Barbara L Haggard

October 9, 1938January 1, 2021

Barbara Lee (Babz) O’Neil Haggard, 82, passed peacefully on January 1st, 2021, at her group home residence in Las Vegas, NV. Barbara was born October 9th, 1938, to Rex Lycurgus O’Neil and Jennie Arzella Cox in Fairfield, Idaho. She chose her Grandma Cox’s house for her arrival. Barbara was always a curious mind as her sister Deana shared, “As we were growing up, our mother always said she could give me a piece of yard or a book and leave me sitting on the floor, and I would entertain myself for a couple of hours. Not so much with my sister, Barbara, who was just 13 months older than me. She was intelligent, had a very active & curious mind, and to say she was ‘strong-willed’ is putting it mildly. It was imperative that an adult know where she was and what she was doing at all times; if not, the results could be a disaster. Like the time when she was three years old and decided to bake Dad a cake...such an unselfish act of kindness! Except she dumped all of Mom’s flour, eggs, milk & butter in the bathtub and was trying to mix it together when she was discovered & innocently explained to Mom she was “baking a cake for Daddy.” Barbara found her soul mate and life’s love in Walter Parley Haggard and together raised four children, John (Kathy), Mark, Wade (Carleen), & Rex (Jennifer). Barbara and Walt were quite smitten, writing many notes, poems, and love letters to one another over many years. In her writings, she described the first time she heard Walt’s voice as “…soft and loving as all mankind was meant to be.” Barbara loved to tell stories of their courtship, including Walt driving hours to see her. Many years later, she would reflect, “The day I received my engagement ring, and a ’66 LTD was a great day of joy, as were all the days to come.” Walt passed far too soon, but the courtship and marriage continued in her love for him. After Walt’s passing, Barbara focused on her children, their wives and families, and her grandchildren. Her family was her life as one daughter remembers: “When I met Barbara she was Babz, her kids called her that, her friends called her that, she called herself that… I took a different approach and called her Mom. From the first day I met her, I claimed her as my second mother. She taught me a lot of valuable life lessons while spending hours talking and watching movies together. Several of my favorite recipes are from her capable cooking hands, and I am proud to have had the opportunity to call her Mom. When my eldest son was young, he had trouble with differentiating Barbara from Grandma and somehow blurted out “BooBamah” one day, and after a happy family chuckle at the slip-up, the name stuck! Later on in life, when my boys got a little older and cooler, in an effort to show her how much of a buddy she was, they changed “BooBamah” to “BroGrandma” thus initiating her into their bro club, dishing out and receiving a light-hearted teasing relationship with her. She loved having the nicknames the kids would come up with, and you could see her glow each time anyone called her by any of the terms of endearment they had created. Mom, Babz, Mima, BooBamah, BroGrandma, no matter what you called her, she was still Grandma Barbara. She loved her Grandkids with all of her heart. Her black and white striped clutch purse, which was always by her side, was packed full with pictures of her grandkids and toothpicks, making it easy to see what things she held to be the most important and valuable in her life.”

Barbara is survived by – Children- (Kathy), Wade (Carleen), Rex (Jennifer) Grandchildren – Kyle (Cherie), Liz, Luke, Lindsay, Mark, Stephane, Cade, Makayla, Pheonix Mace, Cash Great Grandchildren – Jocelynn, Kenzie Siblings – Hazel Deana O’Neil Croft, Michael Daniel Seidel, Joan O’Neil Pavkov, Phyliss O’Neil Macfarlane, Billie Kathleen O’Neil Barbara was preceded by – Husband - Walter Parley Haggard Sons – John and Mark

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Barbara L Haggard

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Paula Watkins

January 11, 2021

Barbara moved to Mendon when I needed a music friend; we discovered each other and subsequently spent many hours making music together. I played piano as she sang favorite songs in her beautiful contralto voice, and then, rehearsals over, we would linger on to talk, laugh, and cry together. Clear-eyed and faithful, she supported her family through thick and thin and dealt with both joy and adversity with gratitude and courage. I count the influence of her strength of spirit and love as one of my life's great blessings. Barbara's sterling qualities strengthen me to this day. I send my love to all her family and sympathy as you adjust to the loss of her presence. I love imagining her with Walter! With love, Paula Watkins

