Frank Cortez Jr.

March 13, 1936April 2, 2018
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Frank Cortez Jr. was born on March 13, 1936 and passed away on April 2, 2018


  • Anthony Cortez
  • Eddie Herrera
  • Jimmy Caraveo
  • Micahel Caraveo
  • Tony Caraveo
  • David Velasquez
  • Eric Cardenas
  • Andrew Cardenas


  • Visitation Thursday, April 12, 2018
  • Rosary Friday, April 13, 2018
  • Mass of Christian Burial Friday, April 13, 2018
  • Committal Service Friday, April 13, 2018

Frank Cortez Jr.

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Cindie Cortez

April 12, 2018

Miss my father-in-law. I don’t have as many memories as most, but he was loved and respected by myself and many others. See you in heaven Frank!

Patricia Espinosa, Koenig

April 9, 2018

Frank was a great man. I will always remember playing with his children at there house. I never saw him mad or upset. At the time he was a single father. And a darn good father. I haven’t seen Frank in many years but in touch with his son who has also become a very good man. One I’m sure Frank is proud of. You will be greatly missed. ❤️

Benjamin Lopez

April 5, 2018

Una memoria hacerca de Frank? Cual escojo tenemos miles de ellas juntos cual escoger no se todas son buenas. Por la clase de hombre, de caballero, de amigo que fue. Hace dos semanas me llamo y su saludo de siempre “que se oye Benja” lo recuerdo como si fuera ayer me pregunto cómo está todo en Suramérica dime tu para darle información a Marquitos (SV) así ya saben cómo viene la temporada y estamos al pendiente y dame una llamada para irnos a comer te debo una comida y platicamos. El lunes 2 de abril me llamaron los muchachos de SV para invitarme a comer yo espere ver a Frank ahí porque siempre estaba en las comida conmigo, el jamás llegó y los muchachos me dieron la mala noticia de tu partida. Frank muchas cosas buenas y malos ratos pero siempre lo sacábamos adelante como amigos y profesionales que somos. Frank muchos años trabajando juntos en Mexico, USA, el “Que se oye Benja” no lo volveré a escuchar pero tu recuerdo y consejos siempre estarán conmigo. descansa en paz, compañero.
To choose a memory of Frank you ask? I have thousands, all good. Do to the gentleman, stand up guy, and friend that he was. About 2 weeks ago you called to check in and as always “What are you hearing Ben” I remember like it was just yesterday you called. You would always ask how it was in South America so you could give Little Mark the information or if we knew how the season was coming and to make sure to let you know when I was back so we can have that lunch you owed me and catch up. On April 2nd the guys from SV called to invite me to eat. I expected to see you here and you never got there. That’s when the guys gave me the bad news. Frank we went through a lot good times and bad times but we always were able to work together as friend and professionals and figure out a solution. Frank si many years working together in Mexico and USA. The “What are you hearing Ben” I will never hear again. I’ll never forget you and the wisdom you shared with me. Rest In Peace my good friend.

Irene Hafer

April 5, 2018

In memory of our Uncle Frank whom we will miss greatly and carry in our hearts, always.

I met a man when I was a young man.
His strong hands scooped out earth from fields
Of California gold.
He gave dignity to his weathered and well-seasoned skin.
He had a well-developed eye for the fruits of his world's labor.
He didn't own anything in the Central Valley,
But it was his paradise.
And with a smile on his face,
He did his part to put a piece of that paradise on dinner tables
All across this great land.
Frank, you were a good steward of heaven's bounty on earth.
And in the next life may there be grapes along your path.
So you can stop,
Those big hands comforted by angels,
And pick the perfect grape from every vine.
And enjoy a taste of paradise from time to time.

David Hafer
April 4, 2018

Rosie Medrano

April 5, 2018

Dedicated to my Pops Frank:
F is for Faithful... Pops was exceptionally faithful in his religious faith & beliefs, R is for Respectful... Pops was ever the proper courteous gentleman, respectful of everyone he knew & encountered, A is for Awesome... Pops was one of the most awesome, decent & honest human beings I have ever known in my lifetime, N is for Noble... he was noble in the manner in which he conducted himself, but most importantly, the way he made others feel important, K is for Knowledgeable… Pops was an immense wealth of knowledge in all areas of life, C is for Compassionate… Pops was wholly & unequivocally compassionate & lived his life serving & helping all others, O is for Open-hearted… Pops was always open-hearted as well as open-minded, he ALWAYS gave others the benefit of the doubt & was a kind & forgiving soul, R is for Reliable… when Pops said he would do something, his word was gold – he firmly believed that one had to be reliable & accountable not just to others, but more so to ones’ self! T is for Thankful… Pops was ever thankful for his all family, friends & co-workers, & he was thankful for his life relishing every single moment! E is for Empowering… he had the empowering philosophy that any and every one could reach for the stars no matter what they had gone through or where they were, that life was a journey & that it was possible to look in the mirror & love the person looking back at you! Z is for Zealous… Pops was zealous in his belief that anyone could live a decent & dignified life no matter your walk of life.
I shall miss your ready twinkly smile Pops, & the way you always made me feel blessed no matter what I was going through… Rest among the Angels!

