Alan-Michael McGee

April 19, 1990June 4, 2021
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Celebrating the life of Alan-Michael McGee, a brilliant, kind, sincere, fearless, good-natured man, who went to be with the Lord on Friday, June 4, 2021. Alan-Michael was born on April 19,1990 to Tracy “Mac” & Simone McGee in Traben-Trabach, Germany. He was raised in a home filled with love, faith and travel. He was the oldest of three children. Growing up a “military brat” Alan lived in Germany intermittently until he was 14. He also lived in Sohren, Rittersdorf; Messerich-Bitburg, Germany; Las Vegas, Nevada; Beale AFB, California; Findlay, Ohio and Cypress, Texas. Alan had friends all over the world and he considered them all to be special. He had a friendly smile that would light up the room. Alan attended Bitburg Elementary School, Lomie G. Heard Elementary School, Spangdahlem Middle School Germany and Wheatland High School. After graduation he began his career in the medical field. Alan’s most important event in his life was earning his medical certification to become an EKG Technician and learning that he was going to be an Uncle.

Among his hobbies were writing, singing, playing and recording music. He was tech savvy and loved too fly his drone. When he wasn’t working you could find him enjoying the great outdoors with long walks with his girlfriend Alondra Vanessa and his dog Max. He was a member of Beale AFB Chapel and Exalted Word Ministries COGIC. As a musician Alan appreciated the artistry of many different genres of music (Gospel, Hip-Hop, Jazz and R&B).

He will be missed by all who knew him and will be remembered by his big, caring, loving heart.

He is survived by his parents, Tracy and Simone McGee; sister, Melina; brother, Marcus; girlfriend, Alondra Vanessa; dog, Max and numerous other family and friends.

Preceded in death by grandmother; Dorothy McGee and Opa; Werner Bautz.


  • Visitation

    Tuesday, June 15, 2021

  • Celebration of Life

    Tuesday, June 15, 2021



Alan-Michael McGee

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Chelsea Boyer

July 17, 2021

Oh Alan. My heart sunk when I heard the news. To his family and friends I'm so so sorry to hear about the loss of such an infectious person. Alan and I went to Spangdahlem Middle school together. And, although he was much much shorter than me, we dated. Not for long but it was a sweet and fun middle school romance. We played in the band together. If my memory serves me right, we both played saxophone. Alan talked a lot so he was always in trouble haha. He would always try to sweet talk the teachers and usually it worked. We even did a talent show dance together! Haha I wish I had that video. We haven’t spoken in years but these memories will never leave me. Something about being a military child and making instant bonds that stand the test of time and distance. His personality, laugh and smile filled the room and made him a beautiful person to be around. I pray for comfort for his family in the coming days, months and years as this is a great loss. 💔

Michael McGee

July 15, 2021

Alan, where do I begin! I have so many precious memories but one that sticks out to me the most is when you and your father came to my graduation. You were about 7 or 8 years old. I had a huge old school 98 olds that as dark grey with limo tinted windows. We were coming out of grandma and grandpas house and you would not get into the car, in fact you were standing at the passenger side rear door. Your dad said “Alan go ahead and get in the car!” You said “ I’m waiting!” “Your waiting?” Waiting on what?” Said your dad. “ Waiting on the service man to open the door!” I was like, what? Then you kept saying “ hey service man, can you open the door?” Every time you wanted something from me that day you kept calling me service man! Dude, to this day we crack up about that! I truly love you nephew and am still in disbelief that you are not with us any longer, physically. I smile just knowing that you and your grandmother and Opa are having some great conversations! Oh the time you all must be having! I love you nephew! As your dad said “it is well, with my soul!” Uncle Mike

Mark Johnson

July 14, 2021

My heart is so heavy to hear of your passing, we grew up together, went to school, hung out every day. Walking to and from school. We were best friends and you always looked out for me and had my back. But even as the tears roll down my face and into my heart, I am so thankful to have had the privilege of sharing this earth with you and experiencing our youth together. We were in every class, sat next to each other and always worked together in groups. I remember you rapping in German und English and beat-boxing. You even joined band and played the drums with me because of me :) We will always have those wonderful memories and I am eternally grateful for your giving and warm spirit. Always such a talent. I went on to dance and you went on to pursue a music career but our beginnings were the same. I remember seeing your wonderful mother and your father, who was always swagged out with lots of style and wearing that cool black leather jacket. You always told me how much you looked up to your father. I remember you saying specifically that you wanted to be just like your dad when you grew up. From Bitburg Elementary, Spangdahlem Elementary and middle school... we were so close and you always proved to be a solid bro. Your life was short, but I believe God put 100 years of happiness in 31. God bless you dear Alan! ~Your brother Mark from Hawai'i

Mein Herz tut weh, aber du hast mir so viele schöne Erinnerungen und Lektionen hinterlassen. Als Kindheit, waren wir beste Freunde. Ich habe nur wundervolle Erinnerungen und lustige Geschichten. Es ist so schwer, auf Deutsch zu schreiben, wenn man Tränen in den Augen hat, aber ich werde mein Bestes geben. Alan, mein lieber Bruder, danke für deine Anwesenheit. Vielen Dank für Ihre Standhaftigkeit. Du warst mein bester Freund und bist es immer noch. Ich denke täglich an dich und die Probleme, die wir verursacht haben. Wir waren Klassenclowns! Ich liebe dich mein lieber Bruder, Gott wird für dich sorgen, das weiss ich. ❤️ ✊🏿

Faith Leipert

July 13, 2021

Alan, I’m happy I met you. I’m thankful that my childhood best friend was given such a wonderful earthly brother. I loved being your neighbor and your friend. You had such a rad influence on my childhood and my love of music. Thank you for the mix cds. Thank you for the inspiration. Thank you for the laughs. Thank you for teaching me what cool is.

