Billy Ray Jones "Bill"

August 19, 1947March 19, 2014

Billy Ray Jones "Bill" age 66, passed away on March 19, 2014, at his home in Arlington, WA. Bill was born to Claude and Mary Jones in Bremerton, WA on August 19, 1947. He graduated from Nathan Hale High School in 1965. He met Michelle Ahrens late in 1964 and they were married on December 31, 1966. He went into the Navy in October 1966 and served for four years. He received the National Defense Service Medal, the Viet Nam Service Medal with three bronze stars, the Republic of Viet Nam Campaign Medal with device, and the Navy Unit Commendation Ribbon. He was released from active duty in June 1970 while stationed aboard the USS Hornet which was undergoing restoration in Bremerton. Just prior to returning to Seattle, they welcomed the arrival of their first daughter Sharlyne Jones. They found a house near Bill's folks and he went to work at the Pinehurst IGA which he later purchased. He then went on to receive his bachelor's degree in finance and marketing from the University of Washington. Bill held a career as a grocer, business owner and manager and spent over 45 years in the grocery business before retiring in 2003. He was an avid Seahawks fan and we are ever so grateful that he was able to see them win a Superbowl this last January. He also enjoyed playing chess, but never had anyone to play it with until recently when his granddaughter Tanisha sparked interest in the game. Other hobbies that Bill enjoyed included cooking, listening to classic rock, fishing, golf, restoring a 1956 Chevy, bird watching, playing pool, playing card games with his family, doing puzzles (rest assured, if a puzzle piece was missing it was a guarantee that Bill had it.), and tinkering with a multitude of numerous other hobbies. He loved his three dogs Kirby, Junior and Little Bit and his cat Dixie. Bill was preceded in death very recently by both his parents and missed them very much. We hope he is with them and having a good talk. He is survived by his beloved wife; Michelle, by his precious daughters; Sharlyne R. Jones and Serena R Tucker, by his beautiful sisters Sheryle A. English and Pamela L. Jones and by his gorgeous granddaughter Tanisha R. Jones. Bill will be greatly missed by all those who knew and loved him. A memorial service for Bill will be held at Evergreen Funeral Home, 4504 Broadway in Everett, WA on Sunday, March 30, 2014, beginning at 1:00pm. Please visit to leave your condolences on Bill's online guestbook and his newly created facebook page


  • Memorial Service Sunday, March 30, 2014

Billy Ray Jones "Bill"

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Tatia Hardy

July 12, 2016

~ For the inexhaustible Billy Ray Jones ~

Tatia Hardy

July 12, 2016

I am sad to say I didn't have the opportunity to meet the inexhaustible Billy Ray Jones! Everyone tells such wonderful, descriptive stories of him, I feel as though I've missed out on quite an extraordinary man. However I must say I can tell of his great taste by his choice in the woman that was by his side for nearly 50 years. This delightful union produced such wonderful conscientious kindhearted children--it simply MUST have been ordained by Heaven! I'd have liked to have known Bill; it's apparent by his vast knowledge of so many things-- that he would've taught me a thing or two as well (smile)!! Michelle does that now, and I'm grateful for her and my treasured friendship. To that end I say Michelle, I'm thankful for you and SO happy the Lord allowed you so much time with your dear, dear husband. May the Lord bless you, keep you and His face shine upon you.

Richard Ahrens

April 11, 2014

Michelle, Shar and Serena, as your brother and uncle, I know this is probably the hardest life event one can endure. Losing Mom and Dad a few years back hit me hard. Moms perfume, Dads great stories, and the most incredible hugs that only a mom can give, are things that hurt the most, when they're gone. The saving grace is those wonderful memories will be with you every day of your life. I do believe there will be a day we will all be together again. Moms Mince meat pie, and a fishing trip with Dad will fill up at least (day one) and your days with Bill will be as wonderful. Love, me

