Teneshia Lewis

June 12, 1977March 29, 2021

Obituary & Eulogy

Teneshia Latashia Lynn Lewis is now in the comfort of our Lord and her ancestors that had been waiting for her transition into the spiritual world. When it was determined she was not going to survive her battle with COVID, her family had to make the hardest and troublesome decision to take her off of life support. On Monday, March 29, 2021 her spirit was allowed to transcend into the spiritual world to be with our Lord and her family on the other side. She was only 43 years of age. Teneshia was the second born child to the union of Larry Lewis and the late Eliza Joan Drayton on June 12, 1977.

Teneshia was born and raised in Jackson, Michigan and graduated from Jackson High School. She was a member at Greater Philadelphia Church C.O.G.I.C. under the leadership of Supt. Dexter Hurt and First Lady Sharon Hurt. She enjoyed working for the work program designed for individuals with mental and or physical challenges. You may remember seeing her at Lane Bryant, Goodwill, or as the lunch lady at Jackson High School. Teneshia’s passion and love was for her family, money, food, and hair products. She often expressed how she felt about others, even the ones she did not see much. She would want her family to know she loved them all.

Teneshia wouldn’t directly ask for anything, she would ask by saying what she likes. Example, “I like money, I need 5 dollars.” And then her dad would reach into his pocket and give her some money. She always said she needed 5 dollars. She knew them ones and five dollar bills added up. She loved getting her hair styled and wanted money for hair products she said. Hair products were her thing. She would say, “I like chocolate, popcorn, and pop.” By the time she was done saying all that she likes, she would be going home with bags of groceries and a purse full of ones and or five dollar bills. One time her dad asked her how much money she had. She said she had $30 dollars. He said, “You have more money than me. Can I borrow some?” She had this child like giggle and she would wiggle when she laughed, then she would buck her eyes trying to figure out how to say, “No.” And then everybody would laugh at the situation, even Tee.

Teneshia’s favorite song was, Wind beneath my wings, by Bette Midler. She expressed she wanted to be a bird to be able to fly away from this world because she had a complex about how she was. She would often ask, “Why did God make me this way?” She would continue to explain how no one had the answers that she was looking for. She was often told that everyone is special in their own way, with their own issues and complexes. Not to say this is the answer but I, Joan (Hurt) Lewis her step mother told her that I had the same question to God. Why did I have to go through the bad things I had to go through, why do I have the issues that I have. And the spirit replied, “Joan it is not about you. It is about you being able to teach from your life experience to help others with their life and how to navigate through it.” I told Teneshia the point was, God works through people and he might use people with special needs as a way to teach “Normal” people his gifts like; love, patience, tolerance, grace, mercy, acceptance, and even forgiveness. I validated her emotions and explained I regretted her sadness. However, sometimes it is not about us but it could be about the bigger picture, which is human relationships, how we connect with others, humanity and the ultimate word and act of, “Love.” I pray she is flying with her angle wings looking over each of us and now helping guide us with our course of life.

Cherished and precious memories of Teneshia’s life will live on in the hearts of her family and friends. She leaves behind family to mourn her passing, who is her father and step mother, Larry Lewis Sr. and Joan Hurt Lewis from Jackson, Michigan. Grandparents; Dexter Hurt and Sharon Hurt, from Jackson, Michigan. Five sisters; Christie Lewis, Keirstyn Lewis, LaRiyah Lewis, Ivana Lewis, who are all from Jackson, Michigan, and Felicia (Nich) Pelto from Whitmore Lake. One brother; Larry Lewis Jr., from Jackson, Michigan. One niece; Tajdreana Lewis, from Jackson, Michigan. Three nephews; Darrel Miles, from East Lansing, Michigan, Javon Lewis, and Kingston Lewis, both from Jackson, Michigan. She also leaves behind many aunts, uncles, cousins, and friends to cherish her memories. Teneshia was our COVID sacrifice, but her death will also be our birthplace for life, healing, and love. Thank you Teneshia for your love, patience, tolerance, grace, mercy, acceptance, and forgiveness. Teneshia we love you!


24 April

Memorial Celebration of Life

12:30 pm - 2:00 pm

Ella Sharp Park Pavillion

Pavilion located next to carters corner playground (across from Peter F. Hurst Planetarium)


Teneshia Lewis

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April 8, 2021

I worked with tee at goodwill and later took her on outings through lifespan. I remember her say to me. "why don't boys like me" and I replied to her that she had a beautiful smile and if she showed it more then the boys might smile back. I always tried to build up her self esteem and make her appreciate herself more