Armina Eugenia Lockett

May 13, 1940January 6, 2021
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Armina Eugenia Lockett, referred to by most as “Mina”, was a natural born leader whose charisma and sass lit up every room she stepped foot in. Her irresistible personality and infectious smile will leave an everlasting imprint on everyone she’s encountered. With her ability to handle every situation with poise, verve, and tranquility she was the true definition of a matriarch. Sociable, lovable, and kind, Armina was an individual who enjoyed life’s lemons.

Armina was born on May 13,1940 at The French Hospital of New York in Manhattan, New York. Her parents were John and Gloria Hearn. She was raised in Corona, New York, moved to Los Angeles as a teenager and then back to New York before she wed. She finally found her forever home when she moved to Las Vegas, the place that matched her personality best with its flashy lights, entertainment and excitement. Mina and Vegas were twin flames, when you came to Nevada they were the star of the show. The two did not disappoint and you were guaranteed a great time. As a young child, Mina’s outgoing persona drove her to pursue a variety of activities. Armina was always able to express herself well, whether it was by sharing her favorite poems, songs, or personal life stories. She had an optimistic outlook on life and was open and direct with her communication. She found comfort in poetry; one of her favorites “Mother to Son” by Langston Hughes. The poem echoed the adversities she faced in her life and how she approached overcoming them. “Life for me ain't been no crystal stair. It's had tacks in it, and splinters…But all the time I still climb and reach landings and turn corners. So don't you turn back. Don’t you set down on the steps. For I’m still going. I’m still climbing” L.H. The wisdom and knowledge she gained from literature combined with her creativity created an astounding woman. Growing up, Armina took pride in her role as the eldest sibling to her sister Maria. From a young age she was outspoken and confident in her word. Maria said it best when she said, “Mina always took care of me. When we didn’t have anyone else, we always had each other.” These are traits that followed her throughout her life along with her strong family values. Armina was an honest woman who cared for others and treated them with dignity. When it came time for high school, Mina’s time was quick. Her curious nature fueled her yearning through a more hands on approach. She graduated from Thomas Jefferson High School in 1957. Later in life, Mina went on to attend beauty school, armed with her impeccable style and love for beauty, she developed her passion for hairstyling. Of her many wonderful characteristics, her wit, open mindedness and strong work ethic will be her most prominent traits missed by all.

Friends and acquaintances found Armina an easy going woman whose love for life caught people’s attention like a magnet. Mina was no stranger to creating lifetime bonds, she had many friends and especially cherished her friendships with girlfriends Rita, Emma, Patricia, and Thoursenia. She was always the life of the party. If there was a celebration, Mina was there. Her motto was, “Don’t show up to anyone’s house with your arms swinging.” She always showed up with a bottle of wine, a dish, or a gift in hand.

On May 6, 1972 Armina married her life partner Richard C. Lockett at the Little White Chapel in Las Vegas, Nevada. Armina was a thoughtful wife who charmed Richard with her loving demeanor. She loved fiercely and fully. Armina was an attentive listener with a dazzling personality and was able to bring light and humor to their relationship. Richard and Mina enjoyed traveling, attending plays at the Smith Center, experimenting with new recipes, going on road trips, caring for their dog Zippy, keeping up with sports, and watching cooking shows.

Very much a kid herself when she had her first two children, Mina did the best she could to provide for them despite her untraditional choices. She was blessed with three children, Troy, Maria and Tracie and although at times they were far apart, she loved them all unconditionally and constantly anticipated their calls and letters.

Additionally, Armina was an amazing grandmother and great-grandmother. She loved watching scary movies with her granddaughter and namesake, Armina and the unexpected visits from her grandson Anthony. She considered herself lucky to have them nearby. After the birth of her great granddaughter Jalynn, she was donned with her newest nickname, GG, for Great Grandmother. From then on everyone close to her referred to her as GG. During the early years of their lives, Mina helped care for her great grandchildren Jalynn, Jandel, and Brook. She never turned down an invite to attend a play or graduation and was always available to help with pickups after school, which surely included a stop at their favorite drive-thru. As the children got older, they never hesitated to return the favor and would stop by her house to bring her a snack or to help her post on Instagram and she could always depend on them to pick her up and drop her off from a family party.

Armina was endowed with an entrepreneurial spirit, allowing her to think beyond standard norms when it came to resolving issues in her work environment. Her primary occupation was a hairstylist. She was self-employed for 50 years and owned several hair salons along the way. She accepted everyone as they were and was an active listener. When you sat in her chair at the salon, you left with a fresh hair-do and therapy session. She knew if you were getting married, if you just had your first grandchild or even if you just needed to “look good to feel good.”

