Braxton Kirk Ford

December 3, 1998February 5, 2020
Obituary of Braxton Kirk Ford
Braxton. Say it: “Braxton.” Kirk. Ford. A unique set of names for a unique individual. You may know him by many names: IV, B, Diddy, Brax, Boi, Roo, and Uncle Paxtie. When he was born to Albert G. and Kendra (Kirk) Ford, III in Indianapolis, on December 3, 1998 in Indianapolis, IN, the young man entered the world still waiting for his identity. He started out as Albert the IV. That didn’t quite fit, so for about a month, he carried the name "Boi." A less confusing name was needed. Imagine going through life having to respond to the calls of, “Oh, Boi!” And so, his mother thought of something stronger.,,something appropriate for his lineage, his looks, and potential. “I was going to rename him Bradley Harrison Ford or Braxton Kirk Ford,” she said. “Harrison Ford is one of my favorite actors. Albert IV sounded like royalty and so does... Braxton Kirk Ford. I chose the name with Kirk because that was my maiden name.” Be it the strength of Han Solo, the royalty of Prince Albert, or the adventurous spirit of Capt. James T. Kirk, Ford had the better idea: Braxton. Say it: “Braxton.” Braxton is a name that evokes strength. It’s an old English name meaning, “Brock’s Town.” Someplace solid. Solid like a Brock. Braxton is a name that symbolizes precision. The first syllable is simply, “Brax.” Sharp. Keen. Like his jaw and chin. Braxton is a name that recalls childhood, in a way. Mothers among us may be familiar with Braxton Hicks, the name given to false labor pains. But the birth of Braxton Kirk Ford was not only real, but it also brought life to many. His mother’s mom, Marcia Kirk called him, “Roo,” no doubt with that maternal instinct of a grandmother knowing that a kangaroo is nurturing and stays close to home. As the youngest child, Braxton was a quiet and helpful child. He attended Washington Township schools and St Luke Catholic School. Braxton also attended Cathedral High School and was a 2018 graduate of Lawrence North High School. Braxton was known to be kind, peaceful, considerate, loving, funny, and always chilling in the background. He enjoyed the outdoors, marine life, dogs, insects, and agricultural studies. Braxton was an avid sports fan, was knowledgeable, and enjoyed playing football. Braxton loved cooking, alone time, reading, drawing, rap and classical music. He also traveled through the ranks of scouting – Cub Scouts and Boy Scouts. He achieved Eagle Scout ranking the winter of 2017 which involved his community project, building a portable life jacket drying rack for Str8 Up Ministries, an Indianapolis ministry dedicated to mentoring urban youth, that he participated in until 2018. B also loved spending time with family and friends, especially his nieces and nephews, through celebrations and gatherings. Braxton’s surviving family gathered includes his loving parents, Kendra L Kirk and Kevin Easley; his dear siblings: Brooke and Brea Ford, David Crenshaw and Christine, Kerry, Kevin Jr, Kiara, and Brandon Easley; great-grandmother Daisy Toby; grandparents Darlene Robinson, Albert G. Ford, Jr. and Raymond Kirk; and special friend Sha’La Ransom. A host of aunts, uncles, cousins, extended family and friends also honor Braxton’s family who preceded him in death: his beloved father, Albert G Ford, III; and his grandmothers, Marcia Kirk and Shirley Madison Ford. People were drawn to Braxton, because of his light-hearted spirit, something borne out by a definition of his name reflected in the “Urban Dictionary.” One definition says: “A gorgeous compassionate boy who loves with all he can give. Although he may be insecure, his passion and ability to love just make him all the more irresistible. His lack to be able to commit only makes him loved and cared about even more than he already is... He is smart, loving and intense. He is amazing.” Another definition calls “Braxton”, “A very intelligent young man. He can do anything when putting his mind to it. He’s loving, caring, silly, ornery at times, and lives with his whole heart. There is nothing he cannot do. He makes everyone so proud. That kid Braxton is so awesome, we should be like him!!!” We don’t know that these definitions were written about our son, brother, nephew, cousin and uncle, but we know these perfectly express his life, and how we will forever remember: Say it -- Braxton Kirk Ford. -30-

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