Cora Ahern

May 7, 1926April 10, 2018

Cora Ahern was born on May 7, 1926 in North Bergen, New Jersey and passed away on April 10, 2018 in San Dimas, California


  • Memorial Service Saturday, April 28, 2018

Cora Ahern

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Lynnell Caldwell

April 30, 2018

My husband, Jamie, and I met Cora many years ago at St Dorothy Church. Jamie would come to Mass in his police uniform during his "lunch" break, and Cora would touch him on the shoulder and tell him she was praying for him. That began a friendship we both treasured. She would always sit in the pew by the main door, always dressed beautifully, and would greet and hug most everyone who came to 7:30am Mass. We loved her hugs and kisses, and looked forward to coming each week to see her beautiful smile and amazing hugs! After she had her heart attacks and could no longer come to Mass, we offered many times to come and pick her up. She never wanted to impose on us. We soon began to bring Communion to her, and as Angie or Jeannine would let us in, we'd hear her say: "Oh, it's Jamie and Lynnell - you brought me Jesus?!" She often told us she was so lucky to have us as friends, but WE were the lucky ones to know this wonderful woman. I loved how she would gaze at her statue of Jesus and talk to Him - praying for all of her family and friends. The Saturday before she died, we called Fr Ray to come and give her the anointing of the sick and we are grateful that Fred was able to capture the beautiful picture of Cora receiving the blessing.

I was very touched at her funeral to see so many of her family there - ones we had heard so much about in our visits. The funeral was a beautiful celebration of life for sweet Cora and the reception was a wonderful offering of love and food - I know she would have been so happy to see everyone there! I felt compelled to ask Jeannine for one of the flower arrangements to place on Cora's pew at church. Many of her St Dorothy friends were touched, and it was as if Cora was at Mass one last time.

Dear Cora, you touched so many lives by loving us and giving us all an example of joy, faith and humor. I will always miss your smile, and your cute little giggle! I'm sure you are dancing with Jesus in your tutu!

Fred Mahlke

April 29, 2018

From my eulogy for my beautiful Cora.

"I’ve been so lucky to be able to spend some great quality time with my beautiful cousin Cora. In the last year, she was my Tuesday and Thursday morning hot date. I heard stories of her life that 90 years in, were new stories to me. We had a lot of catching up to do. I never knew what the day would bring when I would visit with my beautiful Cora. An overcast day may bring the reciting of Longfellow’s The Rainy Day, she would greet me with “the day is dark and dreary.” In the more recent months, it was Christmas music. Some days we would sing along to a favorite of hers, “Dominic the Donkey” while she showed me her hip hop dance moves proclaiming “it’s all in the shoulders, Fred.”

We had our routines, on Thursdays I brought her roses. I would hand them to her as I went to get a vase and she would smell them, inhaling deeply. She would look at each rose, touch its petals and tell them how beautiful they were. She would hold the bouquet close to her and rub her beautiful face among the petals. She would thank the roses and the Lord for such beauty. I always joke that I’ve never seen anyone get so excited about Sam’s Club roses. She kept those roses for weeks, not even ready to throw them out when the next batch came the following Thursday. She would ask Jeannine or Angie to move last week’s sad, droopy, browning roses right next to the newly blooming ones. They were still just as beautiful to Cora. And she was beautiful when she looked at them, her face filled with joy.

I imagine all of us have been looked at like that by our beautiful Cora. She truly saw the best in us, the beauty that we all hold and are capable of. Our world was a better place with our Cora in it. I hope we continue to honor our beautiful Cora by making the world a better place: looking for ways to connect to others as she did, spreading love freely without limits as she did and finding beauty in the world."

Love & miss you my beautiful Cora.

Marlene Simon

April 28, 2018

Grandma you were/are an inspiration to live each day enjoying the little things in life. Your marriage to grandpa set the bar so high and many of us swoon when we think of how grandpa worshipped you. Cooking.. What's that... There is ice cream to be eaten! Only you with a closet like Barbie could be nicknamed Cosmetics!! I will miss you!

Greg Ornella

April 28, 2018

Cora, being a fairly recent addition to your awesome family I dont have a lot of memories. But I felt your warmth and genorisity right off the bat. You are going to be greatly missed every day. I would like to ask something of you though. Can you maybe help me win a game of chinese checkers. Thanks. Hugs and love Greg.

Donna Fizznoglia

April 28, 2018

Hi Cora or Mrs. Ahern as I called you. I was 11 and you were my best friends mother ..and I though you were so cool. You always had a smile and I remembered you with a white dress with red flowers and just buzzing around the house. Your face will forever be etched in my mind with a big smile. I loved visiting and that crazy "caterpillar city" in the back yard, creative stuff all over for all kids to play.. you even had that HUGE play room...thanks for making one of the best childhood memories ever!!!!!

Erin Trebolo

April 25, 2018

I’m so sad to see my grandma gone. She was so fun, funny and so so loving. She loved her life and lived it to the fullest. Every moment With her is a memory, which I will never forget! I used to go see her every summer when I was a child and ride down on the train. Those summers were the greatest. You will be missed so much. I’m happy you are back with grandpa!! I love you alway and forever!

Marian (Cuny) Kile

April 24, 2018

Sweet Cousin Cora - Even though we were first cousins, I only met her for the first time in 2008. I had no idea what an impact she would have on my life! She taught me to embrace every single day, to find joy in life and cherish those that you love. Cora was the most loving, lovely person I have ever had the pleasure of knowing.

Nathan Appel

April 21, 2018

Nobody was better at enjoying the simple things and other people. I'll miss your hugs, smiles, and dedication to Chinese checkers, but I'll always remember some of your favorite little sayings, and I'll try to live up to your warmth, kindness, and biceps.

Corinne Talkin

April 20, 2018

Mom, So many things remind me of you, flowers, fairies, rocky road ice cream. Will always love and miss you, your hugs, kindness and positive energy. Thank you for teaching me so many important things and for your love and support. Love you forever

Kathleen Haag

April 20, 2018

So sad and so happy at the same time.
We have lost a wonderful Mother, sister, and friend
Heaven has gained a witty, funny, fun loving hugger...
Have fun mom and I will see you again!!!!!