Floyd Massey

October 28, 1946April 13, 2011

Arrangements under the direction of Palm Cheyenne Mortuary, Las Vegas, NV.


  • Visitation Thursday, April 21, 2011
  • Funeral Service Friday, April 22, 2011
  • Graveside Service Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Floyd Massey

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Marcia Broussard

October 16, 2012

RIP Floyd knowing you will always hold a special place in our hearts.I will always remember the many, many great times we shared.Thanks for being a wonderful husband to my sister & great dad to your sons.You were hospitable to all. We will miss you but will never forget you.

Desiree Robinson

July 17, 2011

Rita, I send my deepest regards to you and your family. If you read this, I am your nieces mother. Desiree Robinson. Shilaia (Kims Daughter) 951-210-3498

rick and norma major

April 28, 2011

we will always cherrish the memories of our friendship,from torrejon,Spain until today.I can hear you now saying are you ready for a hook,And always smiling.

Laura Nestor

April 25, 2011

Floyd, We'll miss seeing your smiling face at work. I will always remember whenever I said good morning, you would reply, "Good morning babe" You were so quiet but so sweet. I know you'll always be in my heart, always.



When someone is identified as a natural leader, certain images come to mind. First thoughts are of a no-nonsense, tough-minded, dedicated, and disciplined person. This description fairly accurately fits Floyd Massey who was indeed one of that rare breed, a born leader. He will be remembered as being highly organized, practical, and realistic, someone who was a born manager. He was a person who always carried a strong sense of duty with him throughout his life. Possessed with traditional “Old School Morals”, Floyd was an individual who clearly communicated to those around him, and let it be known just who he was and what he was all about. Everyone acquainted with Floyd knew him as a well-respected man who was a stable force in his community.

Floyd was born on October 28, 1946. He first greeted the world in Coatsville, Pennsylvania. Even as a youngster, Floyd learned to be objective and decisive. His faith in the principles of authority and dependability was something that he carried with him throughout his life. His early life was filled with many exciting experiences.

As a young boy, Floyd was able to put his natural abilities to work. He was a bit like the "Sergeant" of the family, always making sure that others did what they should do and that they avoided the things that they shouldn't. In other words, he liked to organize and direct; he was good at it. He was raised with four siblings. Massey had two brothers, Edward and Clarence and two sisters Pam and Priscilla. Floyd was the oldest, so he took all responsibility for discipline with his siblings. Floyd and his brothers were always getting into mischief and they got into trouble a lot. However, for the town of Coatsville this wasn’t an unusual event and this was expected from three rambunctious boys in the town of Coatsville. Floyd tried his best to allow for the oldest members of the family to be the most respected and to take on the most responsibility. For him, this was the natural order of life. Whenever Floyd and his brothers got into trouble it was his responsibility to go and talk to his grandparents.
Floyd’s matter-of-fact attitude about most things was developed during his childhood. As a young boy, Floyd enjoyed being part of teams and organizations, as well as groups of other kids who shared similar interests. Some of the sports he enjoyed playing during childhood included basketball.
He had a number of favorite pastimes, which included was a very active kid who really liked to sing.
Floyd was sociable and approachable. Because he was always so straightforward in how he approached relationships, friends and family knew that what they saw was always what they got. This is how he approached his friendships.

Floyd felt comfortable taking charge in just about any situation. Whether it was at home or away, he maintained a take-charge attitude. Floyd grew up in the city, in a home that was surrounded by a lot of love. When the family would travel or take vacations, he was always organized, ready and willing to serve his family with what they needed for their journey.

An objective and conscientious individual, Floyd reveled in the security of those closest to him. This was especially true with Rita R. Massey. We met at a dance on Chanute Air Force Base. We all got together at my house for a party.
He got orders to go to Spain, he said, if you are going with me, then we better get married. I said, "Yes".
Floyd and Rita exchanged vows on June 19, 1973. The happy couple didn’t have much time to plan so they didn't have much of a wedding party. However, they did have a Maid of Honor who was Miss A. Smith, and a Best Man who was Mr. E. Howl. They exchanged their vows and pledged their love at, The Free Will Baptist Church. The coupled was honored with Rita’s mother and father and Floyd and Rita’s friends from work. This was special to the couple when they finally said, “I DO”. The service was officiated by Reverend B. Tatum. The reception was July 19th a month later, so Rita’s best friend could be there.