Armina enjoyed her leisure by taking part in various hobbies. She had something of an artistic flair in many of the things she did. She put this creativity towards all of her pastimes. Her favorite pursuits were bowling, traveling, cooking, spending time with her family and friends, and playing beloved dog. She was content with enjoying her hobbies alone but was more than happy to sharing her interests with others as well. Before every holiday you could expect a call from her to discuss the upcoming plans and couldn’t wait to reach out to her grandson, Ben, to discuss the menu and how they would execute every dish. Though it took years, she finally shared her recipe with him for her famous gravy.

Armina was also an avid sports fan. Whether it was golf, tennis, football, you name it and she watched it. She would even make a solid bet on who Tiger or Serena Williams was going to beat that week. Not only was she a spectator, her competitive spirit also drove her to participate in recreational sports such as her local bowling league she competed in with many of her friends.

Travel and vacations were experiences that Armina truly enjoyed. She preferred to seek out excitement wherever she went but was partial to vacations that were casual and laid back with an atmosphere of “live and let live.” She was willing to leave her plans open and flexible, just in case something more interesting came along. Favorite vacations included visiting Jamaica and Catalina Island with Richard, a family trip Hawaii to see her granddaughter Gina and great-grandchildren, China, the Philippines and Macau with Tracie and Mel, Mexico, the Grand Canyon for Thanksgiving and Puerto Rico with Patty just to name a few.

Armina cherished her pets. Her Schnauzers Frazier and Zippy were her babies and she loved them like her own children. After the passing of Frazier, Mina was devastated and vowed to never get another dog. After hours of relentless mourning, Richard couldn’t witness her pain any longer. He packed up his great-granddaughter Jalynn and returned with her new puppy Zippy and her love was restored.

When Armina’s retirement finally came in 2016, she was well prepared. In the years leading up to it, she groomed her granddaughter Tia to take on her precious clientele. They spent countless hours together, Mina taught Tia in detail each of her client’s personal style and down to the direction they preferred their hair to be curled. And though she missed the times in the salon, she easily adapted to the change and enjoyed the rest and relaxation she so greatly deserved after years of hard work.

Unbeknownst to both Mina and her youngest daughter, Tracie, they would be spending Mina’s final days together sleeping side by side. With her mother in her care, she would wake up early to play her favorite music and indulge in a delicious breakfast. Tracie slept lightly anticipating the simplest request from Mina, “Tracie, are you awake?” She always was. Tracie and Mina’s nightly routine included a fresh set of pajamas and a massage with an assortment of her favorite creams. Mina also planned on adopting Tracie’s skin regimen when she got well. Her final days were filled with the same love, attention, and care that she poured into her family for so long.

Armina passed away on January 6, 2021 at Summerlin Hospital in Las Vegas, Nevada. She fought a brave fight and her loss was felt by all. She is survived by her husband Richard; her children Tracie, Marina and Troy; her sister Maria, 13 grandchildren, 33 great-grandchildren, 1 great-great grandchild, numerous friends, and her beloved dog Zippy. Armina’s services were held at Palm Northwest Mortuary and she will be laid to rest at Palm Northwest Cemetery.


  • Richard, Husband
  • Troy, Son
  • Marina, Daughter
  • Tracie (Melvin), Daughter
  • Dominique, Grandchild
  • Janay (Anthony), Granddaughter
  • Marquita, Grandchild
  • Anthony, Grandchild
  • Gina (Benjamin), Grandchild
  • Marion III, Grandchild
  • Ezetta, Grandchild
  • Marina, Grandchild
  • Armina (Benigno), Grandchild
  • Noemi (Andres), Grandchild
  • Tia (James), Grandchild
  • Felicia, Grandchild
  • Darjahn, Great Grandchild
  • Darjahanae, Great Grandchild
  • Allan, Great Grandchild
  • Anthony, Great Grandchild
  • Ajay, Great Grandchild
  • Na'Kayla, Great Grandchild
  • Marquis, Great Grandchild
  • Sean, Great Grandchild
  • Shawn, Great Grandchild
  • Kaylen, Great Grandchild
  • Celisa, Great Grandchild
  • Russell, Great Grandchild
  • Uila, Great Grandchild
  • Mahealani, Great Grandchild
  • Golden, Great Grandchild
  • Kona, Great Grandchild
  • Tribe, Great Grandchild
  • Sapphire, Great Grandchild
  • Marion, Great Grandchild
  • Ava, Great Grandchild
  • Antonio, Great Grandchild
  • Ella, Great Grandchild
  • Melissa, Great Grandchild
  • Jalynn, Great Grandchild
  • Benet, Great Grandchild
  • Donovan, Great Grandchild
  • Brook, Great Grandchild
  • Jandel, Great Grandchild
  • Jayden, Great Grandchild
  • Michael, Great Grandchild
  • Andres, Great Grandchild
  • Viviana, Great Grandchild
  • Carmelo, Great Grandchild
  • Leah, Great Great Grandchild


