Jordan Tyler Bubb

October 23, 2000March 14, 2019
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Ty was the epitome of a fresh breath of life. He found something to love about every person, every genre of music, abstract and geometric art styles, and the outdoors on any horizon he could physically reach.

He was selfless in every sense of the word. Whether it was a good laugh, listen, or genuine friend he was there for you.

Music was his passion. He played all types of drums since a very young age. Later his passion expanded into drum circles with friends, and countless evenings played underneath sunsets in high places. He said once that "Music is one of the only things capable of bringing people together in a harmonious way."

Ty was born in Jacksonville, Florida and over time was given the opportunity to live in New Jersey and New Mexico where he continued to spread his jubilance. Jordan Tyler Bubb passed away peacefully on March 14, 2019.

Ty loved cats about as much as he loved people, and is survived by his cats Furby, Gizmo, and Yuki. Tyler is also survived by his mother LaVonda McComb and father Jerry Bubb, his sister Alexis Bubb-Jordan, his grandfathers Jerry Bubb and Mark McComb, his grandmother Rosie McComb, his aunt Amy Bubb and uncles Mark McComb, Paul McComb, and Robert Bubb. Not to forget his plethora of friends.

Tyler was a free spirit, and that spirit will continue to live on as a good laugh, some quick wit, a sense of true friendship, and a genuine smile.

Tyler's Celebration of Life will be held at 2:00pm on Sunday, April 7, 2019 at Hardage-Giddens Chapel Hills Funeral Home, 850 St. Johns Bluff Road North, Jacksonville, Florida 32225.

HARDAGE-GIDDENS CHAPEL HILLS, 850 Saint Johns Bluff Road North, Jacksonville, FL 32225, is serving the family.


  • Celebration of Life Sunday, April 7, 2019

Jordan Tyler Bubb

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Carlos Page

April 7, 2019

Ty was my friend I swear the other day I was kicking it with my homie now hes gone I miss him so much but he's in a better place now ty was a wonderful homie he was a great rapper me ND him had some great ideas R.I.P tyty love you man

Jake Sitzler

April 7, 2019

I appreciate the fact that I was able to know such a beautiful human while they were here. As the music goes on, we have to now do for him what he would have wanted. He wouldn't want us to be broken forever. We have to be strong because that's what Ty would have wanted for us. I am still having serious trouble accepting this sudden loss and even typing this message, but the people who's heart's have been touched will do whatever it takes to keep the memory alive and the flame burning for him. Ty was so gifted at playing percussion. Whether it was a full drum set or just a little hand pan, box drum, or bongo, he was always making rhythms and beats and was an endless plain of ideas when it came to making a song. I was working on some of my favorite of my own songs with Ty when he was still in New Jersey. I would have never figured out how to build those tiny little ideas into full blown odysseys with out Ty pounding away on the drums. I owe him so much musically, and personally. To my pal, my brother, and musical kindred spirit, I love you and miss you Ty. I will be releasing our music when the time is right. You will make an impact.

Gina Kehl

April 7, 2019

Jordan (Tyler) was a sweet kid and a good musician. My favorite memory of him was when he returned after one weekend to Music Theory class with a 'Kindred Spirit Drum". He said he was just going to teach himself to play it. He also used it for a Rhythm performance project we were doing in class. Every time he talked about that drum his face would light up. Rest in peace.

Bull B

April 7, 2019

It was a great freshman h.p.e. class in which ty was such a hugh part it spirit and intensity especially on the football field.
You will be missed and i will always remember hubba bubba running around a 100 mph on the field.
I hope you connect with Tony!
Good bless the family.
You are in my Prayers.

Sebastian Strittmatter

April 7, 2019

Tie-dyed sky

I never thought I'd think about you so much in a time like this.
Because ever since we met, the smoke made time, timeless.
You held your Hope's high and pushed your problems aside.
But you talked about all of your past mistakes with such pride.
The pride I can picture when I first met you.
Your story's were unbelievably breathtaking and true.

You told me about the feelings when you get high
Somethings you wouldnt have heard from any other guy.

You had this way of life that you couldn't pass by.
You were always wearing some form of tie-dye.

On the fourth day of your rest,
The sun finally set.
Tie-dye covering the bright sky,
Winded from the beautiful design.
You painted one last picture to give us a sign.
I looked up and saw it and thought of you.

You were just this kid who had a rocky flight.
Florida was your home but I saw your skyline.
Back in Jersey, the place you changed my life.
Three weeks felt like years with everyday being a surprise.

Being able to call you my friend was my biggest prize.
And I can say many others also feel that way too.

How does one say goodbye when the world keeps saying hello.
When the world is so full but without you it feels so empty.
It has been over three days and I still check your Facebook feed.
Looking for a post that says your okay.
Life took you too fast and now the days drag along.
A strange trip this will be with you being gone.

Rob Arnold

April 7, 2019

He was smart. Not only was he smart with money, but his decisions were so precise and ever choice he made he was sure of. Ty was a very bold, ballsy guy that would always be able to blow our minds in the craziest ways. For the last chunk of time that he lived in Medford, he spent in crutches, boot, or a brace. But, never did that ever stop him from coming on an adventure, longboard ride, or “walk” thru the woods. One day on one of those “walks” in the woods, I took us to this infamous guy’s tent that, rumor has it, is his home year round (it is true and confirmed). When we got to the tent, it looked pretty rundown and aged but there was all of his stuff there. We messed around and checked out the place, until out of nowhere this guy with grey/white hair walks up. Probably about 7 of the people we were with instantly ran, except for Tyty, Caeleigh, and I. At that time, Tyty had a metal brace on his leg preventing him from bending his knee so running wasn’t an option for him. Caeleigh and I knew that and stayed. We ended up getting out safe but TyTy has never denied an adventure and loved to be around positive people to contribute to the healthy vibe that he loved to try and keep around him as much as possible.

Ty left my heart crushed by the out-of-nowhere news and not even having the chance to say “goodbye.” He is an angel and he will not be forgotten. He taught me so much and even if I had the chance right now, I couldn’t thank him enough. Ty was a positive person and even when things got rough for him or our friend group, he tried his best to stay positive and get thru it. Going the past five days without any notifications from Ty, has left me heartbroken and feeling alone. Tyty will live forever in our hearts and will never, ever be forgotten.

Rest In Peace, brother. I love you

Alisa Keen

April 7, 2019

Please except my deepest condolences. Loosing a loved one is such a heart breaking event. As someone who recently lost a beloved family member I find much comfort in John 5:28,29, where God promised to reunite us with our dear loved ones in a near future. May this scripture and the God of all comfort help your family to endure. My thoughts are with your family.