Jesse Wayne Cash

August 12, 1999December 21, 2017
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The Lord called home my beautiful son, Jesse Wayne Cash. He was only eighteen, but lived a wonderful life full of good friends and happiness. Jesse loved his father, Edward Cash. The two of them enjoyed muscle cars and had a love of three wheelers and four wheelers. However, Jesse’s prized possession was his 1988 Camaro, given to him at age 12 by his father. Jesse loved life, he was the best of the best. Jesse was our hearts. Jesse never got a chance to get his driver’s license, but the day of his death Jesse drove his mother’s car which left a memory forever for this mother, Chasity. Jesse loved country music and southern rock. Jesse was a rebel soul, he’d always stand up to what he thought was right and looked after those who needed him. When Jesse was little he told his mother he wanted to meet Jesus so Jesse’s mother took him to church, but Jesse got upset and turned to his mother and said, I didn’t see Jesus there. But, Jesse now lives with Jesus. Jesse always had manners especially for women. He would hold doors for women and help out the elderly. He loved his Papa, Herbert Williams. Jesse died doing what he loved, and with his girlfriend, Taitum Seaey by his side. Jesse had big dreams and a bright future. Jesse loved his friends, Jamison Boyle, Jacob McWhirt, Michelle Brooks, Wade Kincaid, Cody Henderson and many, many more. The family will receive close friends of Jesse from 6:00 to 8:00pm on Wednesday, December 27, 2017 at Mullins and Thompson Funeral Service, Fredericksburg.


  • Visitation (family and close friends only)

    Wednesday, December 27, 2017


Jesse Wayne Cash

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Catherine Williams

November 2, 2019

As the days, months, and soon to be 2 years.... Go by I miss you more with every fiber of my being. I will till the day I join you in heaven miss you and love every day wondering why and how you could be gone .... How God took you from all of us... I try to believe he needed you more but that's hard to grasp because I NEED you, you are my other half .. and always will be baby brother. I love you with all of my heart. Forever and always.

Chasity Williams

September 27, 2019

It's been awhile now since you left us and I'm still as heart broken as every. I still keep hoping that this is all a bad dream and I'll wake up soon. I miss you so much it hurts to think I'll never see you again. I still have more questions than answers and my mind is never at rest from worry and memories. I'm just Left to wonder why. Why would god give you to me just to take you away. I'll never understand why I'm being punished. With everything our family has went through I was hoping we finally could have happiness but now it's a distant memory because when God took you from us all hope of a happy life is over forever.

Victoria Knicely

February 28, 2018

I will always remember the good and bad times with you Jesse we bumped heads, and I pushed you hard to do your school work. But over all you were my best friend and knew damn near everything about me. I'll always remember are video chats/group chats. I just wish you were still here Jesse!

February 16, 2018

As i am at a loss for words i write you any ways. I love you more than a brother. I thought of you as my son that i never had. Our bond was unbreakable. You were the rock that held our family together and we are now broken with out you here. I miss you every single day as you know because every time i am alone we talk. I see your soul every day. You are my best friend and i love you with every thing i am. You really did have a heart of gold and helped me to become a better man. I made you a promise and i will keep it. Your brother and sisters and neices will be taken care of until the day we meet again. I am happy about one thing. The last words we spoke to each other was i love you. Rest easy now my love i will see you again.

Catherine Fleming

February 11, 2018

I miss you so much baby brother. I send my love to heaven for you. Until we see each other again. I love you so much Jess.

Kathy Cash

February 6, 2018 Living. Knowing. I.would.never. hear.your.laugh. feel.your. hug.was.beginning. of.
Never. Ending. Pain. you.and.I.could. Ever. Know.time.does not.
Words. Can.say.not.a. my.wonderful. Grandson.
Love.always. Missing.
Love. Your.Meme. Granddad

Michael Tubbs

February 6, 2018

Jesse so sorry your gone cuz hadn't seen ya since u was lil and will regret not coming to chill with ya buddy please lookout for the family I know every1 is struggling with your loss love ya man till we meet again!!!

Catherine Fleming

January 26, 2018

Jesse... baby brother, I love you with all my heart and as the days go by, my heart breaks more and more not having you here, to be our laughs, and smiles. To fill the emptiness that was once whole because of you. You will forever be in my heart and on my mind. Forever I will be waiting until the day, I join you in heaven and we are able to make more memories, like the ones I cherish that we made while you were here with us all. 18 years wasn't enough time but the memories and hearts you filled in those 18 years will forever be perminately engraved there forever. I love you Jesse, until we meet again. Olivia and sophia want you to know they love you uncle Jesse and miss you so much.

Dylan Cash

January 21, 2018

I love my big brother with all my heart he was my best friend I cant get him off my mind 24/7 I dream about him every night I am so proud of what he has done to help everyone he loved everybody he stoop up for me through thick and thin Im in my brothers shadow he is watching over me Ill be with you again brother I love you with all my heart I know your in heaven but your raising so much hell up there I know your always with me cuz every time I close my eyes I see you smiling at me may we meat again big brother I love you with all my my heart

Asia Collins

January 17, 2018

I didn't know Jesse that well but I know how important he was to my boyfriend Dylan. Jesse is going to be missed so much but God needed a rebel angel.