Ronald G Kemnitz

March 19, 1936December 29, 2018

Ronald Kemnitz and lasting effect he has left on our hearts

Ronald was born March 19, 1936 to Dell Louis Kemnitz and Angeline Francis Konkel (maiden) Kemnitz he went to be with the Lord and his wife Barbara Varone Kemnitz 12/29/2018. Ron and Barbara developed a family of 9; Ronald Dell, Robert Raymond, Allen Douglas, Philip, Lizanne, Chester Mason, Michael Edward, Cherrilee, Ira James. This does not cover the enormous amount of other people that were allowed to grow up in their home. Ronald is a man of few words, small in stature, however huge in his quiet presence. Ronald retired from the army, were he was a food inspector. He set apart in many unique ways one which has always stood out to me. Though he was drafted into the Army not once but twice, he refused to carry a gun. To me this is a person that not only had strong principles he did not bend nor compromised them for no one, not even the United States Army . He was sent to many different stations and his family was right beside him. You did not have to talk to Ron to know his greatest value was his family. Greed was something neither Ron or Barb knew anything about, but provide a home for someone in need, this was their expertise. Ron went deaf later in life, he was never able to have hearing aids because they would make him dizzy, but that did not stop him, nor did he complain. Before Barb (his wife) passed away, spent every waking moment doing for her, loving her, serving her, if you need to know what kind of husband should be, Ron set the bar, and he set the bar high. When Ron had something to say, you wanted to hear it. Ron had his opinion on just about any topic you could want to discuss, however you never felt beneath him for what you thought. He never tried to make you think his way, he never made you feel bad for your thoughts, and he always had a gentle way of doing everything. One of his older sons Allen, liked bratwurst, Ron would buy some to put in the frig so he could leave a note to stay out. If you know Allen you know that was a signed permission slip to get into it. Though they had a army full of kids, there was no favoritism, he did not love one more then the other, he loved them all. Ron had a wonderful way of knowing you were wrong and allowing you to learn what you needed to learn without getting into an uproar.

He not only had a large family of his own children he now has that and more in grandchildren and great grandchildren. He was a lighthouse that shined a light and it was up to you to decide if you wanted to utilize the light he cast off. I pray his grand boys, (my two boys) become at least half the man Ron was, I pray all the boys in the family and any other young man that knew Ron will turn out like him. This will be a sure fire way that genuineness of being a real man will carry on.


  • Dell Louis Kemnitz, Father
  • Angeline Francis (Konkel) Kemnitz, Mother
  • Barbara Varone Kemnitz, Wife
  • Ronald Dell Kemnitz, Son
  • Robert Raymond Kemnitz, Son
  • Allen Douglas Kemnitz, Son
  • Philip Kemnitz, Son
  • Lizanne Christian, Daughter
  • Chester Mason Kemnitz, Son
  • Michael Edward Kemnitz, Son
  • Cherrilee Sedeburg, Daughter
  • Ira James Kemnitz, Son
  • He leaves behind several grandchildren and great grandchildren.


  • Memorial Service Saturday, January 12, 2019

Ronald G Kemnitz

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