John Watha Eastes

July 31, 1935July 23, 2016
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John Watha Eastes (1935-2016)

Dad was born to Flossie May Tripp Eastes and John Lee Eastes on July 31, 1935 in Henderson County near Dallas. Grandmother Flossie was especially spiritual and religious and dad always relayed these values to his children. Dad grew up and served in the U.S. Army from 1957-1960. Dad married Virginia Lee Meek on December 21st, 1959, and they gave birth to John Louis Eastes on December 10th, 1960 in Dallas, Texas. The family moved to Northern Virginia in 1964 when John began his Department of Defense career. After a first divorce in 1979, Dad re-married Paula Jane Snyder in 1979, and they gave birth to Bryan Lee Eastes in 1980 and Cynthia Ann Eastes in 1982. A second divorce followed in 1989. Dad lived here in Virginia for 52 years until his death at the age of 80 on July 23, 2016. Dad was a conscientious intellectual who loved knowing and travelling the world. Dad’s educational achievements in chemistry came from the University of Texas where he received his undergraduate degree and American University in Washington, D.C. where he received his Masters and Ph.D., Dr. John W. Eastes. Dad continuously excelled in his work with U.S. Army Engineer Topographic Laboratories at Ft. Belvoir, Virginia. Dad is iconic in the field of organic chemistry with hundreds of students citing his works within their educational works. Dad’s part-time evening and retirement was with H&R Block tax preparation where he was a senior tax adviser at a Woodbridge H&R Block office. He was once interviewed by the Washington Post regarding tax issues and the office. He learned the Spanish language and applied it to his work at the Block. Dad was an excellent father who cared for his children and saw to it that his children were taken care of. Dad was someone always there for me. Though incoming calls were screened via answering machine, Dad would be there to relay how things were going, and he would always ask whether the family had been in contact. Dad was always a conscientious man as well who was usually working on some project for the house or cars. I will also always remember the times we spent together at country and line dance spots. Dad was a member of the Northern Virginia Country Western Dance Association. He spent a lot of his free time at Skinifatz in Lorton and The Dance Factory in Arlington. I remember him teaching me the Waltz. At one point, Dad took in Scruffy the dog and took care of him. Dad and Scruffy had a bond, and he truly missed him after his death due to old-age. I always admired Dad’s strengths. Dad loved to learn, appreciated beauty and excellence, possessed integrity, was modest, fair, and loving, and was willing to give good perspective and judgment. Dad especially valued good education within the family. He was an honorable man who will truly be missed. I continuously prayed for him during his sicknesses. Dad is now in heaven with grandmother, grandfather, others of the Eastes family, and others in general. Dad strived to stay healthy through good exercise and diet, and he promoted these habits to others. As Dad grew older, he grieved several medical issues on several occasions, but he was able to successfully battle and overcome these downfalls until the age of eighty. In the end, Dad needed more and more direct and full-time care. Dad passed on July 23, 2016 of a combination of heart conditions and massive neurological stroke at Virginia Commonwealth University Medical Center in Richmond, Virginia after being transported there from Mary Washington Hospital in Fredericksburg.


  • Funeral Service Monday, August 1, 2016

John Watha Eastes

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Lily Snow Boykin

October 4, 2016

Dear John -

I am so sorry to learn about your father's passing. He was a such wonderful person.

With deepest sympathy.

Kerie Hitt

September 13, 2016

On behalf of Northern Virginia Country-Western Dance Association, let me say how sorry we are for your loss. We will miss John. I hope he enjoyed dancing with us over many years.

john eastes

August 23, 2016

My Dads quest for knowledge was incredible. He studied math, organic chemistry , dancing, tax preparation, global traveling, history, foreign language. His quest for knowledge was unbelievable. He was always there for me even in my wildest days of high school. He Never denied me anything thru out my life unless it was to teach me a lesson. Dad my hat is off to your determination, intelligence and level headed thinking and for putting up with me for 55 years!!! I love you Dad and tell mother hello for me. John Louis Eastes

john eastes

August 23, 2016

My Dad is dancing with the stars now. He always loved dancing and I know that's what he is doing in heaven. Tango right Dad!!!!

Bryan Eastes

August 3, 2016

The rainbow from the clouds and extremely large bolt of lightning (not in picture) over the cemetery on the night before the funeral, which was his birthday, is a heavenly divine message and reminder of Dad's everlasting life and duty in heaven. Love you Dad.

Marsha Cotter

August 1, 2016

A message from a distant cousin from Texas:

"Remembering John"
Our visits were far & few between, but the ones we had were always very enjoyable.
My take on John was that he was a gentle giant with his stature of height, & his soft spoken voice. Always very courtesy, polite, & kind-natured.
I new he was a very intelligent & knowledgeable man in his work & way of life. His younger brother Dan has all the same remarkable qualities. Even though my smart chart is below average neither John or Dan made you ever feel out of place in family conversations & just hanging out.
I have a favorite memory to share that took place many years ago. Don't remember the occasion for the visit, only that John & Dan came by one evening for a short stop over to visit my folks, us, & on their way. In from work & not knowing what to fix everyone for supper that night the menu was up in the air. Suddenly pans started flying & prep began!! Turned out to be BLT's, & fried potatoes.I remember John sitting at the bar, & started picking at the fried potatoes as soon as they hit the counter top. Kept munching on the leavings even after everyone was finished. Silly me!! I was upset over what we had to offer them that night to eat, but they both chowed down like they had sat down to filet minion, loaded baked potato, & caesar salad!!
I will always remember John telling of his dancing, & how much he enjoyed it. Along with listening to his travel stories.
He was a quiet laid back guy, not always very talkative, but showed you his kindness, & love in those big huge brown eyes of his.
Our thoughts & prayers are with you all at this sorrowful time.
Wishing you strength, & hope to heal saddened hearts.

Our love & sympathy,
Marsha Cotter, & the Box Family

Dan Eastes

July 30, 2016

My brother John will be remembered by many as a kind, considerate, soft-spoken man. He was noted for his empathy toward animals. He'd rather catch a house spider and release it outdoors than dispatch it indoors. Growing up in a family of sportsmen he preferred to observe game animals in the field than hunt them. He also had a soft spot for inanimate objects. He recently told me about his reluctance in parting with an old lawnmower whose engine still worked fine but otherwise rusted out beyond repair long ago.

I looked up to my brother and emulated him throughout our lives. We had similar aspirations, vocations, and interests. I followed him to the same university and studied much the same curriculum, often with the same professors. We both enjoyed history, languages, and natural sciences and engaging in our favorite pastime, what we remember about...

We lived many miles apart in the autumn of our lives but enjoyed visiting often by telephone. I loved my brother very much and will sorely miss him. So on this eve of his birthday, I bid farewell to my dear brother John. RIP.

Dan Eastes

Carol Thompson

July 30, 2016

May God bless you and your family in this time of sorrow.