Ardelette Marie Olson Simmons

April 21, 1936September 8, 2019

Ardelette Marie Olson Simmons, age 83, of Harlingen, Texas passed away on Sunday September 8, 2019. Ardelette was born April 21, 1936 in Detroit. Ardelette is survived by her spouse of 55 years, David A. Simmons; daughter Kathy Rike (Glenn); daughter Karen Coughlin (Brian); and daughter Kimberly Feuerbacher (James); sister Ollette Schultz and sister Laurieann Dygowski; grandchild Shelly Mitchell (Clay), grandchild Kelly Hudson (Eric), grandchild Kristen Rike, grandchild Cody Coughlin (Michelle), grandchild Aly Craig (Alex), grandchild Trenton Feuerbacher (The Governor) and grandchild Emily Marie Feuerbacher. She also has 6 Great Grandchildren and one on the way. We will miss her chocolate chips cookies and her famous "Ardyisms" she bestowed on us whether we wanted them or not. In lieu of flowers we ask that you make donations to St. Jude Children's Research Hospital in her name or the charity of your choice. Fond memories and expressions of sympathy may be shared at for the Simmons family.


  • David A. Simmons, Spouse
  • Kathy Rike (Glenn), Daughter
  • Karen Coughlin (Brian), Daughter
  • Kimberly Feuerbacher (James), Daughter
  • Ollette Schultz, Sister
  • Laurieann Dygowski, Sister
  • Shelly Mitchell (Clay), Grandchild
  • Kelly Hudson (Eric), Grandchild
  • Kristen Rike, Grandchild
  • Cody Coughlin (Michelle), Grandchild
  • Aly Craig (Alex), Grandchild
  • Trenton Feuerbacher (The Governor), Grandchild
  • Emily Marie Feuerbacher, Grandchild


6 October

Celebration of Life

2:00 pm - 5:00 pm

Bass Lake

9225 West Bus. 83
Harlingen, TX


Ardelette Marie Olson Simmons

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Karen Coughlin

September 12, 2019

It has taken a few days to really put things into words and to realize just how much mom gave me throughout my life. Mom had a life history which everyone does but now as I reflect it is so clear that those experiences made her the caring, giving person that she was. Mom knew when someone needed a hand and she was always ready to give. Mom was a lifetime "Avon lady" and we laugh now seeing that "everyone got a discount" I mean everyone. Mom was the best baker. Ask the trashmen, they loved her treats as did everyone else. Mom found a way to communicate her feelings through Facebook. I will always treasure seeing her daily postings of positive thoughts and inspirations. It was a glimpse into her heart. Mom loved David with her heart and soul; in our final conversations she was so concerned that he be cared for; mom no worries there. Mom taught many things through her life; I hope I give as she did, cared for others as she did and love my family as she did. I'll see you again mom and we will laugh as we always did. I love you.

Kathy Rike

September 11, 2019

Mom I know you are having a grand old time with Azel Betty and Miller. We miss you so much
All my love to you

Kim Simmons Feuerbacher

September 11, 2019

I miss her so much.

Gene Brennan

September 10, 2019

I will never forget going to Kim and James home to see Ardy and David after being apart from all four of them and many other very dear friends for way too many years due to some bad decisions I had made. Well I had to go before Ardy and she let me know what she was thinking in no uncertain terms. I was on the hot seat… for about five minutes… then she made me promise it would never happen again and I happily agreed. She then flashed that huge smile of hers, said she forgave me and we had the best hug! I will NEVER forget that loving moment and I will never break that promise Ardy!
To know Ardy was to love her like a mother, aunt or sister, just liking her was not possible. Her loving warmth was like the morning sun, her sense of humor was like a three-ring circus and her loyalty and generosity to those she loved and connected with was boundless. Of course, she was the Master of Ceremonies at all times! She could light up a room and keep the fun going for all. I know I was never bored around Ardy, always playfully yapping back and forth and the laughter, always the laughter.
I cannot express how grateful I am for the opportunity to reconnect with Ardy and David at sweet Aly’s and lucky Alex’s beautiful wedding. There were so many people I love there, it was wonderful to see everyone. Ardy and David being there was a fantastic surprise to Rene and I and they looked like they were having a very special time together. They looked so happy.
Rene and I are but two of many broken hearts with Ardy now in God’s hands. She was only on loan to us from God and it helps to know she will never suffer in any way again. I know she will be watching all of us and doing what she can to help us all through our lives as she always did. I would bet we can still talk to her and hear her response, then close your eyes and imagine that big smile. We love you Ardy. Rene & Gene

Laurieann Dygowski

September 10, 2019

Dear Ardy; I have missed you for many years.
Love, your little sister, Laurieann
Picture of Olette, Mother, and Ardelette. I wasn't born yet.

Aly Craig

September 10, 2019

I have so many favorite memories with granny... her taking me to ice skating practices/competitions when I was little and always skating to Celine Deion because we’d listen to her constantly in the car. Granny and papa watching my brother and I everyday when my parents went to work & the little game my dad and I would play when “granny monster” got there. All of the garage sales we’d go to, which were worth it because she would always buy me a new TY Beanie Baby and tell me to keep it on the down low so my parents wouldn’t get mad. Eating so many caramel apple suckers from her candy drawer. All of desserts she made for everyone who’s ever crossed her path, especially my favorite cookies and haystacks. Staying with her and papa and their spoiled dogs eating ice cream with us. The countless DQ trips we’d make together. When she was able to come to my conference track meet in Kingsville, TX and I was able to have one of my best races ever with her there. Surprising her in Harlingen with her having no clue until I got there. Having her there with us at our wedding which was one of my top wishes for that day. All of her mispronunciations that made everyone laugh on the daily. How she stopped the world to watch Judge Judy everyday at 4:00. Her constant news updates. The texts and phone calls we shared almost daily to check on each other or occasionally vent. My mom and I spending Thanksgiving with her and the look on her face when we came back with a tattoo. The billions of blankets she crocheted for me and the rest of the world. Her hilarious, witty, sarcastic comments that only she could get away with. And now I’ll always cherish getting to go spend the weekend with her in June, where we got Dairy Queen blizzards for dinner and I laid on her bed chatting with her for a good hour or so while she was in her element: crocheting, blaring the news, playing a game on her tablet, drinking tea and eating lifesaver mints. I love you, granny❤️