Carolyn Marie Bogan

November 15, 1958September 4, 2020

Carolyn Marie Bogan ​It is an honor to memorialize the life of one incredible human being, who lived a life I am confident our Heavenly Father is extremely proud of. A lady with a genuine spirit that was infectious and touched more lives than She was aware of, even in the smallest of ways. ​ I believe we are all his creation and that all our interactions with one of another are but small miracles that have an impact on everyone with or without our knowledge. I was introduced to Carolyn and Resa by my then co-worker Sheila Mae who soon became my bride and love of my life and with that we embarked on a wonderful and enriching 27 year friendship that has truly been a blessing and currently a little heartbreaking and a tragic and unexpected loss we will all rebound from with some amazing memories. Carolyn lived her life with Dignity, Honor, Respect, Tenacity, Faithfulness, Caring, Patience, Humor, Grace, Forgiveness, Purpose, Drive, Dedication, Friendship, Heart, Loyalty, and First and Foremost LOVE!! LOVE!! That is the one thing Our Father is most proud of as this is all he asks of us to Love one Another as HE Loves Us and to love our neighbors as we love ourselves. Carolyn did this as it was the only thing she knew how to do. All the other characteristics stem from Love. She was able to do this because She truly loved herself. She was extraordinarily comfortable in her own skin and took great pride in who she was, how she lived, and how she treated her fellow man. All were blessed with her presence and her interactions; I am confident she made peoples days without being completely knowledgeable of how she had. She was a consummate problem solver and peacekeeper too. If we were out somewhere and there was an issue it was Carolyn to the rescue and next thing you knew she had a new friend and problem solved. There was one incident I remember we all took a spa day at a resort nearby. My first massage and boy it felt like I was a piece of meat being beat with a mallet or a lump of dough being kneaded. Afterwards Carolyn inquired how my massage was and I related how it felt and Carolyn said, Jimmy that is not what it should be like. Off she went and soon she was back with a couple’s massage for two. Way to go Carolyn! Carolyn was most generous with her care and concern for her friends and family always remembering some one’s special day and reminding you to remember them too. She always had time to listen to you and provide another way to look at a situation providing both levity and certainly humor. Always first with a kind word and a caring heart loving her job and enjoying her co-workers which has provided with some valuable friendships. She and Resa modeled what a marriage should look like with their commitment to one another and a soul connection that has given them many years of love, respect, and companionship that many would love to experience. She was the consummate planner always planning some exciting getaway whether it was skiing in Lake Tahoe, a Dallas Cowboy weekend and tour of the new facilities with a meet and greet or maybe a trip to wine country in Napa Valley. It was on the Napa trip that they met Vince and Christina from Debary who had also moved to Vegas but they had never met in Vegas. After they spoke of course they discovered that I had sold them their home in Debary and had been our neighbors there. There you go again Carolyn does not know any strangers. She may already be the Mayor in Heaven offering guided tours and promoted to Director of First Impressions. Carolyn also had a great love of animals and for her pets and ours. Precious their shih tzu was the most loved, pampered and spoiled shih tzu with doggy spa days, painted nails, and rotisserie chicken dinners not to mention numerous photo shoots. I am sure Miss Venus enjoyed all the same and is missing you terribly. When we traveled Carolyn and Resa would look after our dog Tiffany and Misty too. Misty was at least respectful and would not inhale Carolyn’s eggroll in her # 5 meal from 1 6 8. Sheila Mae My Sweet Angel Carolyn I’ll always remember the day we met. You and Resa purchased your first home together. I can’t believe it has been over 25 years, I have always called you my Florida Sisters. My first memory was when you were building your home. On Saturday I would see a Pizza Hut box coming in with Carolyn which meant Carolyn wanted to make some changes … boy that got me in trouble with my bosses… Sorry Pizza Hut family… they named a Pizza the Sheila pizza and that always got her what she wanted. We have so many remarkable memories together, our travel agent and tour guide Carolyn always had an agenda and events planned out… she always made it so much fun… and made sure everyone had a great time … our Daughter and Grandchildren always called her Aunt Carolyn and Aunt Resa… they will always be family, we did several skiing trips to Lake Tahoe, fun birthdays, gambling, skiing, snowboarding, gambling and of course Celine Dion. I also remember Carolyn always vacuumed their carpet every day, one day I was helping Carolyn doing some decorating and she started vacuuming, I asked her what are you doing? She answers Resa is coming home… so I moved to the family room and she finished vacuuming and when Carolyn went back in the other room I got down and did snow angels on her freshly vacuumed carpet. She came in and yelled at me… What are you doing? I was laughing so hard because Carolyn had a way of doing things and don’t get in her way! Carolyn’s heart is pure … Always gentle and loved everyone so. She always made me laugh and smile… never a dull moment, that is what I will miss. Carolyn would always call me Sheila Mae… I still listen to her recorded messages and they always put a smile on my face her sweet voice and giggle. When I am gone Release me Let me go I have so many things to see and do. You mustn’t tie yourself to me with too many tears. But be thankful we had so many good years. I gave you my love And you can only guess How much you’ve given me happiness I thank you for the love that you have shown But now it is time I travel on alone So grieve for me a while If grieve you must Then let your grief be comforted by trust That it is only for a while that me must part So I treasure the memories within your heart I won’t be far away For life goes on And if you need me Call and I will come Though you can’t see or touch me I will be near And if you listen with your heart You will hear All my love around you Soft and clear And then When you come this way alone I’ll greet you with a smile And welcome you home. Carolyn in the words of Chris Stapleton “you’ve got love enough to share and that makes you a millionaire. You always lived love and shared it abundantly providing us all many incredible experiences and memories that will last a lifetime. Thank you for being you and we will all look after your Resa Louise. We’ll be looking for you by the dumpster if there is one in HEAVEN and will be looking for our guided tour and for you to welcome us in your open arms where we can finally hug one another again. For those of us that remain on this worldly plain let us all be a little more like Carolyn and love one another a little more and live our lives to the fullest we never know when we will be called home. God Bless you all and thank you for celebrating a life well lived and loved.


