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Christopher "Chris" Michael Bergstrom

January 19, 1964March 4, 2020
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Christopher "Chris" Michael Bergstrom was born on January 19, 1964 and passed away on March 4, 2020 in Kingwood, Texas.


  • Visitation Tuesday, March 10, 2020
  • Funeral Service Wednesday, March 11, 2020
  • Graveside Service & Interment Wednesday, March 11, 2020


Christopher "Chris" Michael Bergstrom

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Mary Anne Seward willburn

March 14, 2020

Chris, I miss you daily. You are one of my best friends. You introduced me to your wonderful wife. An amazing lady. I am grateful you found her. I am happy you came into my life. You were my rock at time and I was yours during life. You are home with the Lord and at peace. Love always, Mary Anne

Suzanne Wesley-Martucci

March 10, 2020

Cousin Chris. I will miss hearing your voice. Remembering all the good times growing up. I can’t believe you are gone. We just talked about you coming to New Jersey to see Aunt Anna and us cousins. My deepest condolences to Linda and the entire family .Luv you cousin .

Cousin Sue from New Jersey

Kris Milford

March 10, 2020

Chris Bergstrom was more than just a shipmate to me. He was a tutor, role-model, and mentor. I've been retired now for 11 years, and I really cannot put a finger on exactly when I first met him, but do know he played a part in my technical training then. Later, and I beleive this was at COMSUBLANT, he was one of the four Chiefs, Senior Chiefs, & Master Chiefs I came to for guidance and instruction during initiation to Chief Petty Officer. I just remember his easy going nature, kind of crooked mischeivous smile, and sideways glance when you might have said something a tad backwards. Seriously though, Chris was always someone to trust when you needed an ally. I will miss him immensely.
Rest your oars, shipmate. We've got the watch. Rest In Peace, my brother. - Kris Milford, ETC(SS), USN, Ret.

John Parker

March 9, 2020

I found our group photo from back in the day when Chris and I as well as many other brothers knew him and served together as instructors in Department Code 42, Trident Training Facility, Naval Submarine Base, Bangor, Washington.

I’m second from the left, as you can see, Chris is easy to spot!

John Parker

March 9, 2020

Chris and I worked together as Instructors at the Trident Training Facility, NSB, Bangor, WA.

I will always have fond memories of Chris and his infectious top notch attitude and his approach to life.

He was my brother, a Shipmate, a true selfless warrior who never gave up! He is truly an inspiration.

Like Skip and others, we lost track of each other but were able to catch-up on Facebook.

I remember an evening when a bunch of us all went out for dinner and drinks, mostly drinks and afterwards, as Submarine Qualified Brothers, we all went to see the opening of The Hunt For Red October! We gave it an honest critique.

My heart is truly saddened by his passing! I raised a glass in the memory of this unique man and brother who’s passing came way to early in life!

He will forever be on my mind and I will continue to raise a glass in his honor!

Fair Winds and following Seas my brother! Till we all meet again!

God Bless you and your family!

John Parker, RMCS (SS), USN Retired
Aiea, Hawaii


March 8, 2020

I first met Chris as RM1(SS) Bergstrom at Trident Training Facility on my way to spending the next several years on board Trident submarines. He was an outstanding person, instructor, mentor, and friend (even during Chief's initiation!). He will be deeply missed by all of the people's lives he has touched. "Fair winds and following seas" my friend. My sincerest thoughts, condolences and wishes to the family.

Skip Collier

March 8, 2020

Chris & I were shipmates on the USS Ohio. I remember him when he was just a youngster not sure if he wanted to be a Radioman. Refit periods were always stressful with long hours and hard work but Chris would never lose the smile on his face and a way of cracking a joke to ease the tension & make everybody laugh. Over time we lost contact with each other but reconnected on Facebook. I will miss you my friend. You were and still are the best. Rest your oars...we have the watch. Love ya buddy!!

Jackie Joza

March 7, 2020

I am so glad I had the opportunity to reconnect with Chris and Linda since we recently moved to Humble. Chris said he didn't remember me from high school (LOL) but I remembered him. Mostly I remembered Chris because Linda (my great friend) was so in love with Chris. I know Chris is now no longer suffering and is in heaven looking down on us all from above and loving the attention! Linda, you know we are always here for you. Just 10 minutes away sweety. We love your family dearly and our thoughts and prayers are with ya'll.

