Luis M Davila

March 6, 1971July 29, 2022
Obituary of Luis M Davila
Luis M Davila, age 51, of Harlingen, Texas passed away on Friday, July 29, 2022. Luis was born March 6, 1971 to Juanita Davila and Juan Davila. Luis is survived by his wife, Nora Elizabeth Davila Basaldua; his step daughter Stephanie Garza; his step son Manuel Basaldua; and his step daughter Elizabeth Basaldua; his father Juan Davila and his mother Juanita Davila; his sister Irma Nora Sabillan, his sister Adela Davila, his brother Juan Omar Davila, his sister Luz Elena Trujillo and his brother Esteban Davila; his nephew Milton Sabillon, his nephew Berlin Rodriguez, his niece Ruby Wittekiend, his nephew Jacob Daniel Membreno, his nephew Moses Benjamin Membreno, his nephew Isaiah Isai Membreno, his nephew Tommy Trujillo, his nephew Danny Trujillo, his niece Kimberly Trujillo, his nephew Brandon Dominique Santos, his nephew Sebastian Davila and his nephew Esteban Damian Davila.

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  • Juan Davila Father
  • Juanita Davila Mother
  • Nora Elizabeth Davila Basaldua Wife
  • Stephanie Garza Step Daughter
  • Manuel Basaldua Step Son
  • Elizabeth Basaldua Step Daughter
  • Irma Nora Sabillan Sister
  • Adela Davila Sister
  • Juan Omar Davila Brother
  • Luz Elena Trujillo Sister
  • Esteban Davila Brother
  • Milton Sabillon Nephew
  • Berlin Rodriguez Nephew
  • Ruby Wittekiend Niece
  • Jacob Daniel Membreno Nephew
  • Moses Benjamin Membreno Nephew
  • Isaiah Isai Membreno Nephew
  • Tommy Trujillo Nephew
  • Danny Trujillo Nephew
  • Kimberly Trujillo Niece
  • Brandon Dominique Santos Nephew
  • Sebastian Davila Nephew
  • Esteban Damian Davila Nephew

Past Services

Saturday, August 06, 2022


Saturday, August 06, 2022

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