Joseph B Kelly

January 10, 1922September 7, 2018
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Joseph B Kelly was born on January 10, 1922 in Terre Haute, Indiana and passed away on September 7, 2018 in Colorado Springs, Colorado


  • Funeral Service Saturday, September 15, 2018

Joseph B Kelly

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Donna Kelly

November 2, 2018

Written and delivered by daughter, Donna Kelly

Every time I think of Dad, I can’t help but smile and have feelings of joy! He left so many happy memories and days filled with laughter and happiness. Through his life story; his values of love, compassion, integrity, excellent work ethics, devotion to family, sacrifice, generosity, and kindness have become the hallmark of our family. Dad was a loving and devoted husband, father, and grandfather. He was good natured, intelligent, and thrifty with a great sense of humor. And what a memory he had for facts and figures and stories about his life and his family.

I wanted to share some of Dad’s wonderful stories with you. These are stories in his own words from Dad's journal entitled “THE STORY OF A LIFETIME” that he and I worked on together for over 18 months in 2017-2018 when Dad was 95 and 96 years old. I cherish having spent this special time with Dad as he shared his life stories with me. I know you’ll enjoy hearing just a few of his stories.

THE STORY OF A LIFETIME (continued below)

Donna Kelly

November 2, 2018

A Celebration of Dad's Life (continued)

My name is Joseph Bernard Kelly Jr. and I was called Bernard as a kid. My dad was called BER-nerd. My nickname was Barney. In high school I changed my name to Joe. I definitely inherited my mother’s red hair and I look like my mother. I have her small stature. Also, I inherited her green eyes and fair skin. I was a Happy-Go-Lucky Kid, never a worry in the world. My goal in life was to have fun and play and play and play.

**Things I Learned From My Parents
I believe I learned generosity from my dad. He helped many of his friends if he could. The most important things I learned from her (my Mom) were to think before you speak. Don’t say things that you don’t mean as they’ll come back to haunt you. Don’t say things that you’ll regret. Also, my faith came from her along with the attributes of kindness, politeness, compassion, working hard, and always doing your best.

**Cousin Robert and the Sandbox
I was a curious, happy-go-lucky kid without a care in the world except to be happy and have fun. I wasn’t mischievous though I remember a story about Robert when we were kids. Robert Athy Brown (my cousin) was two years younger than me. I picked on him. He had a sandbox and I remember filling his overalls with sand and he couldn’t get up!
(continued below)

Donna Kelly

November 2, 2018

A Celebration of Dad's Life (continued)

**Hole in My Shoe
One Saturday when I had a hole in the bottom of one of my shoes and it needed to be repaired. My mother made me get the shoe repaired and I had to pay for it out of my wages for that day. She was very clear that she would repay me after she got paid for her laundry that next week. Well, I was very unhappy and I cried and howled and squalled about having to do that!! My mother was kind and understanding even when I was so unhappy. I feel guilty for this behavior even today.

**Achy Tooth
I remember one time when I was young that I had an achy tooth. I went to bed and it really kept hurting. I really needed relief. So, I found my dad’s bottle of whiskey and put a ½ teaspoon of whiskey on that tooth. Well, the tooth immediately stopped hurting! So every time the tooth began hurting again, I kept putting more whiskey in my mouth, all night long.

**The Klug’s – Childhood Friends
The Klug’s had 11 kids and never threw away any toys so their house was filled with toys! They had a big hobby horse. It was half the size of a Shetland pony. A 9 or 10-year-old kid could ride it. We would hitch up the dining room chairs to the horse and pretend it was a stagecoach. John (my best friend) and I built a car once all by ourselves. We put wagon wheels on it and we used wood from orange crates made of white pine. It looked pretty great when we finished it! Until one of us got in it and it all collapsed! Another time I remember when it was a really cold day and I stuck my tongue on a steel hitching post! It Stuck! The Klug’s mom came out with a kettle of hot water and poured it on my tongue to un-stick it.
(continued below)

Donna Kelly

November 2, 2018

A Celebration of Dad's Life (continued)

**The Monkey Talks
The first and last movie I saw as a kid, I was 5 years old, was “The Monkey Talks”. Louise (older sister) took me to see it and it scared the hell out of me!! I never went back to the movies until I was in high school.

I ended up seventh in my class of 200 at graduation. I was a member of the National Honor Society! I gave a student speech at my graduation ceremony in 1939 and I wrote it myself. If things weren’t sooo bad at this time due to the Depression, I would have gone to college. The cost for college was $34.00 per semester but I couldn’t come up with the money to pay for it. I was a cheerleader in high school!! It was kinda’ like a club. I lettered in Cheering and I had FUN!

**Happiest Memory, Marriage, and Parenting
Meeting Mama!! We were married on March 25, 1942 in the home of the Justice of the Peace. Our mothers were our witnesses. Pat wore a blue dress and I wore a suit and tie. After the ceremony, we went to the local drug store on Main Street and had hot fudge sundaes. I was 20 years old and Pat was 15. Other than Pat, I don’t think there was anyone else who much influenced my decisions. Pat and I became partners almost immediately. We were both just kids who relied on each other. The glue to staying together was Love and Kids!!! I don’t remember having a real argument with Pat. We never had harsh words with each other. If we disagreed we got over it and moved on. We resolved conflicts by conversations and thoughtful reflection.