Linda Bergstrom

March 7, 2020

Where does one begin with so many memories to pick from.... Would it be the first time I saw you at 16 and was gaga over you? or was it Valentines Day, 1980 when you asked me to be your girlfriend? or in sadness that next year after I broke up with you and you left for the Navy? There was that return visit from bootcamp all dressed in your white uniform and the picture you brought to me that I kept with me until 2008 when by the Grace of God we reunited. Our memories go on and on, up and down and all over the place but the one thing that stood strong through all of it is my never ending love for you. My desire to be by your side every moment of everyday. My love for you is immeasurable, unending and all enduring. I love you Christopher Whistopher to infinity and beyond, always and forever.
Love ,
Linda Bimba.

Marcus Andrews

March 7, 2020

Farewell my buddy, I’m thankful to have gotten to know such a great spirited and kind person. Meeting your family was a privilege. Remembering the days at work til the times we had hanging at you’re house talking about building guns. Man Chris I wish I could’ve gotten a chance to say goodbye. I know you’re ok now. Linda thank for giving my friend happiness and love. Prayers and condolences to you all. Miss you my friend and til we meet again. Rest easy Chris (Mr. 1911) will never be forgotten.



      Christopher Michael Bergstrom was a role model and teacher to many. He was trustworthy and traditional in his approach to his life and in his relationships. He was tough-minded with the kind of “stick to it” attitude that earned the respect of all who knew him. He was also a man who was meticulous, carefully disciplined, and orderly in virtually everything he undertook. Realistic about life, he was always at the ready, prepared to take on responsibility.

      Chris was born on January 19, 1964 at Bitburg Airforce Base in Moetsch, Rheinland/Pflaz, Germany. His parents were James Carl Bergstrom and Irene Emmanuel Lagouthakis Bergstrom. Chris was raised in Indiana and Pearland, Texas. He was brought up to be self-confident and dependable. These were traits that would serve him well throughout his life.

      Growing up in the Bergstrom household was a bit different than most homes. There were good times to be had, but just as often there was a fair share of challenges as well. However, Chris was able to work through the usual family problems when they appeared, and he was the one person in the family who seemed able to keep the stress at bay. Chris was raised with three siblings. He had one older brother James, and two younger sisters Marie and Adelaide. Chris and his siblings may have had the typical rivalries while growing up but Chris was always consistently loyal to his family.

      As a young child, Chris was never someone who needed to be the center of attention. He wasn’t pushy and never forced his way into games or other activities. Chris developed a variety of interests, though, and the things he enjoyed doing he did well. He was always curious about the world around him and was often eager to explore it.

      While his teachers and even his friends generally thought of Chris as being a serious person, he managed to have a pretty good time in high school as he made that critical transition from adolescence to adulthood. He graduated from Pearland High School in 1981. He enjoyed some courses more than others, having favorite classes and teachers. His favorite class in high school was biology. The teacher he enjoyed learning from the most was Mrs. Bryan. Chris was a very logical person who enjoyed learning about factual information. Using his exceptional memory, he was able to learn much through observation. Chris always seemed to have a command of the facts and was able to make it seem as though he could easily master any problem that might be presented to him.

      Always considered to be a solid friend, Chris was fortunate to have numerous acquaintances and several very close friends during his life. Since he disliked making generalizations about people and preferred to draw his own conclusions based on direct observation, Chris was able to see beneath the surface of relationships and became a true friend to those who knew him. He was committed to his friends and valued the trust he placed in them. It was not uncommon for Chris to go beyond the call of duty for others, and friends frequently sought him out for advice because he had a knack for coming up with practical solutions to any type of dilemma. While growing up, some of his best friends were Gary Hernandez, Ronald and Donald Shanahan, and Linda Swagger and others. Later in life, he became friends with Ernie Martin, Tom Naecker, Skip Collier, Lance and Jessica Mefford, Mary Anne Seward, Jerry McCabe, and many others.

      On March 19, 2016 Chris exchanged wedding vows with Linda Fern Swagger at the Heather's Glen of Conroe, Texas. Compassionate and devoted to Linda, Chris held endearing, traditional values about marriage and family life. He took the responsibility of marriage to heart, giving it his total commitment. He was a source of strength to Linda and using his gifts at nurturing one-on-one relationships, he worked hard to make his new family happy.