  • Celebration of Life

    Sunday, September 20, 2020



Carolyn Marie Bogan

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Janice Bogan

September 29, 2020

My deepest condolences on Carolyn's passing. My only memory of Carolyn and Tony was visiting them when we lived on the same street as children in Columbia Park Maryland, I was only 9 yrs. old, and then at my Uncle Ervin's memorial lunch following his death. I missed knowing such a very special lady. Janice Bogan

Terry Spillane

September 20, 2020

Today I was honored and proud to participate in my best friends memorial service. Carolyn, you will be painfully missed but you will always be remembered. Heaven has gained a very special angel. I know you will always watch over Resa and I will always keep that promise to you as well. You are always in my ❤. Love and miss you always girl.

Carol Stone

September 20, 2020

I have a very fond memory of Carolyn when I was in Las Vegas with my 2 younger sisters, Dorothy Bogan and Mary Lamb after my Mom’s passing. Carolyn and Resa met us for dinner at a Mexican place. We shared a nice meal and drinks together. Carolyn helped us to take our mind off of things. We were again at peace with one another. Thank you Carolyn.

Jilly Chick

September 20, 2020

Memories of training you on my route at LASA having lots of laughs 🤭 then you transferred to vgt sad to see u go but stayed in touch wen u rented our condo 😎 the few times we would meet up with you and resa for a chat a drink chat and a game of keno .. u will b missed Carolyn u had such a sweet caring soul x resa and the family u are in our hearts thinking of u all at this sad time ..: fly high our friend ...
Jilly and a Denise xx

Lisa Szarwark

September 13, 2020

Since the first day Dale & I met you & Resa, and we became “your neighbors” and great friends. We made so many fun and lasting memories that Dale & I will cherish each one always with a smile and laugh, remembering how lucky we were to know you. Even after you & Resa moved to Vegas, we never lost touch and we would get many phone calls, yo neighbor! We will always remember and love your smile & your kindness! So, as we raise our shot glasses in your honor, Aye! We will miss you Carolyn, our dear friend & “your neigbhors”.

Mary Lou Winkleman

September 13, 2020

Heaven has gained a new angel to watch over us. I will miss Carolyn’s smile, her thoughtfulness towards others and her laughter. I am raising my shot glass in her honor and say AYE. Rest In Peace my dear friend.

Dorothy Pratt

September 10, 2020

SFBA FedEx sister you will be missed greatly and I love you to the moon and back and God bless your family and friends see you when I get there love always Dot

Keri Ellis (Fesler)

September 10, 2020

Dear Resa, I am truly sorry for your loss; my deepest condolences. I lost a spouse 6 years ago, so I can truly feel your pain. Take it slow, cry when you need to, and be gentle with yourself. She will always be with you; watch for signs. May you find peace in cherished memories...hugs.

Alfred DeVore

September 10, 2020

Caroyln…..may you now Rest in Peace. Rest in sweet, sweet peace from all the craziness in our world right now. Your FedEx Family is so saddened & shocked with your sudden passing. Rest assured, you're making us all slow down and take pause during these hectic times. And now, with your powerful attention to detail, save me the PERFECT seat for when we meet again. I'm sure you'll have all the details down and you'll help me during my "orientation." Smile. Love, friendship and prayers as your Life Journey continues....Your friend, Alfred (Sparty and MSG, too -- your favorite FedEx Felines. Purrrrrrrrr…..)

Holly Schauer

September 9, 2020

30 years ago when I first met Carolyn & Resa we became instant friends! Our Beautiful Carolyn.. now ‘gone to be an angel’ My heart breaks for you Resa! We have so many great memories from when y’all lived in Florida! Carolyn always took care of everyone! She was always so giving and caring. Gone but never forgotten. Keeping you in prayer Resa! We love you so much!

Holly, Rick, & Mama


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