Mariel Jallorina Corredor

December 28, 1980July 9, 2018
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Funeral Services for Mariel Jallorina Corredor, 37, of Killeen, will be held 12:00 PM Monday, July 16, 2018, at Crawford-Bowers Funeral Home Chapel in Killeen with burial to follow at 2:00 pm at the Central Texas State Veterans Cemetery. Mariel was born December 28, 1980 at Ft. Hood and passed away on July 9, 2018 in Killeen. Open visitation will be 8:00 am to 5:00 pm Saturday and Sunday at Crawford-Bowers funeral home in Killeen, which is charge of the arrangements.


  • She is survived by her husband Luis Corredor Fantauzzi; her children, Ryan and Emma; her parents, Reynaldo and Elena; her sister. Raelene; her brother, Jon; niece, Ireneana; and nephews, L.J. and Reymond.


  • Visitation Saturday, July 14, 2018
  • Visitation Sunday, July 15, 2018
  • Funeral Services Monday, July 16, 2018
  • Committal Service Monday, July 16, 2018

Mariel Jallorina Corredor

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      “Give me a problem and I’ll hand you a solution. Mariel was a woman of great drive and a very original, independent thinker. For Mariel, no challenge was impossible, and just about any desired result was within her grasp. Mariel placed great trust in her intuition. Since that intuition generally led her in the right direction, who was she to doubt it.

      Mariel was born on December 28, 1980 at Darnall Army Community Hospital in Ft. Hood, Texas. She was the daughter of Reynaldo & Elena Jallorina. Her childhood found her, being an Military brat, in Daly City, Califonia, then Killeen where she matured into the independent person she eventually became.

      Mariel grew up with three siblings. She had one older "favorite" sister, Raelene (aka Jing), and two younger brothers, Ryan, who's chilling with her now, and baby boy, Jon. Mariel could be seen as being stubborn by her siblings. It was important to her that she was perceived as “right” when it came to her part in those typical family spats. However, this quality did not over power her caring for her family. This ability to balance her family, with her need to be seen as right, helped her to develop into a young adult while enjoying many good times with her family.

      During her grade school years, Mariel was a very focused and serious student who actually enjoyed the challenge of many classroom problems. She was determined to succeed, and she drew upon her gifts of trust and perseverance to provide her with a competitive edge. While her first love might have been academics, Mariel took part in volleyball in Junior High at Fernando Rivera in Daly City, California. Mariel delighted in projects that required planning, critical thinking and resolution.

      During high school, Mariel was relentless in her pursuit of learning, especially in those subject areas that really grabbed hold of her interests. It wasn't that she didn't put forth her best efforts in all classes, but if a subject really interested her, she would eagerly put forth extra effort to learn all she could. Mariel attended Waynesville High School in Waynesville, Missouri and then Ellison High School in Killeen, graduating in 1999. Lela's favorite class in high school was math.

      Mariel's inventive side developed as she moved into her college years. When Mariel found herself involved in an area that particularly interested her, she could organize and complete any task that was given to her and make it look as if she hadn't really needed to put forth any effort. She earned her Associates Degree in General Studies and then pursued her education by finishing the Licensed Vocational Nurse Program at Central Texas College.

      Mariel was loyal to her friends. She found that she was most in tune with people who had similar interests and thought about things much the way that she did. Mariel sometimes had a tendency to be critical in her friendships but she was more interested in finding out what was right in a situation rather than in being mean toward others. She never intentionally set out to hurt any of her friends. Mariel was a person who challenged others to fend for themselves and to be original in their thinking and evaluation of the outside world. While growing up, some of Lela's best friends were Marjorie Cruz and Paula Phantanagosi. Later in life, after moving to Texas, she became best friends with Jocelyn Melo and Michelle Myles.

      On November 26, 2017, Mariel exchanged wedding vows with Luis Angel Corredor Fantauzzi at the Justice of the Peace in Killeen, Texas. Luis's sensitivity to Mariel's needs proved to be a wonderful influence on this woman, who preferred to live in her “gut.” Luis's influence brought Mariel to a new emotional level, one that eventually enhanced all of her other gifts and abilities. Luis was able to help Mariel appreciate the fact that others made contributions and Mariel became better at interacting with those around her. Because of this, Mariel grew as a person.

      Mariel often neglected her own feelings in order to give to others. This was very true when it came to how she dealt with her children. She was able to hand on to each child a number of strong values. She taught them to appreciate their abilities, gave them a desire to persevere despite obstacles and set within them a drive to succeed. She had two, her son. Ryan Steven Jallorina, and her daughter, Emmalyn Alina Corredor Jallorina. They were always aware of how much Mariel loved them.

      During Mariel's professional working years, she was at her best when working independently. It became the hallmark of her performance. Mariel was generally able to refocus her drive and determination and readily work toward finding a way to get things done that was beneficial to herself and her co-workers. Her primary occupation was as a Licensed Vocational Nurse and a future medical coder.

      For Mariel, her outside interests and hobbies became another exercise in learning and mastering areas that interested her. She greatly enjoyed unraveling the "hows" and "whys" that lay behind her hobbies. Mariel was always pushing herself to learn more and to stretch her knowledge base even further. She firmly believed that the more things that she knew the more control she would have over things. Her favorite pursuit was helping her kids with school projects.

      Watching her favorite sporting events by herself was never a problem for Mariel. It allowed her to indulge in her own individual interpretation of the event. It was not uncommon for Mariel to know what the right play or move “should have been,” and she would vocally address these feelings even if there was no one around to hear them. And if there were others around, she would still state his feelings and gladly debate anyone on their opposing views. She enjoyed following her favorite sporting events. Tops on her list were football and boxing. Go Niners!

      Mariel's faith allowed her to better appreciate the gifts and opinions of others. This deepening aspect of her life helped her to accept her own feelings to a greater degree. She was a member at Ft. Hood St. Elizabeth Ann Seton Catholic Church.

      Mariel's skepticism was visible when she found it necessary to place too much trust in one person. This was never clearer than when it was time for her to schedule a vacation or period of time away from her regular schedule. Mariel loved the research aspects of planning a trip, but the actual process of relaxing was far more difficult. Still, she did manage to enjoy some time away. Her favorite vacations included Hawaii, New York City, California, Puerto Rico and frequent trips to San Antonio.

      Mariel was a lover of animals and cherished her pets. Mariel's favorites were her two German Rottweilers, Nikko and Nani.

       Mariel fought brave battles against Lupis Nephritis and Rheumatoid Arthritis and succumbed to complications from a brain stroke. She is survived by her husband Luis Corredor Fantauzzi; her children, Ryan and Emma; her parents, Reynaldo and Elena; her sister. Raelene; her brother, Jon; niece, Ireneana; and nephews, L.J. and Reymond. Services were held at Crawford-Bowers Funeral Home in Killeen. Mariel was laid to rest at the Central Texas State Veterans Cemetery in Killeen.

       She was a very competent person who expected competence from others. She could be headstrong and certain about the way things were supposed to be. She was determined in every aspect of her life and certain that she was usually right about things. She trusted her intuition over all else, even if it opposed the popular belief, and she had faith in her inner vision and speculations. She wanted to be acknowledged by others as having made a contribution to whatever she was working on. Her family and friends will miss her fierce determination, relentless innovations and analytic mind. She leaves with all those who knew her many wonderful memories.