      Chris brought the same traditional values in his marriage to bear on how he raised his children. He was a good parent to them, always firm yet fair in his dealings. He would always listen carefully and think things through before he acted, even when it was an adverse situation. Chris was also a walking schedule, always seeming to know what everyone in the family needed to do, where they needed to be and when they needed to be there. Chris was blessed with three sons, Christopher, James and Matthew and three step-sons, Michael, Erik and Axl. He was also blessed with four grandchildren, Ella, Magnus, Jeanne Rae and Genesis.

      Chris greatly enjoyed what he did for a living. He was a hard worker who expected the same in return from his co-workers. He was skilled at working effectively in small groups and in one-on-one situations as well as handling solo assignments efficiently. Chris enjoyed dealing with concrete ideas and could penetrate any amount of fuzzy information to reach the essential facts. Always able to attend to the task at hand, Chris was excellent at meeting deadlines. He was an efficient worker, one who paid careful attention to detail, allowing sufficient time to complete one task before moving on to the next. His primary occupation was Maintenance Mechanic Planner. He was employed for 6 years at Atlantic Coffee Solutions. Chris worked hard to be a team player, doing what was necessary in order to get the job done.

      Chris was a Navy Veteran. He was a Submariner from March 1981 - October 2003. Through his hard work and dedication, he achieved the rank of E-8, Senior Chief Petty Officer. He received praise for his valor, including being awarded Enlisted Submarine Warfare Specialist; Navy Commendation Medal; Navy Achievement Medal (5); Meritorious Unit Commendation (2); Navy "E" Ribbon (4) Good Conduct Medal (6); National Defense Service Medal (2) and Sea Service Deployment Ribbon. A literal thinker who possessed a calm exterior, Chris seemed to enjoy the routines set forth by the military. His results-oriented approach to things made him committed to the job, and he understood well his role in serving his country.

      Chris liked to experience things first-hand as well as learn about them. This trait carried over into his hobbies, where he was very methodical in how he organized his activities and categorized things. Since he enjoyed his private time, Chris always tried to allocate a specific time for working on his hobbies. His favorite pursuits were collecting and building guns. Chris was content to enjoy his hobbies alone but was also willing to share his interests with others.

      Chris found pleasure in sports. Being a person who was comfortable making win/lose decisions throughout life, he could appreciate that athletes made those types of decisions in sports. He applauded those who won, and he enjoyed the statistical data and sports facts and could find himself wrapped up in those details. He would watch his favorite sporting events whenever he got the opportunity. Tops on his list were NASCAR, Forumla 1 and Football (Go Steelers!).

      Chris was a man who was dedicated and devoted to his faith. He was a member of St. Helen's Church in Pearland for 8 years and again in adulthood. He was a sympathetic man who valued his beliefs. Later on, Chris became of non-demoninational faith.

      Chris enjoyed traveling and taking vacations. Since he was an early starter and had a knack for planning everything, traveling with Chris appeared effortless. He enjoyed researching all of his examined options and applying cost-effective planning techniques. Plus, no matter where he traveled, Chris always had a back up plan at the ready, just in case. Favorite vacations included going to NASCAR races, hunting and camping.

      Chris was a lover of animals and cherished his pets. Chris’s favorites were Sir Winston Maximus Verstappen, Bella Darlington, Sir Bruno von Schnaupps and Rowdy. They were best friends for 11 years.

      Christopher Michael Bergstrom passed away on March 4, 2020 at HCA Houston Healthcare - Kingwood in Kingwood, Texas. Chris fought a brave, long and hard battle against cancer. He is survived by wife, Linda; sons Chris, James and Matthew; stepson Michael and his spouse Ethelle, Erik and Axl;brother James, sisters Marie and Adelaide and numerous cousins and close friends. Services were held at Kingwood Funeral Home, Kingwood, Texas. Chris was laid to rest in The National Veterans Administration Cemetary.

      Commitment is a key word that can be used to describe the life of Christopher Michael Bergstrom. He was committed to living the life of a good man who was both practical and trustworthy. He was committed to the traditional values that he upheld his entire life. He committed himself to being a hard worker who expected the same effort in return from those around him. Most of all, he was committed to those he knew and loved.