Serena Tucker

April 2, 2014

Mom wanted me to add my letter that I read at the service. Here it is :)
Hey Dad,
Seems just a moment ago I had all the time in the world to come over to the house and do what I could to help out. To try to convince you yet again to move closer so that we could spend more time with you and mom.
That time has passed. I now understand you were where you wanted to be, surrounded by things that brought you peace. Mom, the dogs, the birds, your land, and your hobbies. I'm sorry I didn't get it sooner.
I know you are at peace and free from the body that hurt you so.
I like to think that you are back on the boat, or playing pool with the pool stick that you would never let me touch. You've learned pottery and the drums, and are beating the hell out of them.
There are so many great memories of all the parties you would throw. Seahawk games, Pinochle nights, Graduation parties, the Holidays, and Birthdays. Seems like people were always around.
You were such an amazing dad. Always supporting my hobbies and helping with them. Whether it was building doll houses, horseback riding lessons, or ballet, you were always there. I appreciate that more now, seeing how it would have been probably more convenient if I were a boy.
But, I loved doing the guy things with you like fishing and crabbing. It was always so exciting whenever I caught something and you always looked so proud. However, I could've done without peeing in a bucket, another price you paid for having girls.
Or going to Seahawks games with you was always exciting. I can't even remember if we won or lost (probably lost at that time). You would practically bring the entire kitchen with you. Coolers, seat pads, Beer, sandwiches, whatever! I wish it was still like that, but at least I can say I knew when.
I love how close you were with your sisters. Always playing cards with Sheryle and Dave, and watching the Seahawks with Pam. I do those very same things with Shar and think of you.
I always admired how you could say No to something. If I wanted to move into the basement or have you practice driving with me, it was weeks of preparation of why you should say Yes. A presentation was even helpful, because if you said No there was no disputing it.
Nothing was scarier than getting busted by you. Like when Sarah was trying to teach me to French inhale cigarettes in the basement and you snuck up behind me...then that booming voice "Goodbye Sarah, Go home." Oh god, I knew I was in for it. I see now how you never held a grudge. You knew a good kid when you saw 'em and my friends were always welcome even if I did something stupid. It was just a part of growing up.
I remember when I thought I was a computer genius and created my own report card. It wasn't fooling anybody. But I gave it to you and you even rewarded me. Until I was so racked with guilt that I wrote you a letter of confession.
Or when I shoplifted barrettes from the Pay'n'Save and Granny had to come and get me. I still have guilt about that. Because you and mom were at a Seahawks game just to come home and hear me tell you of my sins.
But that is proof of the sense of conscience you instilled in me. To this day I am a terrible liar and wholeheartedly admit so.
I will miss being in my room with my friends and you checking in to see if we wanted Nachos or Popcorn. Or hearing the Mystery Van from a mile away and seeing you pop out with a gallon of milk and an 18 pack of the worst beer ever like Milwaukee Best Light. Or your dead pan reaction like when I called you to tell you that Luke had proposed, and I was like "Isn't it shocking?" And all you said was, " He's a smart kid, so No." 'nough said. Or most of all, hearing you call me Kiddo and asking how I've been.
You are my daddy and I will always think of you as so.
And I love you.

March 30, 2014

So sorry for your loss, Michelle.
Warm regards, Patti Steele

Bob Scribner

March 30, 2014

Serena, I did not know your father, but I can say I know now how much he was loved by reading the tribute to his life. I am sorry I cannot be there with you today; you and your family are in my thoughts. Best, Bob

March 30, 2014

My dear friend Michelle: I hold you and your family close to my heart during this time of sadness and loss ... may your memories help to strengthen and heal you ... Patty Valentine

Sharlyne Jones

March 30, 2014

Thank you, Marilyn. We love you dearly.

Shar Jones

March 29, 2014

Hi Dad, I wanted to write you to tell you I love you so very much, and am simply heartbroken that you had to leave us so soon. I thought we had more time, dad, and I'm so sorry you had to be moving on :'( There were many more hugs, chats, and kisses to be had. Please know Serena and I have been right by mom's side, and your family has found comfort in knowing you are finally free from pain and worry. It's been a rough go for you for some time, hasn't it? Well, no more, dad, no more. I know you would be so sad to hear about the Oso tragedy. Like so many who've lost their lives suddenly this year, this was simply your time, dad, and sadly we don't get a say in the matter. Be kind and forgiving to yourself, for you did the very best you could for so long. You'd certainly be here right now if you could, trying to feed us jello with bananas or a hamburger, stalking us on facebook, or watching your birds from your window, giving mom a hard time about which concerts you did or did not see together, and guaranteed you'd be snuggling with your puppies. Serena and I were blessed to have you and mom as our parents, and Tanisha as her grandparents. You taught us about respect, kindness, compassion, devotion, hard work... courage and I thank you and think of you daily, always have, always will. I imagine you shining down on us today, dad, soaking up the view, feeling the warm sun on your face, and cool water on your toes. I suspect you'd appreciate how much we've been fussing over you, and I pray that you had a sense of how much you were loved and adored. Big huge hugs and kisses, dad. All my love, Sharlyne

March 29, 2014

We all knew Bill as a gentle and easy going man. Bill had an integrity that is often mising in many men today.

We hope Bill is enjoying his hot air balloon ride somewhere in the heavens. Godspeed Bill. The Treanor Family