**The Best Part of Being a Parent: GRANDCHILDREN!!

**How Would You Like to be Remembered?
I want my family to remember me for being an honest man who always tried to be truthful, sincere, cheerful and loving.

In loving memory of my Dad, I miss you and I love you so. Every time I think of you, I can’t help but smile and have feelings of joy. Your memory will live on in our hearts and through the wonderful stories of your life.

Kristen Schell

October 31, 2018

Dear Grandpa,
It still hurts my heart thinking that you are really gone. But how incredibly fortunate I am to have had 35 years to spend with you! When I think of any important event in my life- I know you were there. When I just think back to the majority of my childhood- I think of you. I think I took every possible opportunity to spend the night at your house with you and Grandma! You both truly are my "second parents". I absolutely know how lucky I am to have had the special relationship with you both that I did. I've always held your example of your beautiful marriage and family values close to my own heart- and carried them into my own marriage and family.
It means the absolute world to me that my own children knew you and loved you deeply! Thank you for always having us down- despite the fact that little ones at your house was often chaos ;) Analiese, Wesley, and Jonah regularly asked me when we could come see you. It was probably the known fact that you always had some delicious treat to offer them, ha!
One of the sweetest memories I'll hold onto forever is of Jonah on the day of your Memorial Service: He of course didn't fully grasp what was happening. But I brought him up to the front of the room and shared with him you were inside the "box". He turned to me with big eyes and said "Gramps is in there?" and I said "Yes, his body is in there, but his soul is in Heaven with Gigi." He then knocked on your casket three times saying "Gramps, you in there??" "Can I give you a hug?" That sweet moment with my little guy and him wanting just one more hug from you sure made the day a tiny bit easier.

There's definitely an even larger void in our hearts and family unit right now. But I know you are where you are supposed to be- with Grandma and Aunt Kathy. Please know that the values you instilled and the example you set will live on in all of us. You meant the world to me- and I love you forever!
Love always, with ALL my heart,

Jonah Schell

October 31, 2018

Dear Gramps,
When I think of Gramps, I sad. I just love you. I loved playing with all the toys at your house and I showed you my toys.
I love you and miss you Gramps. Love,

Wesley Schell

October 31, 2018

Dear Gramps,
I am sad when I think about that you're gone because I just love you so much. You were always very fun and generous! I loved coming to your house to see you. I especially liked that you always gave us treats! I loved playing in your backyard too. I'm so thankful and happy when I look at my statues because they make me think you you and Gigi.
I miss you Gramps and love you so much! Love,

Analiese Schell

October 31, 2018

Dear Gramps,
I miss you so much already. I think about you a lot. When I think about you I think of how much I love you! I also think of how kind you were- I always loved playing with Snowball and I especially liked having treats with you every time we came to visit. I feel sad that you are not here anymore- but my statues you gave me make me think of you and reminds me you're always in my heart.
I love you so much Gramps, Love always,

Donna Kelly

October 30, 2018

To Dad, with love.
It just doesn't seem possible that you've left us. After such a long and happy life, I guess you decided it was time and you needed to see Mama again. It sure was a difficult journey for you since Mom left and I know your heart was broken without her. But I sure miss you with all my heart and soul. I'm thankful we spent many hours together working on your Story of a Lifetime Journal. Your Journal is a treasure for sure and it's all in your own words. I'm grateful that you spoke from your heart as you shared your deepest feelings about your life and allowed me to be a part of that. Our time together over the past three years are some of my most treasured memories with you. You've been the rock in my life; always there to lend a helping hand or offer some much needed support or advice. But mostly you were steady and strong and loving and happy. I had such a delightful childhood because of you and Mother. There was always love, happiness, security, and support. I have such wonderful memories of my childhood because of you and Mom. You and Mother were the ultimate role models for a successful marriage. You were living proof that love, commitment, and perseverance were the key to a long and happy marriage. I'm so glad your grandchildren: David, Kristen and Rebecca, as well as your great-grandchildren: Analiese, Wesley, Alison, Colin, and Jonah have had you in their lives to look up to and learn from. You've been a special and important part of their lives since the day each of them came in the world - how lucky for them! Your memory lives on through them.
In loving memory of you Dad. Thoughts of you fill my heart with joy and the warmth of deep, enduring love.
Your Loving Daughter, Donna

Michael Jackson

October 28, 2018


I appreciate so much that you were my Grandfather. I remember all the Christmases and Easters that we traveled to see you and Grandmother in El Paso, Texas and Albuquerque, New Mexico. It was nice to spend time with you and explore the mountains and surroundings. You were always great at explaining how things worked and would answer all the questions that I had.

I greatly enjoyed staying with you for one school year in Dublin, California. I wish that we had lived closer. It was a great honor to be there to help you around Grandma’s funeral. My family really enjoyed your visit to California and helping you see the Rubel Castle in Glendora. We got to hear many of your stories about your growing family and travels. Your nickname for my mom growing up was a humorous story. Sanitary Sue has a nice ring to it.

I am thankful that you are with Grandma and Kathy.

Until we see each other again. With lots of Love, your Grandson,
Michael A. Jackson