  • Private Family Visitation

    Wednesday, January 13, 2021

  • Celebration of Life

    Thursday, January 14, 2021


  • Reception

    Thursday, January 14, 2021


Armina Eugenia Lockett

have a memory or condolence to add?

Lois Thomas

January 19, 2021

This is so unbelievable, I'm still lost for words. I really miss her. She was a feisty woman. We enjoyed having fun and drinking together; Mina, Poppy, Me and occasionally Maria would be there too. My love and prayers are still with you and your family.

James Laity

January 18, 2021

GiGi we Love and Miss you, Thank you for helping to shape Tia into the woman she is today. Im so Thankful for the Time i got to spend with you on Holidays and Bask in your energy. Thank you for the Love you gave to my boys. We will forever carry a piece of you with us and in our hearts and we hope to continue making you proud. You did great! I hope to leave behind a legacy like you when its my time. Now Rest...You deserve it ❤️❤️❤️❤️

Maggie Ameen

January 18, 2021

I never met your GG but I felt I knew her from the stories you told. Her spirit and love lives on in all of you.
Much love to you and your family
Maggie ❤️

Jerome and Marion Giles

January 18, 2021

Praying for your family in the lose of your love one. We met Mina once at Thanksgiving and oh what a beautiful woman. She will be truly missed. Our continued prayers for her family. With love Jerome and Marion Giles (From Fredericksburg, VA)

Chantal Edwards

January 14, 2021

What a beautiful service. Mina May you rest in eternal peace 🙏🏼

Juan Sutton

January 14, 2021

Oh how I loved Ms Lockett. I met her 2005 at Tracie's birthday party. I fell in love with her on that day. We will miss her physical being but her spirit will live with us all forever.
To my sis Tracie. My love for you and Mel is big as the sky. My your heart be light with fun memories of mom. We are here for you!

Thursenia DeHart-Porter

January 14, 2021

There is so much to say about my dear friend Mina. First of all, she was a great listener and a loving and kind person. If you wanted transparency, you asked Mina. You could count on her to be honest and she counted on her friends to do the same. I met Mina when I first arrived in Vegas and knew that we would stay connected. She was there when the twins were born and laughed because they were born on her birthday (May 13) and not mine (May 18). We were "True Taurus" people!! I lived in the Middle East for 8 years (Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Dubai) and came back to Las Vegas each time to connect with my friend Mina. We laughed and talked about her moving to the Middle East because I needed a superb hair stylist and dear friend. She had to "school" the hair stylists overseas with styling and the use of products. Mina was just that good!!! I can't count the many lunches and gathering we had and great conversations! I will forever miss you my dear friend Mina!
Dr. Thursenia DeHart-Porter

Jack Kirk Lightsy

January 13, 2021

I have lots of great memories of my Auntie Mina...
But the greatest memory of them all was the love my mom, Jackie Lightsy had for her, and the high regard mom felt towards Auntie Mina.
Whatever mom informed us that she was traveling to Las Vegas, she told us to reach her by calling Auntie Mina.
And whenever we came to LV, I drove to wherever Auntie Mina first. I will always love and cherish my most endearing Auntie Mina.

Sherri Lewis

January 10, 2021

A beautiful soul is never forgotten. The ones we love are never gone; they continue to live within our hearts. Please know that your friends love you and are here for you always.
Sherri, Rome, Ryan and Selina

Janet Crosswhite

January 10, 2021

To My Dear Friends Mel, Tracie, Armina and Family. Our Deepest Condolences 💐 to you all during this difficult sad time. The Word of God reminds us to be absent from the body (the fleshly realm on Earth) is to be Present with Our Father God. With this Great loss I pray That something is said that will help you to smile and remember the great memories our your Dear mother/grandmother. She truly Loved all you all did for her TJ and Mina Getting those Necessities.. and a little extra Lol. With all of my love 😍 We love you all. May God Bless you All
The Crosswhite’s
Kevin, Janet, Antonio