Laura Louise McKibbin

April 1, 1986September 4, 2018
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Laura wanted nothing more than anything in life to be a mom ever since she was a little girl but was not able to have one herself. But through the selfless blessing of Heather and Sean they made her wish come true and it was the happiest day of her life when we were blessed with Michael. Laura and Michael had a very special bond.

If you would like to make a donation to Laura's memorial for expenses, including helping with Michael, we have set up a bank account at Vystar with the account information as follows:

Bank name: Vystar RT# 263079276 Account # 7507606961 Name on the account is Blake McKibbin in Memorial of Laura McKibbin The account will only be open for 90 days.

Celebration of Life of our beautiful Laura Louise McKibbin

Please join us in our Celebration of Laura’s beautiful life. She was an amazing person, friend, sister, cousin, daughter, granddaughter, mother and wife.

Date: Sunday, September 16th Time: 2pm to 5pm Location: Hilton Garden Inn Address: 145 Park Avenue, Orange Park, FL 32068 Phone: (904) 458-1577

For anyone who is coming in from out of the area who would like to stay at the hotel, they will have a block of rooms for $99 per night. To receive this rate, you will need to call the hotel at the number above and ask for Lisa in Sales. It may take her a little while to get back to you but she will.

To help keep this Celebration as Laura was, the event will have NO ALCOHOL, NO DRUGS and NO FIGHTING, and the dress attire will be casual in keeping with her spirit. A nice gold shirt and shorts are more than ok.

Even though we will be here to celebrate how beautiful and precious Laura was, please remember that Michael, who is Laura and Blake’s son, will be there and he is only 3. He is having a very, very hard time with this so instead of flowers or other items we are requesting that whoever will be attending to please bring a small toy, wrapped for Michael to help him remember this as a good day as much as it could possibly be for him and all of us.

Thank you everyone for all of the love and support.


  • Celebration of Life Sunday, September 16, 2018

Laura Louise McKibbin

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Danial and Lisa Mckibbin

October 2, 2018

You were the best daughter in law you were a wonderful wife to my son and a wonderful mother to my grandson we love you and miss you

Blake McKibbin

October 2, 2018

At 13 in 98 I met the girl of my dreams. I asked you to the movies to watch Galaxy Quest. I told back you then I was going to marry you someday. We had a wonderful time .Then on Oct 4 2011 Facebook reunited us. You asked me to go on a drama free weekend with you. To a Zac brown concert and to hang out in St Augustine for the rest of the weekend. That date was magical and perfect. The concert , The alligator farm, The ghost tour and Shopping. It was all perfect. At the concert I kissed you for the 1st time in all those many years since we were kids At that movie theater. you lay your head on my shoulder and went to sleep during "Whatever it is" And when Zac Brown got to the part about she's gonna be my wife I thought that is perfect idea and I was gonna make it happen and I did. The concert happened in October 28th. November 3 I jumped on a Plane to get to you . And not for 5 days later after a food drive I sent you a relationship's status change To engaged. And you accepted. Not 56 days later after the concert we were getting Married on Christmas eve at Harry's in St. Augustine.Beautiful I wanna thank you for The almost 7 years of loving devotion. You will always be my beautiful rose in a field of weeds. My exotic orchid. Prettier than any sunrise over the ocean And the prettiest woman in the universe. Thank you for loving a hard headed man like me. As tears filled your eyes on Micklers beach You told me you were afraid you couldn't conceive. I told you we would adopt. And thanks to wonderful people we have our son Michael. We had our hardships struggles and battles But thank you for sticking with me and loving me. And as for the battles you were always right. "Yes dear I'm a stupid man " was my go to the 1st year. Thank you for making me the man I am and for making me a father. I love you beautiful. I loved you, I love you,I will always love you are and will always be my darlin beautiful princess . Love always and forever your loving husband

David Johnson

September 26, 2018

Laura was a pleasant sweet woman who was a great mother and better daughter. She was a caregiver of sorts as well as a best friend to her mom. Seeing her adorable pictures posted here as a child and young woman makes me smile, but knowing she will not be any more makes me sad. I wish I could have talked to her when she was younger like in those pictures but I know that is impossible She fought through her medical problems and did the best she could for her family which I think is valiant. I respected her for that. I am will miss seeing her but only a fraction compared to her family. I am very sorry and I offer my condolences and love.

Kathryn Funk

September 16, 2018

I can't believe I am even having to write this; that one of the original 4 cousins has been called back to our creator. It brings me peace knowing you're there with Grandma and Grandpa, silently watching over us now. Cousins are our first best friends, and my childhood was full of love and laughs with you. My wish is for Michael to know how kind, gentle, and caring you were. Those traits paved the way to make you the amazing mother became. You still live on in the hearts and minds of the loving family you left behind. A beautiful soul is never forgotten.

Rhoda Otero

September 15, 2018

Laura was another daughter to me. I took her into my home daycare program when she was just a toddler and even then she always wanted to help me with the babies. As she grew older she was like my little assistant. She was so smart, compassionate, loving and helpful. She continued to come to my daycare through her earlier school years, after school and we use to joke around that she would be attending college and still stop by in the afternoons. To see me, to help out, to have a snack. Laura and Diana took part in all my family events and were there for me when I was sick when my husband was sick and when he passed. I loved that girl and am so fond of her mom Diana. I cannot wrap my brain around what happenend and my heart hurts for Diana, Blake and Michael. Rhoda

Steve Hunt

September 13, 2018

I've actually never had to write a memory message before this so....not sure how or what to say but darn sure don't want the suggested guidance for doing so. Therefore; just winging it when I say
"dang....this even hurts me so much when I'm so far away.....I cannot begin to imagine the pain for Diana and the rest of Laura's family"
Laura - what an absolute sweetheart! A do anything for anyone person. I always loved to mess with her in the office. She always knew when I was messing with her and would give me that disapproving smile but many more times....that disapproving laugh and then have the nerve to shoo me away because she had many, many more productive things to do than put up with me.
I shall always remember that smile and that laugh as they were the substance of Laura's so sweet nature. Strong willed....yes, outspoken....oh yeah....and ever so pleasant and fun to be around. Miss you sweetie!

Stephanie Collinsworth

September 9, 2018

She was a wonderful mother to Michael she loved him so much she was loved by everyone