Brad Foster

July 3, 1975December 18, 2020

July 3, 1975, was a day that will live on in infamy. That was the day that Brad was born, and the world was changed forever. He was born and raised in Yakima, Washington. He graduated from Eisenhower in 1993, as a fantastic athlete excelling in football and wrestling. He had always been a protector to those that needed it; He was once compared to Superman in an essay written by a classmate for protecting someone with disabilities.

He grew to be a mountain of a man, both in personality and stature. Always the life of the party, humor was never far from him. If Brad were to go out, there would be a crew along with, mostly just to see what Brad was going to do next. He enjoyed the nastiest cheap beer he could find; it was not at all uncommon to see a Schmitt beer can in the bed of his truck.

Brad decided that he had outgrown the mighty Yakima Valley and made a move to Las Vegas in the late 1990’s. Moving there was initially thrilling, and he thrived working in different aspects of security. He worked in clubs, did private security, even served as a prison guard. He was fearless and fair. He made amazing friends that would be by his side throughout his lifetime.

In 2012 he finally learned what fear was: he had a little girl, Samantha. Brad learned very quickly what complete, whole, unabashed love felt like. Samantha stole his heart forever. She could pretty much get away with anything, having wrapped him around her finger completely.

As if Samantha wasn’t enough, his brute of a son was born in 2013. He was named Bruce because that is the best, strongest and smartest name. He absolutely loved spending time with his boy. He would beam with pride when relaying stories of his son’s athleticism. Bruce also has Brad’s kind heart and gentle soul.

Brad has always loved to explore, and he was able to do that as he transitioned from security to transportation. By driving semi-trucks, he was able to see and experience so much. He would often reminisce the sights he would see and the people he would meet along the way. He had found joy and fulfillment in this career.

Brad was a fighter and a warrior. He was as strong as Thor, and as wise as Odin. In September he contracted COVID-19. He fought like the warrior he was, but on December 18, 2020, at 7:28pm, he lost that final battle and went home.

A celebration of life will be held in both Las Vegas and Yakima when we are able to arrange following this pandemic.

In lieu of flowers, please go out and buy the nastiest cheap beer you can find, and raise that skunky can in memory of the most incredible friend, father, son, uncle, and brother that ever was. We’ll see you again, Brad!


Brad Foster

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Pat Lee

January 15, 2021

Brad and I were classmates at Eisenhower. It was clear from the day I met him freshman year that he was a kind and genuine guy. He once said I was the only smart person who didn't make him feel dumb. I still remember that thirty years later and consider it one of the highest compliments anyone has ever given me. And I told Brad he was a lot smarter than he gave himself credit for. I've always had a lot of respect for him.

I'm sad to hear of his passing and offer my condolences to his family. The world has lost a great man.

Jayson Smietana

January 15, 2021

Brad is a friend who became family and will be missed tremendously. I can’t even put into words how sorry I am. This photo sums up every time I saw Brad. I love you man . Jayson

Susan Greener

January 15, 2021

Thank you for all the memories. You are missed

Dorothy Soper

January 14, 2021

Pre-teen Brad telling dirty jokes and bragging about his success with the girls..loved him then,
Love him now.

Trina Diliberto

December 21, 2020

Brad was a big teddy bear. I first met him when I moved to Las Vegas from Wyoming. I met him through Steph and he used to poke fun at me and I HATED it! After a while, he got me to come out of my shell though. I have so many memories of him over the years from the birthday parties to the Sunday Fundays to just stopping by to say Hi! He loved his VW bug and loved to BBQ. I remember he was telling me how they wanted this fancy pool towel rack and he found Pinterest and was able to make it out of PVC pipe himself. He was so proud! He loved cigars and him and my husband would go off and have a smoke while all the girls were gabbing. It was the simple things in life that he enjoyed and it just made me happy to see him get so excited about something like a razor and talk about the close shave he got. HAHA. He loved the kids. I can still hear him calling Samantha - "Pickle". I lost touch with him over the last couple of years and I truly regret that. I wish I could call him up and have him come have a beer with me and my hubby. He had a good heart and was a good guy.