Stephanie Ward

July 12, 2021

My dear sweet handsome, magnetic nephew Alan Michael. I will miss hearing your voice calling me “Auntie”. I will miss your brief text messages that end with “I love you Auntie”. I find comfort in the thought that you are nestled in Nana’s arms, yet I still mourn because I miss you both so much. I’ve asked God to let you visit with me, so I can see you, talk to you... hug you. I will always keep your memory in my heart. Auntie loves you.

Andrea L. Jones

July 3, 2021

My sweetest Alan! It still is inconceivable that you are not here in the flesh. What gives me solace is that I feel your spirit very near to me.
I remember when your parents brought you to meet us for the first time. What a beautiful, intelligent, sweet, and loving boy…who gave the most wet kisses ever! You remained that sweet and loving child all your life.

You grew into a most intelligent, handsome, and wise man. I want to thank you for sharing your wisdom with your cousins! They most certainly look up to you and rely on the advice you gave them.

I will always hold you dear to my heart. Thank you for making me an Auntie! Thank you for the wet kisses! Thank you for adding so much light to the world.

“They that love beyond the world cannot be separated by it. Death cannot kill what never dies.”

~ William Penn

My Al, My Alan, My baby! Your Auntie will always love you.

Your Auntie Dré
Andrea L. Jones

Simone McGee

June 25, 2021

Mama Bär
Der 4. Juni hat mein Leben für immer verändert.
Worte können nicht beschreiben wie ich mich fühle.
Meinen süßen kleinen Jungen auf diese Weise, so plötzlich zu verlieren ist unglaublich schwer. Ich weiß, er war ein erwachsener Mann aber in meinen Augen wird er immer der süße kleine Junge bleiben. Alan 31 Jahre in meinen Leben gehabt zu haben ist ein Segen!! Ich war 3 Tage vor dem tragischen Ereignis bei Alan.
Wir saßen draußen, wir sprachen nur ein paar Worte weil es das Erlebnis beeinträchtigen würde, wir saßen einfach nebeneinander und lauschten den Vögeln und dem Rascheln der Blätter zu und wir genossen die sanfte Brise. Das haben wir oft getan, wir haben unsere gemeinsame Zeit geliebt. Und er würde immer die unglaublichsten Schmetterlinge sehen und wenn ich die Kreatur verpasste erklärte er mir ,sehr detailliert, wie der Schmetterling aussah. Bevor ich mich auf den Weg machte, haben wir uns viele Male umarmt und geküsst, einmal war für Alan nie genug, wir haben uns immer verabschiedet als wäre es das letzte Mal….leider ist es so. Ich schätze unsere letzten gemeinsame Stunden und ich werde es nie vergessen.
“Du hast mir schöne Erinnerungen hinterlassen
Deine Liebe ist mein Führer
Und obwohl ich dich nicht sehen kann
Du bist immer an meiner Seite“

Danke euch allen für die Gebete, die Kommentare und eure Erinnerungen. Ich lese sie oft und es tröstet mich. 🙏🏻♥️🦋

Simone McGee

June 25, 2021

Mama Bear
June 4th changed my life forever!!
To lose my sweet little boy in such a way, so suddenly is incredibly hard. I know he was a grown man but in my eyes he will always be my sweet little boy. To have Alan in my life for 31 years is a blessing.
I went to see Alan 3 days before the tragic incident. We sat outside, we only spoke a few words because it would take away from the experience, we just sat there next to each other and listened to the birds, the rustling of the leaves and we enjoyed the gentle breeze.
We often did that, we loved our time together outside.
And he would always see the most incredible butterflies, if I happened to miss the creature he would explain, very detailed, what it looked like. As I was getting ready to leave we hugged and kissed many times, once was never enough for Alan, we always said goodbye as if it would be our last time…sadly it is.
“You left me beautiful memories
Your love is still my guide
And though I cannot see you
You are always by my side“

I would like to thank everyone for their prayers, comments and for sharing your memories. I read them often and it is comforting to me. 🙏🏻♥️🦋

Rainer Bautz

June 19, 2021

Ich werde meinen Neffen Alan immer als jemanden in Erinnerung behalten, der zu leben wusste und das Leben geliebt hat. Er war ein liebenswerter junger Mann, stets hilfsbereit und offen.
Er hat gerade erst seinen Lebensweg eingeschlagen und dass er so früh von uns ging, ist ein schwerer Schlag.

Michaela sagte: "Wen die Götter lieben, rufen sie früh zu sich."
Sie wird ihn auch stets als besonders sympathischen und liebenswerten Menschen in Erinnerung behalten.

In Gedanken sind wir bei Dir,
Rainer und Michaela

Nadja Leoni

June 18, 2021

Als Alan und ich uns vor ein paar Jahren das erste Mal wieder seit unserer Kindheit in Sohren trafen, war ich begeistert von seiner sympathischen, herzlichen, einfach fröhlichen und freundlichen Persönlichkeit.
Ich bin dankbar das ich ihn kennenlernen durfte und werde ihn als einen außergewöhnlichen Menschen und wunderbaren Teil meiner Kindheit immer in Erinnerungen behalten.

Ruhe in Frieden Alan

Liebe Simone, lieber Tracy

Das Alan von uns gegangen ist, hat mich tief bestürzt.
Ich weiß nicht mit welchen Worten in dieser Situation das Richtige gesagt ist, aber ich möchte euch und eurer ganzen Familie mein herzliches Beileid aussprechen und wünsche euch in dieser Zeit ganz viel Kraft und gegenseitige Liebe.

In Liebe Nadja Leoni