Following the ceremony, Floyd and Rita didn’t get to have their honey moon, because Floyd was being shipped out for Spain, consequently, the honeymoon had to be postponed.
One of Floyd’s most endearing qualities was his uncanny ability to remember important dates and anniversaries, as well as his unending enthusiasm for organizing a celebration for his family and friends. The couple made new friends during their years together. Some of their closest friends were Venetta and Shad Wilson, Verlene and Preston Cage, Shirley and Andrew Mc Intyer, and Dorothy and Jimmy Prince, Mattie and Russell Joyner, Sheila and John Cloyed Willa and Emmet Wright, and Florence and Bill Powell.
As was the case with many young couples, Floyd and Rita lived modestly during the early years of their marriage. Their first residence was in Spain. They bought their first house just before Floyd got out of the Air Force in Victorville, California.
A civic-minded person, Floyd was usually ready to jump in and help with community activities. He was the type of person who could masterfully organize events and projects and then see to it that they were run in an efficient and timely manner. He was a member of several community groups. Being generous with his time and energy, Floyd liked to belong to a variety of groups and organizations. He was a vocal leader who enjoyed being a part of things. His desire to uphold traditions and his ability to take charge of any type of project made him a tremendous asset.
Floyd was ever watchful of his family. He worried about them and was deeply concerned for how each member developed. Some may have believed he was a bit overprotective because he maintained a firm hand in most family matters. But he would give his stamp of approval to any request, as long as he could see how it might be beneficial. He also had the ability to enforce the rules if and when they were needed. Floyd had two children, Byron Scott and Aaron Floyd Massey. His ultimate favorite pastime was to play, joke and spend time with his wife and children.
Floyd was a proud parent. He would often be filled with pride because of the accomplishments of his children. He loved the fact that his boys were involved with sports, because he took great delight in supporting and watching endless and countless sporting events they were involved with.
Floyd liked to believe that he provided a warm, safe and nurturing environment for his children. Floyd enjoyed family vacations, and also tried to teach responsibility when the family would travel. Their family trips usually consisted of being assigned to another country. So when Byron was very young he was able to go to Spain with Floyd and Rita. Then when Floyd was relocated to Turkey, Aaron first out of the country excursion and family vacation experience was going to there.
Later in years, Floyd was blessed with five wonderful grandchildren and four amazing great grandchildren. His five wonderful grandchildren’s names were Cherice, Lil Aaron, Najia, Aahliya and Avion.

Being a hard worker who praised efficiency, Floyd was always striving to make improvements when they were necessary or productive. He was able to analyze situations and problems, keeping everything and everyone on track. An excellent project supervisor, he was a person who could quickly make decisions based on the information available. He worked cooperatively and expected the same from his colleagues. In both his personal and professional environments, Floyd upheld his high standards.
His first employment experience was as a Golf Caddy after school and weekends. His primary occupation was working as a cook in the Air Force. He worked at the post office in maintenance and prior he had none except he had ten years with Edwards Air Force Base. He was a very hard worker and he always provided for his family. The only business travel that Floyd made was when he was assigned to fight twice in the Vietnam War.

Floyd’s ability to take command of any type of task caused him to be popular around the workplace. For this reason he managed to make a number of friends, including Walt, Bill and many others. They would often say to one another to work smarter and not harder. He and his friends had lots of laughs together. Floyd was most definitely a team player. If you gave him a job, he would, without a doubt, get it done.

