James William STOBIE

October 23, 1984November 8, 2017

James William Stobie gained considerable notoriety during his all too short life of thirty-three years as a filmmaker who self-produced documentary styled videos portraying life as a rail riding traveler-- AKA 'Stobe the Hobo." His accomplishments were many, but his time here on earth encompassed so much more than that. He was the beloved Son of Michael J Stobie (Thornton) and Mary Stobie Lechman (Wheat Ridge); Brother of Lily Ribeiro; Brother in law to Wagner Ribeiro ; Uncle to Noah and Bianca Ribeiro Longmont); Grandson of Marilyn Stobie (Ukiah, California); Nephew to Timothy Stobie (Martha's Vineyard, Massachusetts) and Catherine Stobie (Fort Bragg, California); and a cherished friend to many (the World). To some he will become a legend through his life's work and to others he will be fondly remembered solely for his quirky yet lovable self as evidenced by his humor, fierce wit, compassion, dead-pan delivery, solicited and unsolicited commentary on just about anything, unbridled passion for unconventional living, mad piano skills, the enormous talent that he generously shared with all whose lives he intersected with, and countless other things. He will indeed be greatly missed by all who knew him while leaving an irreparable gaping hole in the hearts, minds and souls of his family.


  • Graveside Service

    Monday, November 20, 2017


James William STOBIE

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Michael bvlgari

June 18, 2021

Thanks Stobe for making such beautiful cool video's. So nice to see another part of life through a different lens. You are missed! Much Love.

Garnet Fox

May 12, 2021

Remembering Stobe today. One of a kind!

Jim Michael

March 28, 2021

Found him very interesting he is a very nice guy who seemed to love life with an open heart. I really love his piano music 🎶 I can listen to it for hours. He will be surely missed but his videos will carry his soul on towards eternal peacfullness.GREAT JOB STOBE. Your friend Jim.

Jeff Valiton

March 17, 2021

His videos are incredible. What a character. His dry wit and self-acceptance are rare and inspiring. His beautiful piano playing that accompanies the imagery often brings tears to my eyes. A soul truly worth remembering.

“Doc” Smith

March 14, 2021

Found Jim “Stobe the Hobo” Stobie by chance on YouTube during the height of Covid Pandemic Shut down. I got a sense of peace and joy from his quick wit, piano music and love for freedom.
Thanks for helping me thru tough times,

Chuck Morris

March 9, 2021

Hobe Stobe
I'm trying to think of the right words...don't think I can. I bought a bottle of Wild Irish Rose today to drink with you. I stumbled upon your videos just 3 weeks ago and they have changed me. I'm doing the Hobo thing now in a way that you would have despised, as a couch surfer riding the rails with you via cheap cell phone.

I am binge watching every video you made, (that can still be found), and, like thousands of others, living the life I always dreamed of living vicariously through you. Thank you for making that possible.

This is an unexpected, unusual type of sorrow. So many ppl comment on your videos that they wish they could have known you. It's the same with me. The one thing that hits me hardest is that you always seemed so alone. Even though you didn't record it, I could feel the sadness you felt when Wingman would have to leave. I think you wished for the same thing most all of us wish for, but few of us ever find...a true friend. A best friend. A wife is a good thing, but that's not what I'm talking about. I mean, someone who understands. Someone who doesn't judge, who loves you for all that you are, good and bad, (because it takes both to make us who we are). Someone to share life's experiences with. Someone who never leaves.

Thousands of us wish we could have been that kind of friend with you. I am just another one of them. There's a reason for that Stobe. It's because of who you were. Who you are. What you did was just part of the puzzle. Your sense of humor, your artistry, your talent...just colors in your picture. I'm glad that I, by chance, get to witness it all.

ML&R Stobe. Enjoy Heaven. Hope to see you there. Love you Brother. Smallchange.

Jeremy Stone

March 8, 2021

Geez I don’t even know where to start. I spent the better half of the day today just watching trains go by the local station. I walked through the nearby brush between the river and the tracks and imagined all the other train riders who had camped out there waiting for the (horribly infrequent) rideable freights that come through there, just waiting for the right one. I found plenty of leftovers from the many who had to brave the weather, the bugs, the hunger, and the general hostility towards “bums” in my town. And I thought of how many must have stopped there to take a dip in the river to freshen up and cool off and take the scene in, praying another train comes soon or the one they hopped off doesn’t take off before they’re ready. I admired all of the holes in the bnsf fences from past travelers and beautiful ne’re-do-wells who made it easier for the simple life-lovers to continue their journey. I must have walked for miles.

I’m going to get out of here Stobe. I’m going to finally break free from this shell of a life, all these predisposed notions and expectations, this bullcrap idea of everything it means to be “normal:” work, love, fear, hate. I want everything this world can give me and I’m going to take it. I want to be free. I’m going to figure my sh** out and know what the heck I’m doing before I do it, because I know you would want that, but I’m going to do it. In the darkest hours of the night, I will ride the iron horse to freedom and you better believe I’m writing your name on the first car I get on. DONT BE A SNITCH

I hope this came off as cheerful as I actually feel and not depressing. Stobe, you’ll live in my heart forever, man. Bless the bums. And take care of your home bums, too, y’all. Among them are the best of us. So much love.

Roberto Denny

March 8, 2021

As a 27 year old with a lust for adventure and a “real job”, I’m stuck in what feels like a massive rut. What’s unbelievable is that I found your videos, found a love for you as a human, and found a reason to keep moving up. Your story and your ability to tell it have been inspiring over the past months and I’m incredibly grateful that you can continue to inspire the world. You’re a king of the rail - thanks so much James

Jacob Morris

February 8, 2021


So much I wanna say on here. So so so much gratitude I have for you man. I found you by happenstance from being in the deep corners of the Reddit comments and saw someone comment “Stobe Jim KINOBI... OUT”

Finding your channel saved my life. I hadn’t found weding yet, I hadn’t found what I was looking for in life, and there was so much I was making too complicated about life when in reality I just needed to enjoy cracking a beer and finding my simple pleasures and sticking to them. Who cares what other people think! I love a cheap beer, South Carolina native birds, and welding.

I spent so many lonely nights wishing I could have met you. You’re videos are so much more than about riding trains. I wish I could ask you so many things. I hope one day maybe I can work up the courage to write a book about your films, videos and life. You’re one of my hero’s.


John Preterotti

January 19, 2021

Stobe you have brought great joy to my darkness but im saddened knowing your are not with us but happy you are blessing the heavens with your one liners you will be missed and always loved but never forgotten