Claudene Kalkhorst

December 24, 1919April 26, 2013

Claudene Kalkhorst 12/24/1919-04/26/2013

The Kalkhorst family became a part of the Holy Family Parish and School in 1952. At that time the little house at 4145 Vrain St. served as a starting place for the family of 6, Dad Jack, Mom Claudene, and 4 adopted children. John starting first grade at Holy Family in 1954, Mary in 1957, Don and Ron in 1959, this service to the parish and school would bring this family a life time of friends and memories forever.

In 1955 the family moved to 4601 Raleigh St. which served as the Kalkhorst residence for 20 years. This house on the corner saw boys playing baseball, football, basketball, golf, classes building floats for the HFHS homecomings and the graduation of 4 children that the education Jack and Claudene insisted on came from the halls of Holy Family School. Claudine’s service to the school and parish that started in 1953 with her joining PTA continuing on with that organization till the last of the kids graduated from High School in 1972. Claudene could be found participating in Alter & Rosary, PTA, CPTA, organizing carnivals, and den mother for cub scouts, catholic daughters, working and running the school cafeteria, and transporting kids to and from school events.

Claudene always wanted to be a business woman so in 1972 along with her sister Marianne Petersen started the “Super Seconds Store located at 130 W. 84th Ave. Denver, Co. this would become her dream that she dedicated the remaining years of her life to serving the community thru the business. In 2007 due to the start of ill health at the age of 87 the business she loved closed. She always would say that "I want to go around again. I want to know what I know now, and I want to go around again."

She is survived by her 4 children, John, Mary Kalkhorst- Pershing-Moses, Don and Ron, Sister Francis Lenz of Elmwood Neb. she was the grandmother of 12, and great grandmother of 26 and numerous nieces and nephews. She is preceded in death by her husband Jack (1996), grandson Nathan Kalkhorst (2003), great grandchildren Rayne Kalkhorst, and Noah Gates (2009) son-in-law Jess Moses (2004). She touched many lives and she will be sadly missed by everyone.


  • The Recitation of the Rosary Friday, May 3, 2013
  • The Mass of Christian Burial Monday, May 6, 2013
  • The Committal, Commendation & Interment Monday, May 6, 2013

Claudene Kalkhorst

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Mary Moses

November 30, 2013

Dear Mom,
This Christmas will not be the same this year. I will miss telling you Happy Birthday on Dec. 24. I hope you have a nice one just the same. Love you,

Nathan Kalkhorst 2nd

May 20, 2013

I remember wonderful times coming over to Great Grandma Kalkhorst house spending the weekend with Papa Ron and Grandma Kalkhorst. Grandma always loved going for rides in her car and eating out. The most important part in grandma eating out, she loved her glass of wine with her dinner. Grandma loved guest who would meet us at the restaurant for dinner or lunch. I would watch how papa Ron took care of grandma Kalkhorst making meals for us and putting grandma to bed. Grandma would tell Papa Ron "God bless you.” I am so lucky to have you! Great grandma Kalkhorst we were so lucky to have you. Love you always!

Mary Pershing- Moses Daughter

May 8, 2013

I will always be grateful for the strength you have given me to survive. Even when my life was in at its lowest I could reach out and you would tell me to " pick your battles wisely", I have and I did with courage and grace. Always with your thoughts there. You are at peace now resting with Dad, Nathan, Noah, and Jess. Have fun riding the motorcycle with Jess. Love you all.

Children of Claudene Kalkhorst

May 8, 2013

We would like to thank all the family and friends for all the memories of Grandma.
Children: John Kalkhorst, Mary Kalkhorst Pershing-Moses, Don Kalkhorst, Ron Kalkhorst
Aimee Kalkhorst-Brown,Brion Kalkhorst,Leslie Kalkhorst-Bonnell,Heidi Kalkhorst
Heather Pershing-Gates,Jeb Pershing,Katie Pershing-Jungclaus
Sean Kalkhorst,Josh Kalkhorst,Nikki Kalkhorst-Lundenberg,Tiffany Kalkhorst
Nathan Kalkhorst (2003)
Gread Grandkids:
Ryne Brown (1997),Max Brown,Maggie Brown,Ellie Brown
Olivia Kalkhorst,Sophia Kalkhorst,Ben Kalkhorst
Lia Bonnell,Lane Bonnell
Finnley Kalkhorst,Emma Kalkhorst
Evan, Ryan, Noah (2009) Sara Gates
Jack Pershing
Jessica Jungclaus
Dillon, Autumn,Brooklyn Kalkhorst
Alex,Caden, Jack, Sophia,Kalkhorst
Nathan Kalkhorst Jr.

Brion Kalkhorst Grandson

May 8, 2013

I remember spending the day at Grandma's store. she would put me to work and let me look through the clothes to see if there were any shorts I thought were cool. I would always stumble upon a toy and carefully ask Grandma if I could have it. She would always look at the price tag and joke about how expensive it was.
Some days I would stay overnight after spending the day with Grandma. we would walk into the house and see Grandpa cooking a homemade dinner for us. My favorite part was when Grandma opened her wine cooler because she always gave me a ship!
But most of all I remember Grandma's big heart, Throughout my life, I was constantly reminded of how special she was. My friends and friends of the family would always say "I love your Grandma" and tell me how sweet she was. I don't know anyone else who was a better role model, because of her I appreciate hard work and family values. When I look at my children I think about her raising four adopted children and what an incredible mother she was, I hope that my own children and anyone whose lives she touched will carry a piece of her heart and pass it on forever. Love you always and Miss you Grandma

Lia Bonnell Great Granddaughter

May 8, 2013

Great Grandma was a very considerate person and made the best of life in the hardest times. I remember we all would go to her house on Christmas Eve and give her a present. She was so grateful and always said "I'm a lucky old lady", even when she was in the hospital and we visited her. That was the last time I saw her.

Dave Brown Grandson inlaw

May 8, 2013

Visiting Grandma at her store for her Birthday and seeing how much she loved it and how the customers loved her.

Chad Bonnell Grandson in law

May 8, 2013

I looked forward to our annual visits to the store and her house on Christmas Eve. She always so happy to see us and made us feel loved.

Leslie-Kalkhorst Bonnell Granddaughter

May 8, 2013

My fondest memory woul have to be during a trip to Hawaii,Grandma was driving Heather,Katie,Aimee and I to some tourist destination, to us grandkids delight the song "Panama" by Van Halen came on the radio per our request she cranked it up full blast and we all proceeded to "Rock Out" in the car including Grandma!
I remember thinking "there is no other grandma in the world that would allow this!" She is truly one of a kind.

Heidi Kalkhorst Granddaughter

May 8, 2013

Was anyone else from my family on the trip when Grandma was trying to get into the van? I think we were at Barnacle Billy's and she had had one too many wine coolers and kept laughing so hard that she couldn't get herself into our van! Makes me laugh out loud every time I think about it!