that you shared as a family will help carry you on this journey and get you through the difficult days ahead.

Jim and Pat Smith

February 17, 2021

We had the privilege and honor of knowing Inga and truly enjoyed our conversations with her. What an amazing lady. Loved listening to the stories of her life experiences.

Rena Davis

February 14, 2021

I really can’t believe that you are gone. Mama you were my world for so long.
I remember us taking our mystery tours around Dallas. Coming home and having a glass of wine and play rummikub. I enjoyed our quality time alone.
The most kind and generous person I have ever met in my life.
You were my mama, too.
Rest In Peace
I love you and I am going to miss you so much.