Peter Arellanes

April 5, 2018

"Don Pancho" will be sorely missed by those of us who worked with him for so many years. He had so many qualities--decency, compassion, self-control, abnegation, courtesy, diligence, honesty, piety--that are glaringly absent in today's culture. His vitality was a source of joy and inspiration. Frank rose early every day to pray the Rosary and the world is a better place because of it. May he rest in the peace and love of God.

Edd Cadena

April 5, 2018

June and I were blessed to have Frank as a friend, mentor and father figure. With his loss we have lost a wealth of knowledge about the grape industry. Gloria thank you and your 'Gordo' Love You Edd & June Cadena



      When someone is identified as a natural leader, certain images come to mind. First thoughts are of a no-nonsense, tough-minded, dedicated and disciplined person. This description accurately fits Frank Cortez Jr. who was indeed a born manager. He will be remembered as being highly organized, practical and realistic. He was a person who always carried a strong sense of duty with him throughout his life. Possessed with traditional “old school” morals, Frank was an individual who clearly communicated to those around him just who he was and what he was all about. Everyone acquainted with Frank knew him as a well-respected man who was a stable force in his community.

      Frank was born on March 13, 1936 at Earlimart in Earlimart California. His parents were Frank Sr. and Beatrice Cortez. Frank was raised in Earlimart. Even as a youngster, Frank learned to be objective and decisive. His faith in the principles of authority and dependability was something that he carried with him throughout his life.

      As a young boy, Frank was able to put his natural abilities to work. He was a bit like the sergeant of the family, helping to make sure that the others did what they should do and that they avoided those things they weren’t supposed to. In other words, he liked to organize and direct. Frank was raised with Two siblings. Irene and Margie. Frank had an inborn appreciation for the order in the family, allowing for the oldest members to be the most respected and to take on the most responsibility. For Frank, this was a natural order of life, one he gladly embraced.

      Frank's matter-of-fact attitude about most things was developed during his childhood. As a young boy, Frank enjoyed being part of teams, and organizations and groups of other kids who shared similar interests. Frank Took part in baseball as a pitcher. Nicknamed Bear. He was a self starter business man who went around polishing shoes to earn enough money for candy. In his spare time he liked to play marbles with his friends. Frank's memorable accomplishment was being the first grandchild to hang out with his uncles at a local bar and being fed hard boiled eggs while his uncles quenched their thirst.

      In school, Frank was as close to being a model student as one could possibly imagine. He sought to achieve perfect attendance in all of his classes. He would eagerly complete his homework, and often put in extra study time when he felt it was necessary. A logical and focused thinker, Frank was always good at following directions and meeting his schedules, whether they were set by his teachers or were self-imposed. Frank’s personal motto could well have been, “Do it right the first time.” He graduated from Delano High School in 1955. He enjoyed some courses more than others, having favorite classes and teachers. Playing for the high school baseball team.

      Frank was sociable and approachable. Because he was always so straightforward in how he approached relationships, friends and family knew that what they saw was always what they got. He enjoyed the camaraderie of being with a group of friends. When Frank was a member of a group, his interaction worked to keep the others grounded. He wasn’t afraid to confront his friends and, when necessary, he challenged them to stick to the task at hand. Those close to Frank came to expect his high standards of performance. While growing up, some of his best friends were Rudy Campos, Willie Rivera, Shorty Espitia, Sal Cruz, among other Earlimart and Delano youngsters. Later in life, he became friends with Johnny Zaninovich, Al Ybarra, David Velasquez, and other great friends.

      An objective and conscientious individual, Frank reveled in the security of his family. On 1972 Frank exchanged wedding vows with Gloria Alicia Gomez at the Delano of Delano California. One of Frank’s most endearing qualities was his uncanny ability to remember important dates and anniversaries, and his unending enthusiasm for organizing a celebration for his family and friends.

      Frank was ever watchful of his children. He worried about them and was deeply concerned for their development as they grew up. He maintained a firm hand in their upbringing. Frank would give his stamp of approval to their requests, as long as he could see how they might benefit. He also had the ability to enforce the rules as needed to ensure that his children were properly raised. Frank was blessed with Seven children, Four sons, Anthony, Frankie, Jimmy, Tony and three daughters, Antoinette, Carmela and Catalina. They were also blessed with Twenty three grandchildren and nineteen great grand children, Nathan, Zachary, Jennifer, Michael, Jackie, Natalie, Erik, Joaquin, Gabriel, Katie, Dallas, Tony, David, Adam, Andres, Selina, Andrew, Eric, Cynthia, Anthony, Jimmy, Joshua,Viviana.