Jon Watkins

January 11, 2021

Such a great write-up, thank you! I was a Mendon neighborhood kid who frequented the Haggard residence often in the 80s. Barbara was so kind and generous, so many fond memories. Scolded me a few times, I'm sure for good reasons. "Now Jonathan...." was a common refrain.

A birthday party for Rex was my first memory of having fast food. Barbara and perhaps Walt drove us to McDonalds. What a thrill to have a Happy Meal there.

It was in the Haggard's front room where I first played Nintendo. Rex mastered Super Mario Bros in 2 weeks, I struggled to pass the first level. Barbara never seemed to mind the hours we spent occupying the living room, basement, or emptying the cold cereal boxes after a sleepover.

Getting to the Haggards after Christmas was a must, because Santa seemed to drop off the most and the biggest presents there. The basement was full of them, no exaggeration! Of course Rex always knew what Santa was bringing days before the 25th, primarily because Santa would hide much of the loot behind the piano.

Barbara always drove the coolest cars! I remember being a back seat passenger in sleek, silvery fancy cars, with power everything. Most cars in Mendon were 20+ yrs old, so this was some new territory. I wasn't sure how to operate most of the functions, seemed more like something from Star Wars. But I remember feeling pretty cool in those cars.

The pool of course was a hit, ranked just above cable TV and HBO in terms of awesomeness. Hours spent swimming and floating GI Joe boats around the water kept us occupied during the summer. And Barbara was often the one who kept Wade from terrorizing us, we always appreciated that. (-;

Barbara, thanks so much for the memories - love you!

Deana O’Neil Croft

January 9, 2021

I have many memories & stories of our growing up years, some of them fun, some of them less than fun. In about 1946 the two of us moved from Idaho to Prescott, AZ to be with our Mother & her 2nd husband. We lived with them during my 3rd & 4th grade, Barbara’s 4th & 5th grade, at which time the decision was made for us to go back to Idaho to be with Dad & our Grandparents. The two of us were to ride the Bus from Prescott to Gooding where our Dad would pick us up. Mom fixed us a nice lunchbox with sandwiches & treats, gave Barbara money for us to eat a second meal at our short layover in Salt Lake City. We were excited for the first solo trip of our life! All went really well... until SLC. For those of you that know Barbara well, know how much she loved rings & jewelry. Well of course there was a gift shop at the bus station that she insisted we browse through before thinking about eating. I always did what she proposed because after all she was my big sister & protector.
By the time we got out of the gift shop, Barbara had purchased herself a couple of rings & some little mementos, food money was gone! The bus was loaded and ready for the last leg of our trip, I was not real excited about her new trinkets, but I was hungry and ready for a little nap. We were starving by the time we arrived in Gooding. She was a hoot to travel with!! 😃😃

Phyllis (JAYME) Macfarlane

January 8, 2021

I remember with much Joy and Happiness when Barbara would come to Gooding to stay with me, we would turn the water out of the ditches onto the road and the fields then when we got enough to walk in, we would do so letting the mud squish through our toes and just laugh and laugh.
We would find a nice bank to sit on and squish away for a couple of hours, while we solved all our troubles, or turn them into to nothing of any importance. While laying back and looking at sky full of diamonds😇😘
Then it would be time to travel back to the house and find something to make a big sandwich out of with a glass of milk, And a piece of chocolate. LOL.
We would give each other lots of big hugs and with our mud pedicures, and full tummies turn in for the night. All the time conjuring up what we would do next day and night.

I would do it again in a nano second if my precious big Sis were here with me now.
I guess her Mom and favorite people will have to take over,
But just until I Get there LOL.