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Todd Allen Beverly III

August 30, 2001January 21, 2020

Todd Allen Beverly III was born in Las Vegas, Nevada, on August 30, 2001, and passed away in Las Vegas on January 21, 2020.

Todd, also known to family and friends as Trey, was born a tiny little guy and grew into a wonderful young man. He was such a creative little boy who liked to build things out of clay and collect rocks and any other strange thing he could find. He was interested in science and wanted to help cure diseases. Trey was also pursuing a degree in microbiology. When he went into middle school he knew he wanted to play the alto sax and he was amazing at it! He became a section leader for his band at Las Vegas High School. He always put others ahead of himself. He was always so positive by looking on the bright side. He was kind to everyone he met. He always said please and thank you and was a friend to anyone who needed a friend. We were all fortunate to have had him in our lives.

Todd is survived by his parents, Todd Allen Beverly Jr. and Vanessa Beverly, and his brother, Jordan Beverly. And his grandparents, Barbara and Jesse Gomez, Todd Allen Beverly Sr., and Adrienne Jefferson. His aunts and uncles include Don and Kerrie Campbell, Laura Gomez and Joseph Sverchek, Quincy Taylor, Sharonda and Nicholas Brown, Molly Gomez and Carlos Tan, Myles Lowe, Wesley Bowen, Cordero and Amber Gomez, Lashea Bowen, and Chelsea Bowen. His cousins include Amaia and Aidan Gomez, Kobe Campbell, Naomi Bowen, Jaela and Janae Smith, Eleanor, Charlotte, and Theodore Gomez, Myles Lowe Jr., Israel Lowe, Harrison Lowe, Asher Lowe, and Maia Lowe, Xavier, Xande, and Joel Bowen, Baby Gomez-Sverchek, and a host of extended family.

He is preceded in death by his great grandparents, Edgar Lee and Jean Fatih Jefferson, Dennis and Dorothy Mae Beverly, Charles and Mamie Smythe, and Mike and Annie Gomez.

Trey's service will be held on Sunday January 26th at 12pm at Palms Downtown, 1325 N. Main St, Las Vegas, NV 89101.


  • Visitation Sunday, January 26, 2020
  • Funeral Service Sunday, January 26, 2020


Todd Allen Beverly III

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Catherine Miller

February 16, 2020

Todd was one of my best friends. He helped save my life and push me forward when I couldn't even convince myself to do so. He never stopped believing in me. Todd and I have known each other since his 7th grade year, and through that time, I've seen him grow and change a lot. He never wanted anyone to feel alone. He never would let anyone be alone. He would sneak his phone into his room late at night to calm me down from some not so good thoughts. I would play D and D with Todd, we went and ate, and I even saw him start his college journey. We were as thick as thieves, and we were gonna change the world together; and we still are. Todd and I would always talk about the future and things like that, so we promised each other, that if anything were to ever happen to either of us, we would take care of the other person's family and significant other. Todd gave me a second family and a better home, and I won't break my promise to him.

Pål Sorli

February 3, 2020

I'll miss Todd Beverly dearly, he was and still is the bestest of my friends, my mate, we would say we didn't enjoy each other's company but we got over it and had great times in band and would always send funny dumb stuff through messages. He'll never get to see the continuation Half-Life and we were both excited to tell each other about that and that Spider-Man movie cliffhanger and Spiderverse 2, well I guess the afterlife doesn't have a concept of time so he'll poke fun up there in the stars more particularly up in the Heavens. I don't know what to say, me and my family knew him and his mom throughout band. I would show him Peter Capaldi stuff 12th Doctor rock solos and all that as well as our Marvel news that we would send to each other whoever woke up first. And when I was in Jazz band and fiddled my tenor saxophone and he was always so energetic with those Mountain Dews just this happiness and the bad times and I would always try to make sure he felt good and message him to see if he was doing fine and if there was anything I might be able to do which was talking as well. Funny enough if his last name wasn't is last name he'd be Todd B. Parker. We made a tile for him from Stranger Things of the Chief Hopper, lovely time engraving that for him and somewhere it sits in his room. I wish his family, friends that I know and don't know, and his girlfriend with hope that we'll see him again that his heart will still keep touching us all even when he isn't around to give some to us. I love that man and I leave him with the wings he has, up in the sky he might be free but I know he'll come back to check on us every once in a while.

Here's to Todd Beverly one of my best friends once again with love to the person he was here on this Earth, I'll miss you buddy.

Socrate Farea

February 2, 2020

Todd was one of my Best Friends he was there for me when no one was. When I felt Alone Todd Was there to help me pick myself up. Back when I met him in Spanish Class I didn’t know anyone I was alone Todd Walked up to me noticed I had a Flash Shirt and then we stated Discussing about Superheroes and that’s The Day I Gained a Brother. I’ll Never Forget that day and I’ll Never Forget Him. He Inspired me to get my life together, to be a better person, and a better friend. He was Truly a one of a kind and May he Rest in Piece.

Charlani Lim

January 28, 2020

Angeleque Deguzman

January 28, 2020

Thank you for raising such a wonderful man. Todd gave me everything. He gave me love, he gave me a family and continued to give me life. He literally loved me until the end and I’m so grateful to have received his undying love. I won’t forget him. I can’t forget about him and I don’t mind that. I love him. I love him so much and I always will. I love you all and I wish you the absolute best. May God guide this perfect man to heaven and may you all be blessed forever.