James William STOBIE

October 23, 1984November 8, 2017

James William Stobie gained considerable notoriety during his all too short life of thirty-three years as a filmmaker who self-produced documentary styled videos portraying life as a rail riding traveler-- AKA 'Stobe the Hobo." His accomplishments were many, but his time here on earth encompassed so much more than that. He was the beloved Son of Michael J Stobie (Thornton) and Mary Stobie Lechman (Wheat Ridge); Brother of Lily Ribeiro; Brother in law to Wagner Ribeiro ; Uncle to Noah and Bianca Ribeiro Longmont); Grandson of Marilyn Stobie (Ukiah, California); Nephew to Timothy Stobie (Martha's Vineyard, Massachusetts) and Catherine Stobie (Fort Bragg, California); and a cherished friend to many (the World). To some he will become a legend through his life's work and to others he will be fondly remembered solely for his quirky yet lovable self as evidenced by his humor, fierce wit, compassion, dead-pan delivery, solicited and unsolicited commentary on just about anything, unbridled passion for unconventional living, mad piano skills, the enormous talent that he generously shared with all whose lives he intersected with, and countless other things. He will indeed be greatly missed by all who knew him while leaving an irreparable gaping hole in the hearts, minds and souls of his family.


  • Graveside Service Monday, November 20, 2017


James William STOBIE

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Brain the hobo Beer n Chicken

October 10, 2019

Stobe was a wanderer who loved to ride the rails,
A genuine hobo, full of life and wonderful tails.

Truly one of a kind, deep down a simple man,
Ill keep it short, much love from a fan.

Stobe, you are missed. R.i.p

Gavin Hunter

September 8, 2019

Hi stobe from the UK didn't get the chance to meet you but everytime I watch your videos, I feel like I'm their riding with you. Hope you're riding the tracks up their with a 30 pack of ying ling haha. Love you brother.

John Hazelbaker

July 23, 2019

You surely were a Free Bird and a Multi-talented person! Love your videos and I share your passion for trains and adventure as you did. You brought joy to us all with your beautiful videos and humor along the way! Wish I could of met you and had the privilege to hang with you on a train ride. Rest in a peace my brother and save a spot for me on a boxcar when we meet on the other side! I’ll get the beer and chicken! Love you Brother!

Janet Vierra

July 23, 2019

I love Stobe the Hobo, and you, Jim have truly lived well before you had to part. Thank you for sharing your immense talent with us. I was impressed by your film making, piano skills, and your multi-lingual abilities. You are truly one of a kind, and priceless. Now you are in God's world, and living the high life I am sure. I suspect that beer in Heaven is the best, and so are the trains. So long my friend, until we meet again.

Shameer Ali Shaik

July 18, 2019

past couple of weeks i started watching videos of this train hopping man and i enjoyed every bit of STOBE THE HOBE's videos.

The way he enjoys his beer and a slice of pizza, he drops by after a long journey and explores the nearby town with his way of praising the architecture and the buildings he sees. his words "best of all the thing is its free here".

today, i googled about the hobo and came to know that he is no more, felt really bad and almost into tears..

hope this man enjoys his train trips in heaven..
will pray for Stobie.. rest in peace my friend.

Hans Arne Sundgot

June 8, 2019

Just finished watching a lot of Stobe the Hobos videos on Youtube. Amazing to see how cool, but dangerous the train hopping really is. All respect for the men and women who train hop. They get to see scenery most of us can only dream about and watch on Youtube. I will watch his videos for a long time. RIP Stobe the Hobo. You gave us the unknown USA from your videos for the world to see. I hope you will be remembered for a long time through your videos.

John Maher

May 29, 2019

A friend of mine knew I was a part time foamer and said that I should check out Stobe the Hobo and sent me a link to one of his videos. I was instantly hooked and have watched most of his clips, yet I always seem to find more great adventures of Stobe the Hobo & Wingman. I was so sad to hear that he was already gone almost two years before I even started watching his documentary adventure videos. I play guitar so I really loved his piano playing...simply so fantastic. True artist and talent. I'm a retired Firefighter so I am truly proud of his service to our Country in the USCG...and funny enough I'm writing this on the Tuesday after Memorial Day Weekend 2019 so God bless you Stobe the Hobo for prtecting our Country and also sending blessings to his family and friends from a true fan. You will be missed by many and I just discovered you.
Loved his beer, pizza and chicken reports for fellow future riders. I loved the way he still respected the Foamers with a little smirk even though he knew Hobo status is a higher rank in the world of trains. God Bless Stobe the Hobo.

John, Cape Coral, FL

Brian Beardsley

May 18, 2019

I just found out about your YouTube channel and I started binge watching it . In one of your videos you mentioned Duluth, MN my hometown . I thought if you ever came by this way, I wouldn't mind hopping a train with you . Then I found out about the awful news . You seemed like a really cool and talented guy RIP brother !

Rob Smith

May 15, 2019

Jim you touched my life, Peace on your final travel. a friend

Jamie Griffin

April 27, 2019

You'll live forever with the work you left behind! Only wish I could have met you! Fly high...