Floyd enlisted in the Air Force a long, long time ago and served twenty years. His sense of duty helped lead him into the military where his understanding of rank, his willingness to abide by rules and regulations, and his desire to follow orders was admired by his fellow servicemen and women. Floyd served all over the world and United States, he had the opportunity to serve in Spain, Montanga, Northern California Beale AFB, Incirlik Turkey, Victorville California, and then George AFB is where he retired. Floyd achieved the final rank of a Training Sergeant. As a natural leader and someone who was willing to do whatever it took to help the team, Floyd was a respected member of his unit. This respect helped him to make a number of good friends while in the military, including Sam and Nancy Mc Clain and Preston and Verlene Cage. He met Sam, Nancy, Preston and Verlene in Turkey.
Floyd approached his leisure time in the same manner that he approached other aspects of his life. A person who enjoyed being neat and orderly as well as one who understood the nature of things, he appreciated the hours he was able to devote to his various hobbies. Some of those included, his love he had in playing Bingo, but was not very good, he liked to do word searches and watch sporting events.
For Floyd, many things brought him a little bit of joy in life. Floyd loved warm weather so he could sit outside under the patio to relax and then fall asleep. Food was there to be enjoyed, especially his favorites, such as crab legs, and chicken wings. Reading was very important which included books, magazines and newspapers that pertained to all sports. His favorite shows and T.V. shows were, CSI Miami, Old Westerns, Mystery Movies and lots of sports. His most favorite music he enjoyed was Jazz, Oldies, and Rhythm and Blues.
Playing by the rules was a natural thing for Floyd to do in life and that carried over to his enjoyment of sports. He also enjoyed watching his favorite teams and events whenever he got the opportunity. Floyd loved football, basketball and boxing. Although he enjoyed many teams his favorite and his complete devotion as a fan was placed with the Philadelphia Eagles.
Faith was important to Floyd. He held high moral standards and was worried about the moral decay he saw around him. He held deep spiritual beliefs that he was willing to share. He was a devoted Christian in the Baptist Faith.
Floyd always seemed like the type of person who could look at a situation and determine the best route to take. His perspective on retirement was no different. In the year of 2011, his retirement was finally earned and here to enjoy. He made sure that every detail had been pre-planned and attended to. He and Rita bought a home in North Las Vegas, Nevada and lived there for two years prior to his retirement. His most enjoyable moments during his retirement was hanging out with his sons and friends, and going to the casino.

Even in retirement he managed to keep in touch with old friends and make plenty of new ones. Unfortunately Floyd wasn't able to live long enough to enjoy retirement. However, when he and his friends got together they would make each other laugh by talking trash about one another in a funny light hearted way.

In many ways, Floyd loved retirement. It provided him with the opportunity to catch up with his friends, attend functions and group outings, and tackle new and interesting activities.

Floyd Massey left us on April 13, 2011. He passed away Silver Ridge Healthcare Center in Las Vegas, Nevada. He was 64 years old. The cause of death was cancer. He was preceded in death by his stepfather, mother and one brother. He is survived by his wife Rita R. and two children Byron Scott and Aaron Floyd. Services were handled by Palm Mortuary.

All who knew him would agree that Floyd was a pillar of the community. He lived his life with his feet firmly planted on the ground. He had a strong work ethic, was pragmatic in his thoughts and acts, and constantly sought the means for self-improvement. He was willing to share his ideas and knowledge for the benefit of others, so that they could accomplish more in their lives. Floyd Massey did his best to ensure that his family, friends, loved ones, co-workers, and everyone whose life he touched were given the chance to become a better person.

A Son to His Father

Father, Thank you...
For the day that you became the warmth in my mothers heart, placing a smile on her lovely face.

Thank you for stepping up to the plate loving and caring for one of Allah's children as if I was your seed.

Thank you Daddy for giving me your name, I am so proud to have passed it down and represented it. For yours is on for the record books to those who have known you to have been blessed in the presence of the Man, Father, Brother, Son and Husband. Who lived life by the beat of his own drum, with respect for all just carving a space for himself and his family?

Sir, thank you for protecting us as a nation, we are honored in your heroicness and even more blessed that you served in that mans Air Force.

Daddy, I love you so ver much and am sorry for letting you down in my life's endeavourers. Although I look back at the times we spent on the white sandy beaches of Spain eating Calamari and sipping Sangria or the days spent with you pointing out where my golf ball went into the 15 fairway while we were teeing off on the 12 hole. Thank you for teaching me a valuable lesson about not stealing, although I did steal again once more afterwards. I stole your charismatic personality, which becomes infectious to those who get around you for any length of time.


I will miss you so very much.
I'll do the very best I can to be the man you raised me to be and take care of our family. You have given me the tools to do so and I will honorably take the challenge of doing so.

In my parting words to you Sir may our Father in Heaven, find a wonderful chair for you in his home where you can relax and look over us all.