      Being a hard worker who praised efficiency, Frank was always striving to make improvements where they were necessary. He was able to analyze situations and problems, keeping everything and everyone on track. An excellent project supervisor, Frank was a person who could quickly make decisions based on the information available. He worked cooperatively and expected the same from his colleagues. In both his personal and professional environments, Frank upheld his standards. His primary occupation was a fruit inspector. He was employed for over 30 years. Frank was a team player who certainly lived out the motto of “give me a job, and I will get it done.”

      Frank was a Navy veteran. His sense of duty helped lead him into the military where his understanding of rank, his willingness to abide by rules and regulations and his desire to follow orders was admired by his fellow service men and women. He was stationed in Hawaii. Frank was fortunate not be sent to war. Through his hard work and dedication.

      Frank approached his leisure time in the same manner that he approached his life. A person who enjoyed being neat and orderly and one who understood the nature of things, he appreciated the hours he was able to devote to his various hobbies. His favorite pursuits were photography " not professional", re-stringing tennis rackets, working on his 57 Bel-Air coupe, and wine tasting. Frank was content to enjoy his favorite pastimes alone but was also willing to share his interests with others.

      Playing by the rules was a natural thing for Frank to do in life and that carried over to his enjoyment of sports. In high school, Frank played baseball. Recreational sports included dancing. He also was something of a sports fan and enjoyed watching his favorite events whenever he got the opportunity. Tops on his list were MLB, NFL, NBA.

      Being generous with his time and energy, Frank liked to belong to a variety of groups and organizations. He was a vocal leader who enjoyed being a part of things. His desire to uphold traditions and his ability to take charge of any type of project made him a tremendous asset. Throughout his later years, Frank was an active member of the Nights of Columbus, the Elks Club & Board Member of Delano Youth Foundation.

      A civic-minded person, Frank was usually ready to jump in and help with community activities. He was the type of person who could masterfully organize events and projects and then see to it that they were run in an efficient and timely manner. Frank was a member of several community groups in the community of Delano. During these years, Frank applied his analytical intellect to problem solving and so was an asset on most committees.

      Faith was important to Frank. He held high moral standards and was worried about the moral decay he saw around him. For that reason he held deep spiritual beliefs that he was willing to share. He was a member Saint Mary's Church. During that time, he was an usher and sang in the Saint Mary's choir years ago. He also attended Saint Antony,s Retreat on a regular basis.

      When it came time to travel or take a vacation, Frank used his scheduling expertise to make sure everyone and everything was ready to go. That also meant that he made certain no single person was overworked in putting the trip together. Frank had a knack for making sure that everyone who was involved had their specific tasks and that those tasks were completed. During his course of employment our father was fortunate enough to travel to many places. Pennsylvania, Chile, Argentina, Australia, Mexico, Italy, England. He loved to share his memories of traveling with us kids to the Grand Canyon in our famous yellow suburban.

      Frank was a lover of animals and cherished his pets. Frank loved all animals. His favorite breed was the German Shorthaired Pointer. They were best friends for Dad always made sure us kids had a pet growing up.

      When Frank’s finally retired he would still work six months out of the year. He was 82 and was determined to return to work this Summer 2018., he was well prepared. He used his critical evaluation skills to make sure that every detail had been preplanned and attended to Sunview. When dad was off season and not working he loved to take his wife to the casino, and visit his grandchildren. In many ways, Frank loved retirement. It provided him with the opportunity to catch up with his friends, attend functions and group outings, and tackle new interesting activities.

      Frank passed away on April 2, 2018 at Memorial Hospital in Bakersfield, California. Frank is survived by his wife Gloria, they were married 46 years. His seven children: Anthony (Cindie), Frankie (Michelle), Jimmy, Antoinette (Albert), Tony (Melissa), Carmella, Catalina (Eddie). Services were held at St. Mary's Church. Frank was laid to rest in North Kern Cemetery in Delano, California.

      All who knew him would agree that Frank was a pillar of the community. He lived his life with his feet firmly on the ground. He had a strong work ethic, was pragmatic in his thoughts and acts, and constantly sought the means for self-improvement. He was willing to share his ideas and knowledge for the benefit of others, so that they could accomplish more in their lives. Frank Cortez Jr. did his best to ensure that his family, friends, loved ones, co-workers, and everyone whose life he touched was given the chance to become a better person.